Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 2)

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The episode starts with an girl arriving at the airport
.she is quite pretty. She removes her sunglasses and runs towards an lady and hugs her tightly ..
The lady is none other than Anitha and the girl is revealed to be sana
A : oh my princess finally u came
S : yes mom do u how much had i missed you
A : awwww sooo sweet of you my darling
S : all that’s fine but I can’t find Bro he come?
A : Haa actually yuvi is gone to college.. u cd give him an surprise by ur arrival… well I didn’t inform yuvi that u r coming or else u know him na .. He wouldn’t go to college
S : y not mom …….

Both leave to luthra mansion
At college
Twinkle, kunj , yuvi, study in the same class
Yuvi sits next to twinkle
kunj, sits with his friends
After the class

Some guys try to misbehave with twinkle,
Kunj sees this and starts beating those guys very badly
While fight goes on one of the guys hit kunj and he accidentally falls on the floor over twinkle their lips few inches away…..Both share an intense eye lock…sajna ve plays
yuvi sees this and fumes in anger,
he shouts kunj!!!
Twinj break their eye lock and compose themselves
Kunj gives his hand to twinkle to help her get up. But before twinkle could give her hand in his yuvi comes to kunj and starts beating him badly
kunj tries to explain but yuvi doesn’t stop hitting kunj
twinkle interferes but yuvi jerks her away and she falls on the floor and hurts her hand
Kunj looks at twinkle getting hurt and even he starts hitting yuvi
Mahi arrives

Mahi shouts twinkle di! !!
M : di are u fine?
T : yes mahi am fine… well we have to stop them at any cost
M : di atleast let me first attend to ur wounds
T : no mahi we first have to stop them
M: Ok fine di u go and apply medicine…don’t worry I’ll handle the situation over here
Maya comes there and asks what’s happening?
Mahi tells maya to take twinkle along and to apply medicine on her hand … Both leave
Mahi calls principal sir and tells him everything
Principal sir comes there and asks them to stop and come to his chamber immediately
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
At luthra mansion
Anitha and sana reach there and hide seeing leela moving out of her house covering herself in an shawl to avoid people from recognising her
A : Omg! Now what’s this new suspense?
S : what are we here for , let’s find out
both smirk

At principals chamber
P : You both have crossed your limits today . I am not going to tolerate such kind of misbehaviour
u deserve punishment for this … you both have to clean the cafeteria and then you could go home
Y and K together : what?
P : did you tell something?
Y and K : no sir we are fine with it
p : next time if such an incident occurs u both would b suspended from the college. Now leave
Y and K : Ok sorry sir
They both come out
Y : this is all because of you, so u have to do it all by yourself
He leaves
Twinkle hears their conversation
twinkle thinks oh no I have to speak to yuvi and make him understand
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
maya comes to kunj
Ma: bhaiyya just look at u , what was the need to fight with yuvi. ?.. she gets the 1st aid box
twinkle comes to them
T : maya can I apply medicine on kunj. .. I promise I will do it right
Ma: it’s Ok twinkle I’ll do it. .. even u got hurt na .. u go home and take rest
T : no maya.. This is all because of me….so I have to sort it out…plzzz let me do it
Ma : Ok fine bhabi, ( realising what she just said ) I meant to say twinkle bhabye
Kunj stares at maya making weird expression
Maya leaves
T : sorry kunj , it’s all my fault
K : no twinkle don’t blame yourself. . It’s not your fault and don’t say sorry
T : but

Kunj stops her by placing his finger on her lips
twinkle applies ointment on his bruises..
Kunj stares at her lovingly while she applies ointment
Twinkle looks at him and both share an intense eye lock. Sajna ve plays

Precap: twinj cute moments and leela’s suspense

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