Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 18) THE HIDDEN MYSTERIES! !!


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Uv comes to meet twinkle
T : uv (exhited Manner) u here!!
Uv: obviously baby how wd I not come
Twinkle hugs him and uv hugs her back
Twinkle is doing all this to make kunj feel jealous
T : well I can sense something burning out here … don’t u ?
Uv:( looking at kunj ) I think I can and both break the hug
Kunj moves his one eyebrow up and stares at them like that in tei
T : I wish I was still ur girlfriend. .. u know kunj hasn’t taken me for an date yet
Uv : kunj wt is all this ? U made my baby upset …
K : well where did we get time for that
The day u proposed me ,the following day u disappeared all of sudden
T : oh really!!!! 1stly let me tell u that u proposed me and not I
Secondly u cd have spoken about going out for an date on the weekend on the same day u proposed me
K : well I had already told you about the surprise if u have forgotten
T : oh I see ur surprise was an date for me
Thanks a lot babaji ( looking up and then at kunj )
I thought u wd get an chocolate bar and tell
This one’s my surprise for u have it (making his mimicry)
U should have told me that it was an surprise date
Forget never mind I forgive you for this
K : oh thank u so much siyappa queen for forgiving me
Uv : will u both stop it now !!!
T : well where is shanaya?
Uv : she has got to do some work and so she didn’t come
T : oh I see
Uv : well I guess I must leave .. K then bye baby
T : bye uv
Both twinkle and kunj stare at each other angrily and then look in the opposite direction

On the other hand shanaya thinks of something
Sh :wt shd I do of this twinkle
How to create misunderstandings between her and leela maa
I have to do something. ..

@ the hospital:
Twinkle is fallen asleep and kunj comes there
Kunj’s soul talk : u look sooo cute when u sleep
But when you wake up u do all sorts of siyappas
Yet I love both u and ur siyappas
Kunj goes to twinkle and wakes her up
T : (in dizziness) 5 more mins maa
Kunj tries to control his laugh
K : ( in female tone ) twinkle putter ab ut b jao
T : maa aapki aawaaz ko kya hua ? Sardi ho gayi hai kya
K : (in female tone ) Haa putter
T : teek hai to phir aap aaraam keejiye aur mujhe disturb mat keejiye
Kunj gets an glass of water and splashes it on her face
Twinkle wakes up all of a sudden
Kunj laughs
T : what the hell kunj !!!! I hate u
K : how much wd u sleep! !! Do u know ur 5 mins wt u blabber in sleep equals half an hour!!!!
T : so mean of u
K : 4gt now I have brought soup for u
T : r u mad ? U srsly want me to eat veggie soup?
K : yes and u shd have it or else I’ll cancel the date plan
T : no no I’ll have
K : I’ll feed u
He takes an spoon and blows air on it and feeds it to twinkle
Twinkle looks at him lovingly
Twinkle’s soul talk : kunj is so nice
He cares so much for me
I never thought that I’d fall for him
She remembers all her tashan and sweet moments with kunj
Raabta from agent vinod plays

Shanaya looks at them and thinks
Smile as much as u want now twinkle because u won’t get an chance to smile later on as shanaya won’t let the smile to come in ur face
She smirks
Episode ends at shanaya’s face

Precap : twinj date and shanaya’s motives

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Credit to: sanam

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  1. sorry guys I know the episode is quite boring cse I couldn’t find time for my ff due to my board exams
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  2. It’s awesome Sanam .even my boards are going on atleast you are writing your ff . I started my ff but couldn’t continue. Your r an amazing writer keep up d good work n all d best for your boards

    1. Thanks a lot Harshi for understanding me
      and commenting
      well all the very best for ur exams

  3. ya,,,it’s boards time…even my boards gonna start soon….& it’s nice sanam

    1. Thanks a lot for understanding me and tysm for commenting
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  4. Lovely twinj scenes

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