Twinj keeps the spotlight glowing episode 7


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scene 1

the episode thats with kunj shouting twinkle . when yuki hears this they also reach the spot.

chinki: what happened bhai
kunj:(is crying) tw……twin…….twinkle…..
chinki: what happened to bhabi
uv:what happened to twinki
kunj:somebody kidnapped her
chinki and uv : what!!!!!

scene 2

twinkle gets conscious and sees her tied in a room

twinkle to herself :babaji help me what is this

suddenly she hears someone coming and she acts like unconscious

goon 1: this girl is so beautiful
goon 2: yeah , she is looking so hot
(twinkle is getting angry by hearing these comments)
the goons hear a person coming thats there boss he’s face is not shown

scene 3
yuvi chinki and kunj are tensed but kunj finds something and follows twinkle’s broken bangles .
kunj : look this is twinkle’s bangles
uv: lets follow the bangles
kunj: chinki u stay in the car
chinki: but bhai…………
kunj:just do what i said

scene 4

the boss face is shown he is cherry( cherry is kunj’s and chinki’s cousin . he is a womaniser).u guys go i will take care of her.
at the same time kunj and yuvi reaches there . cherry hears someone coming and hides behind the door.kunj and yuvi finds twinkle tied and laying on the ground.
twinkle both shouts . kunj goes there and hugs twinkle so tightly
sajna ve plays
kunj: do you know how tensed i was wondering what happened to u
twinkle: kunj i am fine don’t cry
and hugs him
yuvi starts coughing ( to tease them in a funny manner)
they understood they were hugging infornt of uv
uv:can we go ?
twinkle: bhaya (she hugs him and starts to cry)
uv: twinki don’t cry u are fine now lets go chinki is waiting

scene 5
twinj and yuvi reaches in the cars where chinki is

chinki sees twinkle and shouts bhabi and hugs her
chinki:are you alright bhabi
twinkle: i am lets go to camp site

they reach the campsite and setted the tents and started enjoying
suddenly a cold breeze and hits twinkle’s face . kunj was staring twinkle and yuki notices this and makes a plan to give them some time private.
uv: chinki lets go and bring woods to light camp fire
kunj: its ok i will come with u
chinki:bhai its ok we are going to bring woods
kunj:ok then
yuki leaves

scene 6
kunj was inside the tent twinkle feels scared of dark and goes and hugs him saying kunj please dont leave me i am scared he says dont worry nothing will happen .he ask her to have food? .she resist but he insisted . she was having food she accidentally ate chilly . and started to scream as her tough was burning. in rush kunj gave beer?.she drank the full can of beer.she gets the kick and starts to behave like drunk.
twinkle:(in a drunk style)kunj i love you
kunj:i know that ?
twinkle:(in drunk style ) then give me a kiss ?
twinkle gives him and kiss and falls on him they both fall on the bed then kunj couldn’t
get her off him. so they both felt asleep. then yuki sees this and sleeps in the other tent together.

precap:yuki and twinj engagement is fixed.

thank u. hope all will like it

Credit to: twinkle

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  1. nice. continue

  2. OMG!!!!Twinkle I am running out of sentences to describe ur FF.It is getting awesome and awesome day by day.Hats off to u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.U can actually write a real story of any serial I wish this was the real story.I have to admit this is the best FF I have read of all the serials.

  3. nice twinkle….u are on a point…great ff as smc said…

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