Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 16) THE MYSTERY MAN! !!!


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Mahi threatens everyone to not step forward or else they would see maya dying in my hands
Maya tries to free herself but fails
Maya then stamps mahi’s leg very hard and mahi shouts in pain
Maya tries to get the gun from mahi by holding her hand but she doesn’t let it off
M : maya leave me ..get off my way
Maya keeps trying and mahi shoots the bullet
Everyone looks on shocked
Maya gets shot on her shoulder and it starts bleeding
Kunj goes to maya and holds her
Sana reaches to Maya for help and makes maya sit against her chest ..maya holds her shoulder and cries as it’s paining very badly
Kunj goes to mahi and slaps her hard on her cheeks
K : how dare u!! ,.. Y did u kill my twinkle and now hurt my sister
M : (crying badly ) kunj I had done all this for u
I love u very much and I can’t live without you
K : shut up !! To get me u killed ur own sister!!?
How cd u do this
Police officers reach to mahi and holds her firmly
K : take her away inspector
M : kunj plz listen to me u can’t do this ..kunj
They take mahi and passes by leela
M : wait ( to the inspector)
She comes to leela
M : maa …leela slaps her hard on her face
Mahi holds her hand on her cheeks
L : don’t call me maa … I feel ashamed of calling you my daughter. …my daughter can never think of harming her sister … u aren’t my mahi
They take mahi away ..
Mahi keeps crying maa as they take her
Leela has tears in her eyes and falls down to her knees Anitha comes to her
L : how can mahi stoop this low ? How can she kill my twinkle. …today I’ve lost both my daughters
She cries vigorously and Anitha tries to console her

Kunj comes to maya and lifts her in his arms and hurries upto the car
Sana sits in the back seat and kunj makes maya lay on the back seat with her head lay on sana’s lap
He hurries to the hospital
Kunj comes to receptionist and fills the form
Maya is layed on the stretcher and taken to the operation theatre
Everyone wait outside and usha also reaches to the hospital
After an hour operation is completed and the bullet has been removed
Kunj comes to maya with tears
Ma : bhaiyya am not going to speak to u
She turns to the other side
K : what did I do now ?
Maya turns to kunj
Ma : I asked u to be strong and u r crying
Kunj gets an smile on his face
K : accha baba sry ..He holds his ears
Ma : sry isn’t enough
K : wt does my maya want?
Ma : my bhabi
Kunj looks on shocked
K : wt do u mean by that?
My twinkle is ..
Ma : yes u r right bhaiyya. .bhabi is alive
Kunj is overjoyed on hearing this and kisses maya’s forehead
K : where is my twinkle ? I want to meet her
Ma : have some patience bhaiyya. .I’ll tell
Maya tells kunj the name of the hospital and the room no
Kunj informs everyone that twinkle is alive and they get happy

Twinkle is sleeping and kunj comes to her
He holds her hand and twinkle wakes up by his touch
She opens her eyes to find kunj next to her and gets happy and hugs him vand kunj hugs her back…. tum mile plays
Leela comes to twinkle , twinj break their hug
Twinkle is teary eyed and hugs her tightly and she too hugs her back
T : maa pata hai maine aapko kitna miss ki ya?
L : I thought I had lost u ..Thank god u r alive
T : how would siyappa queen die that soon?
Leela is surprised to hear this , kunj smiles
Twinkle realises what she just said
T : maa actually
L : I understand….she smiles
Twinj make their heads touch and smile
Episode ends at their smiling faces

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