Twinj ki Badmashiyaan promo OS

Hiii guysss!!!!!!!!! i know u all dont remember me so i will tell u i am rochika . i have wriiten an os on twinj ke pyaar ko salaam… i am soo sooorrrryyy guyss i am very late as i stopped tu in bertween…so i am back with an os on twinj…i know guys u all miss sidhant very much… i am here to write an os on twinj…so in this os there will be lots of badmashiyaan of get ready..i am writing about the characters and a short description only …i will write the os on saturday or guys tell me through your comments how is it and silent readers too….
so here we start…

Twinkle kaur- a sikhni punjabi pataaka and ofcourse drama queen and she loves kunj a lot
Jaswinder kaur- twinkle father and loves twinkle a lot
Leela kaur- twinkle mother and can do anything for twinkle

Yuvraj arora- a friendly boy and has a secret crush on twinkle
Anita arora- mother of yuvraj and can do anything for him

Kunj malhotra- a handsome charming boy and he too loves twinkle a lot
Usha malhotra- mother of kunj and she hates twinkle a lot(will be revealed in the os)
Manohar malhotra- father of kunj and a very rich buisness dealer

so twinj and yuvi are in same college …twinj meet secretly in the cafeteria or after the college and yuvi is a big crusher of twinkle and usha does not like twinkle at all and twinj will be going through some circumstances that they will get seperated and the whole story will be revealed in the os…..please please through your comments tell me how is the storyline….and this is by a 12 aged girl….sooo please silent readers and all others please comment……i want lots of comments….

Credit to: Rochika


  1. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Hey Rochika …welcome dear…
    But I have a doubt whether it is OS or ff ..??
    Ur plot is amazing ….loved it …
    All the best for it

  2. rochika

    Thanxxxxx to alllll and i want to ask u all that i should write os or ff?? Pleazzz tell me….i am confused…

  3. Rochika

    Yeah sana i didn’t mind at all…u can call me rochu and everybody can call me rochu as u all are my buddies….

  4. Rochika

    Angita i changed their surnames because i wanted something new..and vahi old surname use karti toh purana sa lagta thats why but if u want i can change their surnames…

  5. Baby


    |Registered Member

    hey dear rochika amazing babydoll w8ing fr it jst luvd d intro sooooooooo sry fr being late yr pls continue

  6. Baby


    |Registered Member

    hey rochika btw dose surnames suit dm n d feel cms bt its k if u wnt n yah bout ff n os u tell wt u wnt 2 rite ll u b able 2 post d episodes continuously bt yr luving ur stryline

    • rochika

      Actually baby i would not be able to post ff regularly so i would be writing os and it will be not very short also and not very big also…so are u ok with it?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.