Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 13) THE MYSTERY MAN! !!


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mystery man pays money to the lab attender for doing the work and leaves
Anitha sprinkles water on leela’s face and she gets into consciousness
Leela holds her head as it’s paining very badly
Leela still in half unconscious state :twinkle
Anitha takes her along and goes home
Kunj is still lying on the floor crying bitterly
Maya comes to him
Ma : bhaiyya let’s go home
K : ttt t twinkle! !! No this cannot happen
Ma : bhaiyya u r very much stressed out let’s go home
Kunj gets up and leaves in an desperate manner
Maya drops kunj home
Ma : bhaiyya u have to promise me something
Kunj is lost in thoughts
Maya shakes him
Ma : I have got to go out for some work ..promise me u will be strong and accept the fact
If u fall down then who will raise others up
U have to promise this to me bhaiyya
K : promise
He leaves out of the car

Mahi recalls about the incident in college and then the arrows
Mahi thinks
I am assured that twinkle is no more , but all that happened in college
It wasn’t an dream for sure
Who is behind all this then ?

Maya goes to an hospital
She enters into an room
Someone is seen lying unconscious
It’s none other than twinkle
Maya comes to her and holds her hand
Ma : everything would b fine very soon I promise
Maya comes to the doctor
Ma : when would she be fine?
Doctor: it’s hard to tell anything, her head is hurt badly
She should gain consciousness within the next 6 hours or else we can’t help
Ma : thank u doctor

Maya goes to twinkle and touches her head and caresses it
Ma : twinkle I won’t spare that mahi for sure …
I will bring out her true face b4 everyone
She cannot escape for long … I won’t let her spoil my brother’s and my bhabi’s life
She cannot escape for long
Fb is shown
Mahi shouts in the wash that she will take away twinkle’s happiness
Maya hears her …mahi steps to leave and maya hides seeing her coming out

Maya thinks
Wt is mahi upto? Hope she doesn’t hurt twinkle
I have to follow her

Mahi reaches to the remote plays
Maya hides
Twinkle arrives in the car
Maya thinks Wt conversation is going on btwn them
And all of sudden she is hell shocked on seeing mahi pushing twinkle down

Mahi leaves in the car
Maya comes to the spot and sees twinkle crying for help
Her head is bleeding badly and she is firmly holding an rock to prevent her from falling down
She is losing her consciousness slowly
Maya sees this and hurries upto her car and opens the car’s back and gets an rope
She ties the one end firmly to the car and takes the other end and throws it towards twinkle
Twinkle is going on losing her consciousness due to heavy bleeding
Maya hurries and climbs down the rope
Twinkle gets unconscious and loosens her grip on the rock and is about to fall but maya holds her hand
She gets twinkle towards her and wraps her hand around her neck and holds her by her waist and gets her upwards
She gets her car to twinkle and makes twinkle sit on the front seat with her head resting on maya’s lap
Maya rushes to the hospital
Fb ends

To protect my brother and bhabi I had to take the form of an mystery man
(Well I hope u all know that maya calls twinkle as her bhabi though twinj aren’t married .thats just for fun)
Now just wait and watch mahi how this mystery man would make an hell out of ur life and expose u
I m sorry kunj , Leela aunty that twinkle is alive cse if I reveal it out mahi wouldn’t let an chance to kill twinkle
And however I want to make her suffer for what she has done to bhabi
Screen freezes on her vengeful face

Hope you guys wd like it and plz do comment

Credit to: sanam

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  1. Its just awesome yaar sanam

  2. OMG….Maya is the mystery man …….
    Really Sanam u are an outstanding writer……..way to go yar………muuaahhhh……

  3. yaar its awesome. i never thought that mystery man must be Maya.
    u r so good writer. hands of to u.

  4. yaar its awesome. i never thought that mystery man must be Maya.
    u r so amaizing writer. hats of to u.

  5. wow again an amazing episode u are a gr8 writer

  6. Awesome yrr sanam

  7. amazing episode yaar just loved it

  8. Thanks a lot aakanksha, yukku, sonali , tammana, sanu, naira for ur comments
    love u all loads

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