Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 17) hidden mysteries

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Leela leaves the room and twinj are all alone
T : so my karoos sarna missed me a lot ha?
K : nothing like that it’s just that I am quite prone to ur siyappas
T : oh really so u didn’t miss me ?
K : Ok fine I give up … I missed u a lot
The time the lab attender told me that it was ur body I had almost lost my life
I can never imagine my life without you
T : awww so sweet of u my karoos sarna

She pulls his cheeks
K : u get well soon
T : where is maya
Kunj tells her everything
T : wt mahi shot maya? She has tears I her eyes
K : yes she shot my sister
T : u know what kunj , If I am before u now it’s only because of maya
K : wt do u mean?
Twinkle tells him everything as to how maya saved her
K : I am Truely blessed to u and maya
T : I want to meet her Kunj ..take me to her
K : 1st look at urself. .. u need complete rest .. and yes har baar Teri zidd nahi chalegi
T : but
Kunj places his hand on her mouth
K : tu aise nahi manegi?
Twinkle makes an no by shaking her head
K : if u don’t then I

Twinkle bites his hand .. kunj shouts
K : ouch siyappa queen! !!!
T : u will do wt?
Kunj comes close to her and pins her to the bed
T : wt will u do?
K : nothing lot I’ll cancel the surprise I’d planned 4 u
twinkle pushes him away
He laughs. ..
T : hahaha very funny Mr kunj sarna
K : Btw wt did u think wd I do coming close to u ?
I know that I am very handsome and u just can’t wait to have some romance with me but have some
Patience, this is not the time 4 all that u know
T : shut up I never thought anything like that

K : oh really! !!
Twinkle throws an pillow on him and he laughs
T : well plz don’t cancel ur surprise plan 4 me
Plz .. she makes an childish face
K : only if u promise me that u will take full care of yourself
T : Ok fine promise
Both smile

Shanaya looks at them from outside and makes an angry face
Sh : all my plans are getting flop
But my doubt turned right that mahi was responsible for twinkle to disappear all of sudden
even mahi was of no use to me
She couldn’t clear off twinkle. .. twinkle is the biggest hurdle in my mission
I have to do something of her

All of sudden she feels an hand on her shoulder and gets tensed
It’s none other than uv
Uv: is everything fine ? Y do u look so tensed ?
Sh : no actually I got scared all of sudden. .nothing else uv: u r sure ?
Shanaya cups his face
Sh : yes my sweet heart
Uv: K then let’s go in and meet twinkle
Sh : u go I will come in an while
Uv leaves
Sh : I am sorry darling but I have to be do this
U r after all going to be very useful for me
She smirks
Episode ends at shanaya’s face

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  1. kindly note it’s
    K : I am Truely blessed to have u and maya
    and not
    K : i am blessed to u and maya

  2. OMG….I thought Shanaya had changed……Btw nice twist ha…..way to go Sanam plz keep updating…..

  3. Awesome sanam I didnt expect shanaya to be behind all of this. Your ff is getting more and more interesting everyday. Cant wait for next episode. Your amazing.

  4. Shanaya ohh leela did a lot for her nd she is doing dis what is her problem.. well very nice episode

  5. OMG!! What a twist………… Btw epi’s amazingg

  6. well written…too nice

  7. Thanks a lot yukku , Harshi,komal, sunaina, prapti for ur comments
    keep commenting the same way and luv u all loads ♡♡♡♡♡♡ 🙂 😉

  8. Awesome sanam

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