Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 24)


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Twinkle and kunj come to their conciuosness
Leela goes to meet twinkle and on the other hand usha goes to meet kunj
Twinkle sees leela
T : who r u ? And y r u here?
Leela is shocked on hearing this
Leela cries on twinkle not recognising her
L : twinkle putter I am ur mother beta
T : r u lying to me ?
Uv comes in
Uv : she isn’t lying twinkle … she is ur mother .
T : and who r u ? And y shd I believe in u ?
He shows twinkle her and mothers pic
Twinkle cries
T : maa
Leela hugs her tightly and she too hugs her tight
And on the other hand even kunj fails to recognise his mother but maya makes him believe it
Usha and kunj hug each other tightly and cry

Leela and usha asks twinkle and kunj to take rest and leaves
Leela and usha confront each other
U: my kunj couldn’t recognise his own mother and this all has happened because of ur daughter
L : how can u say like that … I can understand Wts going on in u as even my twinkle didn’t recognise me but how can u blame my daughter like that ?
How can u say that kunj met with an accident due to twinkle?
U: I am sure of it … my kunj is suffering only because of ur daughter
L : enough! !! I don’t want to hear an word against my daughter…. do u mean to say that my daughter planned to kill kunj ? They both love each other very much and can’t see each other in pain
How can u even think like that usha g ?
Maya comes to them and tries to console them but uv stops her
Uv :let them speak. .. u don’t interfere
Ma : have u lost it ? Mom is making an issue of something which is absolutely not true
Twinj love each other and no one can separate them
Do you get me ?
Uv : didn’t ur brother tell of his affair with aliya
Ma is about to slap him but he holds her hand
Ma : uv just stop It .. I don’t want to listen anything against my brother
My brother has loved twinkle and can’t think of some other girl in his life
Uv : oh then y don’t u ask enquire about this with others
Kunj is responsible for twinkle to b in this state
He leaves angrily
Maya is shocked to hear this

U: I will never let my son to fall 4 ur daughter again
He will live his life happily without ur daughter twinkle
L : how can u separate 2 lovers usha g
It’s all an misunderstanding that kunj has met with an accident due to twinkle
U: my son is done with ur daughter. .. she leaves angrily

Aliya comes to the hospital and enquires about kunj
Aliya Is about to enter his room but she feels an hand on her wrist.. it’s maya
Ma : where r u going?
A : leave my hand u know whom r u trying to stop?
Maya slaps her hard on her face
Ma :mind ur language. .. and leave from here
A : how dare u slap me
She raises her hand to slap maya back but sm1 holds her hand. . It’s uv
Uv : b in ur limits !! He jerks her hand away
Usha comes there and asks what’s happening?
Maya tells her everything
U: go meet him aliya
Aliya smirks at maya
A : thanks a lot aunty
Ma : maa wt r u saying? Bhaiyya needs complete rest
U: maya I have said what I had to say
Aliya enters the room
Kunj was sleeping. .she goes to him and sits on the bed and holds his hand
Kunj wakes up
K : who r u and y r u holding my hand ?
A : kunj how can u forget me ? I am ur gf aliya
K : wt ?
A : yes my darling
She tells an fake story and makes kunj believe her
They have some talk

Aliya asks kunj to take rest and leaves
Aliya thinks I love kunj and won’t let anyone come in btwn us

Shanaya calls uv
Sh : I got to know that twinkle and kunj r … well how r they
Uv : both r perfectly fine
Sh : wt ?
Uv : wt do u mean by that?
Sh : I mean to say that’s great news
Uv : but both have an memory loss
Sh : Omg that’s so sad .. but am happy that they r alive
Ok then bye
Uv : bye
Shanaya thinks
No not again, , twinkle and kunj both r safe and sound
I will do this job myself now

Twinkle is sleeping
Sm1 comes to her room with an injection
Person’s face is covered …she is about to inject it to twinkle but sm1 stops her …it’s uv
The person tries to escape but uv holds the person tight and removes the mask out of person’s face
The person is none other than shanaya
Episode ends at uv’s shocked face

Precap : uv slaps shanaya hard on her face

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guys don’t worry kunj and twinkle will unite for sure
it’s just an twist that I’ve added to my story

Credit to: sanam

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  1. Hey its awesome..amazing..loving are God blessed dear..your ff is amazing..superb..can you check out the new story it’s written by bella..the story is “music sheet” hope you will like it..keep writing are you

    1. Thanks a lot aruhi
      well I read bella’s music sheet backfire it’s awesome! !!!!

  2. Awesome sanam…. amazingggggggggggg superrrr sey uperrrr but plzz do reunite kunj fastt…. i love ur ff so much… ??????????

    1. Thanks a lot sweetie
      well I m an lover of ur ff
      don’t worry I will unite twinj

  3. I loved ur ff and waiting fr the next part…

    1. Thanks a lot tammana

  4. Its superbbb as usual sanam

    1. tysm aakanksha

  5. extremely sry 4 d boring episode cse xms r driving me crazy
    u can throw rotten tomatoes I don’t mind 😉

  6. guys am extremely sorry but I can’t update any of my episodes till 29th
    xms knocking at my door and driving me crazy
    well thanks a lot again for commenting and luv u guys …. mmwah :-* :-*

  7. sanam re…sanam re…..tera episode acha hai re…… I am srry for addressing u like this coz I don’t know if ur older than me or not…..anyway its super…… go on …….

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  8. not boring at fact realllly nice it was

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