Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 21)


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Well I had told u guys that I wd post my next episode after 29th but I got some time for my ff and wrote 1

Twinkle thinks
Oh babaji! How will I tell sorry to kunj ..I have never seen him that angry before. . Am dead now

Twinkle leaves from the sports zone and keeps searching for kunj and finally she finds him
She goes to him
T : Kunj actually. .
Kunj was about to leave without speaking an word
But Twinkle holds his hand and stops him
T : Kunj I know that u r very angry on me for hurting you. … I know that it’s all my fault
I know M very stupid, biggest idiot
I know I shouldn’t have said that but still I would like to say sorry
Sooooooo sorry kunj …plz forgive ur siyappa queen for one last time…plz
Kunj removes her hand from his and walks away
Twinkle looks at him leaving

Twinkle enters the class and finds kunj sitting on his seat ..twinkle sits next to him but kunj goes to another seat behind
Twinkle thinks
Oh babaji plz help na , this kunj is ignoring me
How will I tell him a sorry
An guy and an girl enters into the class together
They both are damm stylish
The boy goes and sits behind
Twinkle gets an idea and smiles
She goes and sits next to that guy to make kunj feel jealous
The girl wonders where to sit and then sees kunj and goes and sits next to him

Twinkle thinks
Oh babaji this kunj is not bothered at all that am sitting with some other guy
And this girl ..didn’t she find any other seat for herself other than that of next to kunj
Oh god this girl is so shameless! !! She is so close to him as if she is his wife ..
Kunj plz stay away from her ..babaji plz do something

Both kunj and the girl are taking to each other and smiling

Twinkle thinks
I have to do something else ..If I speak to this new guy he wd surely feel jealous
Yes this idea wd work

Twinkle turns to the guy
T : hi am twinkle and u ?
She forwards her hand
guy: poorab
He doesn’t give his hand for an handshake and twinkle gets pissed off but doesn’t express it
T : (giving an fake smile) nice to meet u
Poorab ignores it
Twinkle thinks
Wt sort of guy is he? (about poorab)
Oh babaji now how will I make kunj feel jealous
Kunj is busy enjoying with that lady and me ..Agh
Look at him Babaji! I said him sorry but he is enacting as if he doesn’t even know me
And now he is enjoying with her as if she is his gf
I feel like killing her

Poorab looks at twinkle lost in thoughts and snaps his finger before her eyes and she comes into her senses
P : oh hello miss chinkle or whatever it is I don’t like ppl day dreaming
T : oh excuse me !! My name is twinkle and not chinkle
And by the way wt do u think of yourself?
I dream in day time or night or I do anything , I’ve got liberty to do so .who r u to question me ?
P : (gets angry) oh hello .. 1st and foremost u came and sat next to me and now u r showing so much of attitude on me
T : excuse poorab or whatever it is ..I didn’t show any attitude on u and by the way it isn’t ur dad’s college that u wd tell me where I must sit and where not .
He smirks
Twinkle continues
Well who is even interested to sit next to u . I came and sat next to u not because I m interested in u but because I ….. (searching for words)
P : u wt?
T : I want to experience being an back bencher .so u better mind ur own business

Principal comes to the class
Everyone wishes him
Principal: well I want to introduce u all to 2 new students and asks them to come forward
Poorab and the girl comes forward
Principal continues
Well meet him , he is my son poorab
Twinkle is hell shocked on hearing this
And the girl is aliya , poorab’s cousin
So I wd like u to co-operate with them
He leaves and poorab and aliya go back to their seats
P : well I felt like u heard me telling that it isn’t my dad’s college
T : Ok fine what’s great in that ?
P : nothing….. he smirks
Twinkle looks at kunj and he too turns back at the same time and both have an eye contact but kunj breaks it
It’s an English class for them and sir comes in
Everyone greets him
He asks ppl to take out their text
Everyone including aliya has brought an text but not poorab
Twinkle takes out her text
If someone hasn’t brought it they could leave and enjoy standing outside the class
Twinkle smirks at poorab as he doesn’t have it
Sir comes to check whether everyone has it and poorab snatches her book
Sir: twinkle may I know where ur book is ?
T :sir he snatched it from me (pointing at poorab)
Sir: is that so my boy ?

He makes an innocent face and tells no sir
Sir:so have u got to say anything miss twinkle?
T : sir he is lying. . The one which he has is mine
Sir: stop it and get out of my class !!!!
T : sir but
Sir: I said leave
Twinkle walks out frustrated and he smirks
Kunj gets angry on poorab but doesn’t express it
After the class uv comes to twinkle and tries to set her mood right
Poorab comes to her and gives twinkle her text and leaves
T : oh excuse me! ! Don’t u have manners to tell sorry or at least an thank u for saving ur day
P : no!! That’s ur duty .. He leaves
T : what rubbish !!!! iski to mai! !!
Uv consoles her and the episode ends at her annoyed face

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Credit to: sanam

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  6. sorry for disappointing u guys by not adding an precap but don’t worry from episode 23 onwards I’ll add it

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