Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 15) THE MYSTERY MAN! !!!


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Sana reaches to the hospital
Twinkle is shocked to sees her
T : u ? Wt r u doing here?
S : I know u r upset with me for what I spoke about ur mom in the party …I swear I didn’t know that my dad was alive because of her …I Truely feel very guilty
Plz forgive me twinkle
T : u should ask it to my mom and not me
S : I did it as soon as I got to know the truth. .. and she excused me for it .. I know I don’t deserve it though

T : my mom has a huge heart. .she forgives ppl soon no matter how much ever they hurt her
S : u r Truely blessed to have such kind hearted mim
T : well where are the others? …and mahi? I want to speak to her
S : have u lost it twinkle?
Oh srsly u mean u want to speak to mahi .. The one who is responsible to get u to this state
Wts just wrong with u ? Mahi tried to kill u and u .. ?
U r still bothered about her
T : I know she did wrong. .but all that she did was in her anger … I am sure she didn’t want to hurt me. .All that happened by accident
S : oh wow !!!! I must say u r madly in love with ur sis or that you u love her too much u that u can never see her true colors
T : wt do u mean?
S : I know u won’t believe my words but if not me u atleast trust on maya right? Mahi feels herself at the top of the skies on ur death … yes u heard it right
Maya has heard her say this
T : no mahi can never say this
S : oh come on twinkle, don’t be too blind in love that u can’t see the fact
Ok then see this
Fb is shown When maya as mystery man records mahi saying that she has to do something of this maya

Sana shows it to twinkle
Twinkle is shocked to see it and has tears in her eyes
T : how can mahi do this ? If she would have told me that she loves kunj I would have back up myself
Wt was the necessity to do all this ?
S : now atleast if u have realised the fact listen to me carefully.. everyone believes that u r dead
T : wt ?
Sana explains her everything as to how maya saved her and the fake death act
S : so now it’s only me and maya who knows that u r alive v need to b careful
Twinkle folds her hand b4 sana and says thank u
S : u don’t need to be thank u ,, well how can I see my sweet enemy in trouble?
Both smile

At college
Mahi walks by the corridor and someone throws an paper ball and it falls near by her leg
She opens it up and reads
Meet me in room no 301
She wonders who send her this message and y
She finds kunj’s name written on it
M : so my hubby has planned an surprise for me ..
She hurries to the room …It was quite dark in there
M : kunj where are you? Am already here

Projector plays and mahi is hell shocked to see the video of she pushing twinkle down
She gets an call from an unknown no
Person:listen to me carefully meet me at ******
If u want me to give you the evidence against u
M : but y would u do that … I mean to say u haven’t asked me anything in return ?
Person: I will tell that to u when u come there
And yes don’t act too smart
Maya ends the call and says mission mahi begins

Maya had asked her to the same place to which mahi had called twinkle to come
Mahi comes there
An person is seen standing there facing her back towards Mahi
the person has wore the same clothes which twinkle wore on the day mahi tried to kill her and has the same hairstyle like that of twinkle
M : who are you?
An voice comes so u finally came here mahi
The voice is of twinkle
Mahi is shocked at this
M : di u ? I should have understood this earlier
U fake ur death so that u cd take revenge from me but u r an fool ..
What did u think u will scare me and I will stay quite

Never! !!! Did u hear me ? I won’t stay quite
Now time to bid an goodbye to u
She takes out an gun and shoots the person
The person falls on the ground and mahi is shocked to see this
It’s just an dummy with an player in it
M : no this cannot happen!!
She turns to go and is hell shocked to find everyone gathered there
Maya comes to her
Ma :so ur game is over mahi
Police comes there
Maya asks police to arrest mahi but mahi grabs her and wraps her hand around her neck
Ma : don’t dare to come forward or else I’ll shoot her
Everyone are shocked

The episode ends at mahi’s face

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Credit to: sanam

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