Twinj keeps the spotlight glowing episode 5


I am going to end my ff soon as my exams are approaching

It’s morning kunj is sleeping in his room
Twinkle comes there wearing a pink churidhar with golden design and golden sandals
Twinkle opens the door and sees kunj sleeping she closes the door slowly
She comes and sits beside him.suddenly he wake ups
Kunj :twinkle tum (surprised)
Twinkle:yes its me baby
Kunj: what are you doing here in the morning
Twinkle:actually I came here to tell you about the camping trip we are going to go bhaya and chinki is coming too
Twinkle: teke go and get ready
Kunj:before that one refreshment
He leans to kiss her she gets up and runs he tries to catch her and they both fall on the bed and twinkle’s lips touch’s kunj’s cheeks
Kunj:thank you baby
Twinkle starts hitting him with a book in her hand


Twinkle’s car gets puncture and she waits for a taxi some goons come and start to give bad comments and make her feel uncomfortable
Kunj comes that way and sees this he gets angry and starting fighting with them like hero’s . the goons ran for their lives
Twinkle was so happy and hugs him tightly
Twinkle notices a injury in his hands and torn a piece of cloth for her dupatta and ties it and they go home


Twinkle and kunj reaches sarna house twinkle rings the bell
Usha:twinkle putar what happened to kunj?
Twinkle explains everything
Usha:kunj are you alright? Should I call the doctor???
Kunj:maa I am fine its a small injury
Twinkle:I will take him to his room
Usha:teke putar I will bring drinks
Twinkle:ok maa


Twinkle thinks that she can’t let kunj come to camping as he is not well
Twinkle:it’s better if we don’t go this time me and u are not going to camp
Kunj:but why???
Twinkle:u need rest
Kunj:do u think that I am weak with a small injury
He stops her and keeps hand on his mouth


Hope all will like it

Precap :twinj and yuki are on the way to go to camp on a forest the goons who teased twinkle comes there and kidnap her when she goes to buy tent items

Stay tuned…………….

Credit to: twinkle

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  1. Nice twinkle…n I really like your name

  2. It’s awesome…. Eagerly waiting for the next epi… Keep updating.

  3. When r your exams approaching

  4. Twinkle twinkle little star… Ur episode is so super

  5. February

  6. Hii twinkle….its rakshita here. I am a silent reader of ur ff……but today’z episode was like awesomesauce….!!! I couldn’t resist myself from commenting. I wish it was a real track…keep it up…!!!

  7. Twinkle.. plz update the nxt part

  8. nice…keep it up

  9. Ok thank you all

  10. Twinkle plss don’t end ur ff…!!!! Plzzzzzz

    1. hey rakshita wat about ur next part of d ff u are writing .. i m eagerly waiting for ur next part.. plzzz dear plzzz write it soon nd update it

  11. Actually there is a good news my exams are posponded

  12. Actually komal I Hv written Ñd would update by tomorrow but thnx for remembering me Ñd my ff…!!!

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