Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 25)


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Uv is shocked to see shanaya
He holds her hand tight and throws her out of the room
Leela is shocked to see this
Sh : uv listen to me
Uv slaps her hard on her cheeks
Shanaya holds her hand on her cheeks and looks at him
Uv : how dare u shanaya?…He pulls her close by holding her arms tight
Uv continues: u played with my emotions and tried to kill twinkle
Sh : no uv u r misunderstanding me …listen to me
Uv : oh just shut up .. I had misunderstood u ..but now I got u right
This is what u rewarded me for my love and trust
She pushes her away
Sh : (shouts )yes u r an fool! Yes I hve played with ur emotions
I did all this to stay close to twinkle so that no body doubts on me
Yes I’ve tried to kill twinkle.. but every time she escaped from her death
I had filled mahi’s ears against twinkle
Fb is shown
Mahi leaves angrily seeing twinj proposing each other in the cafeteria
Shanaya follows her
Mahi sits on the stairs and cries badly

Shanaya comes to her
Sh : mahi I can understand ur pain …The one whom u trusted the most has betrayed u by taking kunj away from u
Twinkle knows how much you love him but still she couldn’t see ur happiness and took him away from u
Mahi leaves angrily and shanaya smirks
Then comes the washroom scene and maya hearing mahi saying that she will not let twinkle stay in peace
Fb ends
I filled mahi’s ears against twinkle to create misunderstandings btwn them but mahi made my job easier by planning to kill her
I organised the play of Romeo and Juliet with twinj playing the main role to make mahi misunderstand twinkle
And I succeeded in doing so but Twinkle escaped
Not only this I pushed twinkle into the pool but kunj saved her
I made twinkle and kunj meet with an accident but both remained safe and sound
I came here to kill twinkle by injecting poison
But u saved her Uv
Leela comes to her and slaps her hard
L : y did u do this with my twinkle? Wt had she done to u ? I considered u as my daughter and u … chi
Sh : twinkle took away u from me leela maa
Though I was an orphan u never made me feel so with ur love and care ….
U were always there for me in my rough and tough times … u always never made me feel absence of my family
But later u reduced coming to orphanage to meet me
I started feeling lonely. .. u wd hardly come to meet me
I couldn’t bear it any long
I couldn’t see u loving anyone else except me
I wanted u to remain as only my mother
And ie y I did all this
But u all will never understand my pain uv cse u aren’t an orphan … u have got an family to care 4 u but I didn’t
Shanaya has tears in her eyes
Police comes there and takes away shanaya
Uv and leela have tears in their eyes after hearing shanaya
L : I need to tell this to usha that kunj met with an accident because of shanaya
Usha comes to the hospital with Maya
L : usha g I need to speak something important
Usha stops her by showing hand
U : I am not interested. .. no matter wt happens I will never let twinkle to come back into his life
She leaves
Maya leaves sadly having no option

Kunj and twinkle are discharged the following day
Leela and uv come with twinkle and usha and maya with kunj
They both pass by each other and after walking an distance stops and turns back to see kunj and others leaving she turns forward
Kunj does the same when twinkle turns forward
Both leave

5 years later….
In London – maricella mansion :
An beautifull mansion is shown … an girl is shown coming towards the mansion after her jogging
She is wearing sports wear
Girl: maa am back … she goes and sits on the sofa being tired
An lady comes to her
Lady : to tum aagayi twinkle putter , ye lo juice
T : thank you maa
So the lady is none other than leela

The frame shifts to another mansion
The senor mansion:
An person is seen in his room busy potraiting an scenery
He hears an voice
Kunj come down and have ur breakfast
Kunj comes down and has his bf
Usha comes and gives him tea
K : thanks maa
He leaves
Screen ends at kunj’s and twinkle’s face

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  1. Much needed leap in the story…..awesome sanam…..

  2. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Long journey to meet back.
    When twinj will remember the old days.
    I’m waiting.

  3. Woooowwww sanam….u r an outstanding writer?

  4. please reunite twinj
    ur episodes are awesome

  5. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz unite twinj soon sanam… anyways nice episode n also make usha gud towards twinkle…Thanks….

  6. Superb sanam…. but how will they remember each other?? Sooo excited to know that…. cant wait…. ???

  7. How will they meet now . And i wanna ask u 1 question that twinj had lost their memories right? So how will they recognize and meet eachother. And what happened of that aliyan. Plz update sooon

    1. U will get 2 knw it in the nxt epi

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  9. great episode…sanam..but you should give precap also…sorry if you are hurt…

    1. sry I forgot to add It

  10. nice epi sanam

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  12. Awesome sanam but plse unite twinj

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