Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 19) twinj forever

I hope u guys r liking it
I really wonder cause initially I got good support but now I feel that u guys r getting bored by it
If so plz feel free to tell and provide suggestions I would try to rectify it
Since many of them have requested me for twinj scenes I have made an effort for it
Hope u don’t get bored

Twinkle has recovered and her discharge is done
She and kunj goes to meet maya
Ma : twinkle y here !! What an surprise and how r u ?
T : I am perfectly fine maya are u ?
Ma : ya am doing well
T : thank you so much maya ..If u weren’t there 4 my rescue that day then I would have
Maya cuts her short
Ma : twinkle I don’t need any thanks 4 it …It was my duty after all
T : u know what maya ,though I have lost my younger sis in one way the other way I’ve got u
Ma : sister in law only or else how will u and kunj marry?
He would become ur brother then
all the 3 laugh

Kunj drops twinkle home
K : so don’t forget tmr sharp at 5 pm @ college
T : ya ya I won’t .., let me see wt my karoos sarna has planned
She leaves

The next day twinkle reaches college @ 5 pm as kunj said
She was wearing an beautifull red royal gown
She gets down from her car and enters through the main gate
Everyone have gathered there holding an board “welcome back twinkle”
Everyone greets her with an rose and as a result she ends up getting handful of it
She gets very happy
She goes to the cafeteria
It was decorated with red and white heart shaped balloons
She steps inside the cafeteria and rose petals fall on her from top
She rotates in joy
She then goes to her regular table and sits on the chair
The waiter gets an capuchin with an heart shape over it She smiles and drinks it .. she finds an note on the table and reads it out
” find me if u can” …. twinkle leaves
T : where can I find my karoos sarna? Oh yes I got it
She rushes to her secret room decorated with her sweet memories
The room was fully decorated with red and white balloons
she finds one of her photo enlarged and framed on the wall
It’s the same photo of her childhood
She finds an letter attached to it
“U were so fat !!! Hahaha”
T : Agh this karoos sarna!!!
She finds an beautifully decorated basket fille with her favourite chocolates
She gets extremely happy she finds an note in the basket
” follow the arrows”
She finds the arrows and follows it and reaches to an place
It was an park with beautiful lightings
She finds an decorated basket covered with an red cloth
She removes the cloth to find cute kittens
T : aww sooo cute! !!! Thank u kunj
She finds an note
“Not as cute as u my siyappa queen”
Twinkle blushes after reading this
She follows the arrows and finally reaches to an open place at hill Top with beautiful lightings and decorated with flowers and heart shaped balloons
She finds an person wearing an white shirt and black pants. . He is none other than kunj
He was standing facing his back towards her
Twinkle runs towards him and hugs him from behind
T : thank u sooooooo much kunj
Kunj turns towards her hugs her back
K : am not yet done with it twinkle
He kneels down to his knees and asks her for her hand
Twinkle blushes nd gives her hand in his
He takes her to the round decorated table and makes her cut black forest cake
He takes an piece of it and feeds it to twinkle
Twinkle also takes an piece of it and teases him by enacting to feed it to him and eats it herself and runs away
Kunj runs behind her and finally chases her
K : u can’t escape this time twinkle! !!
Twinkle smirks
T : but the cake is on the table will u make me feed it to u
K : kunj sarna never loses any challenge
Twinkle is confused and kunj stares at her fingers having its cream
T : no ways !!! U can’t lick it ..Ok fine I give up
I’ll feed u cake
They go to the table and twinkle takes a piece of cake and feeds kunj
Kunj makes twinkle sit on the chair
He opens the wine bottle and offers it to her in her glass and fills his glass too
They both say “cheers” and drink it
Then kunj serves twinkle dishes and they have their food
Kunj offers his hand to twinkle for an dance
Twinkle agrees …He gets her in front and both dance romantically on “love u for an thousand years ”
From twilight saga breaking dawn
At the end of the song Kunj makes twinkle fall in his arms and both are lost in each other. .ishq bulava plays
They finally compose themselves
T : this is one of the best day eva in my life
Thank you thank you thank you thank u soo much kunj she kisses him on his cheeks in anxiety and then realises wt she just did and blushes and tries to run way but kunj holds her hand
Kunj comes to her, very close
She closes her eyes and he kisses her on her cheeks
K : ur most welcome my siyappa queen! !!
She opens her eyes … They both smile

On the other hand shanaya is in orphanage and thinks
I have to do something of this twinkle!!!
due to her Leela maa has forgotten about me and hardly gives some time of her life to me
She is the only one whom I have Truely loved and don’t want to lose her
Shanaya cries and episode ends at her crying face

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  1. nice… never I felt it boring

  2. Just simply loved it. It’s fantastic. Sanam u r an awsm writer.

  3. Sanam, U seriously left me speechless!! Its not at all boring!
    Tbh, I seriously have no words to explain!! You’re an amazing writer! Keep writing!! ❤

  4. u r always good. i never think dat ur ff
    is bore. it’s always interesting keep writing

  5. it never was boring…in fact twinj scenes were too cute…

  6. Its not boring sanam its awesome… nd thank you so much u were d one who encouraged me to continue wid my ff so please i love ur ff nd u too.. ?

  7. Saman it was superb. Plzzz continue d track n update fast.

  8. osum..
    authentic yr

  9. Fantastic I to love it. The twinkle and kunj are the best.

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  11. lovely twinkle kunj

  12. it is not boring it is just different sanam…….and t episode really fabulous….love u loads

  13. awesome …. and I never got bored by reading ur ff

  14. Its really awesome dear ..keep writing in same way.

  15. romantic…feeling very happy for twinj..?

  16. Thanks a lot guys for commenting
    love u all loads

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