Twinj keeps the spotlight glowing episode 4


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scene 1

twinkle gets a call and she is shocked .
kunj:twinkle are you fine
twinkle: p…….pa……papa
kunj: ur dad called u wow what an amazing news
twinkle:i am so happy he said he is coming to see me soon
kunj: wow, that’s great now lets go

scene 2

its night and the birthday party has started kunj is waiting for twinkle
suddenly the light goes off and the spotlight comes on a beautiful girl she is twinkle wearing a blue and white gown
with a blue stoned diamond earring and a diamond necklace. kunj is stunned to see her
twinkle:hi kunj
kunj:h…he….hello t..winkl..e
twinkle: where is chinki
kunj:she is getting ready
twinkle : i will go and meet her

scene 3

chinki was wearing a green and black fork with platinum chain
twinkle:wow chinki u look beautiful
chinki turns and sees twinkle
chinki: bhabi how are you
twinkle : i am good what about you
chinki: i am awesome
twinkle takes chinki to the hall and he cuts the cake ? after that everyone was engaged with entertainments

kunj takes twinkle to his room and closes the door
twinkle:kunj why are you closing the door?
kunj gets closer to her and twinkle leans to the wall
kunj is about to kiss her but chinki starts to tease them
chinki:bhabi and bhai what are you doing
twinkle and kunj in tensely nothing just nothing
chinki:teke teke come with me down stairs
chinki take them downstairs and make them dance
suddenly the song stops and a young man starts to sing maaan ma emotion jaang
chinki,twinkle and kunj is surprised to hear yuvi’s voice he comes and dance
twinkle goes and hugs him shouting bhaya ,kunj and chinki hugs him too then yuvi
gifts her . they four twinj and yuki dances and enjoy the party

scene 4
twinkle: bhaya we have to go home maa will be surprised
twinkle and yuvi leaves

hope all liked it

precap: twinj and yuki decides to go camping and twinkle goes missing.

stay tuned………………

Credit to: twinkle

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  1. It’s awesome…. Waiting for the next epi… Keep updating.

  2. Hey twinkle itz NYC dude……keep going πŸ˜‰ …….

  3. Twinkle how to tell u your FFs are unique and wonderful and awesome.they r Marvellous

  4. Thank u so much

  5. Ohhhhhhhh jst cnt say lob ur ff ??????❀❀❀❀❀❀❀???????
    Excited nd awaited for the precap …
    Plz upload it fst plzzzzzz

  6. Its just amazing yrr…I really liked it

  7. nice but bhaya?

  8. Its amazing but short πŸ˜› write lil long i cant wait much πŸ˜›

  9. Nice luv it

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