Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 20)


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Next day twinkle comes to the college and searches 4 kunj
She then goes to the cafeteria and sits on her regular seat
T : where has this kunj disappeared?
All of an sudden her eyes falls over the note kept on the table
T : oh so my karoos sarna isn’t done with his surprise yet
She opens up the note and reads
“Meet me at the sports zone”

T : now what new surprise has kunj planned for me ?
Twinkle goes to the sports zone
T : kunj where r u ? Am here already
She hears some noise
T : kunj are u trying to scare me ?Then Let me remind u that am twinkle taneja and am not scared of anyone
Do u hear me karoos sarna!!!!
She moves towards the pool
T : kunj am talking to you
Someone pushes her into the pool and she falls
Twinkle doesn’t know swimming and repeatedly cries for help
She is about to get drowned but someone jumps into the pool and lifts her in his arms
He is none other than kunj
Both share an eye lock

He gets her out of the pool
K : have u lost it twinkle? Y did u jump into the pool when u don’t know swimming? If something would have happened to u then?
T : I didn’t jump but someone pushed me into the pool
K : wt?
T : yes kunj . I came searching for u and I found this letter on my regular seat of cafeteria. .I thought it was from you
She shows him the letter but the ink had got spread because of getting wet
T : trust me kunj am not lying
K : i trust you more than myself. .. and however did this to u trust me I won’t spare him /her
Twinkle hugs him tightly and he hugs her back
Tera chehra from sanam Teri kasam plays
Shanaya looks at them from a distance and gets angry
Sh : not again!!!! This girl has got too much of luck along that she escaped her death once again
1st that maya and now her brother kunj saved her
All my plans got ruined!!! But I promise, even ur luck won’t favour u for long
She walks away
Kunj offers twinkle a towel
She puts all her hair on one shoulder and dries it and then puts it back
While doing so her hair touches kunj’s face
She turns to him and says sorry
Kunj comes close to her and she walks backwards until her back touches the wall and kunj pins her to the wall

K :where r u trying to escape ha?
T : nowhere. .leave me I’ve got to go
Class is gonna start
K : let me remind u that the class has got over due to ur drama and now it’s an break and we’ve been marked absent. So it’s of no use
T : of God! !! Now if sir informs maa am dead
K : oh wow !! That’s great! !! Do call me to ur home when ur mom screws u
I’ll enjoy the scene with the popcorn
Twinkle hits him on his chest and he laughs and moves away
T : shut up kunj serious
K : (getting serious) ya and all that’s happened is because of u ..don’t forget that even I’ve missed my class because of u
T : oh really! !! Who asked u to come and save me ha?
Kunj gets angry and pins her to the wall. Twinkle looks at him
K : don’t u dare tell that again. .how cd u even think of it that I wouldn’t save u and let u b in trouble …………,. I’ve loved u..
Ur pain is mine pain too and ur happiness is mine happiness
Do u understand that ?

I would even give up my life for u but not let u down
Sajna ve plays
He hits the wall and leaves angrily
Twinkle has tears in her eyes and thinks
T : oh babaji wt have I done. . I hurt the one who loves me so much
I gave pain to the one who can never see me in pain
Y am I so stupid. . Instead of thanking him I hurt him
Babaji plz help
Kunj recalls twinkle’s words and gets angry
He thinks
K : how can twinkle think that I would let her suffer and not help her out
Episode ends at his angry face

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Credit to: samam

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