Twinj keeps the spotlight glowing episode 18

Hi guys long time no see actually I am going to end my ff and I need all your support then only I will write a new ff about twinj after my exams (that will be from March 11)
Scene 1
Varun kidnaps twinkle and escapes leela sees this and stops him he shoots her and goes her there kunj comes to taneja Mansion and is shocked to see leela socked in blood .kunj takes and goes to hospital.yuki comes there and (chinki gave birth to a handsome baby boy,they name him sidhant. )

Yuvi tells kunj that he founded out where varun had hid twinkle (its muted )
Kunj rushes to the place there varun is injecting himself drugs and coming to twinkle is trying to kiss her forcefully. He is about to kiss her but………….a wood came and hited on his head he falls unconsciously . kunj comes and unties the rope and twinj hug each other very tight.
Scene 2
Kunj brings twinkle to leela ,twinkle cries bitterly seeing leela’s state. For 1 month twinkle takes care of leela twinj hasn’t seen each other for one month.finally twinkle comes to Sarna house (twinkle is wearing a blue and green saree).kunj sees twinkle and is mesmerized to see her .usha and Beebe welcomes twinkle ,twinkle is very busy with arrangements for the party tomorrow and she is working in kitchen kunj comes there and hugs her he didn’t see Beebe and usha coming he started his romantic lines and whispers I LOVE YOU .Beebe says kunj putar let her do the job you have time.twinj blushes and kunj leaves from there then its 7 kunj comes to twinkle and tells that he is sleepy twinkle tells him to go and sleep if he is that sleepy .kunj caresses his hair.
Scene 3
Twinkle comes to kunj after finishing all her work , she goes and changes (she is wearing a black night dress which kunj gifted her on valentines day). Kunj is mesmerized to see her.she comes and sits near him he gets up twinkle gets sad kunj goes and closes the door,and comes back and sits wid her .he hugs her saying he missed her so much she also hugs him tightly and kisses his neck ,kunj unzips twinkle’s night dress and makes her naked she removes his shirt they have a passionate kiss and they hide under the blanket and gets intimate.
Scene 4

The party have started kunj comes downstairs (he is wearing a red and black suit ).he is waiting for twinkle and sees her coming she is looking goregous (she is wearing a red gown )he is astonished to see her .twinkle and kunj are the host of the show (the party is for usha’s and manohar’s wedding anniversary). They show a video about usha and manohar from marriage to till now everyone is happy and enjoying. Twinj yuki usha and manohar dances couple dances

Twinj dances on gerua

Yuki dances on Janam janam

Usha and manohar dances on ishq wala love (they didn’t dance properly becoz they were enjoying twinj’s and yuki’s dance ).

Everyone started to have food .twinkle feels dizzy and falls unconscious .everyone rushes to her .kunj calls the doctor .

Scene 5

The doctor congratulates kunj kunj asks what she tells him that he is going to be a papa soon everyone was very happy and surprised.kunj was astonished to know he goes and sits near twinkle .Beebe says let them spend some time together ,twinkle wakes up kunj tells her that she is going to be a maa soon , she gets teary eyes and hugs kunj he hugs her .

Then its shown a 8 months gap

Scene 6

Kunj is waiting outside labour ward he is tensed .a nurse comes and gives him a cute baby she is looking like a angel he enquires about twinkle ,the nurse tells him that twinkle and the baby is fine ,and can meet her (kunj rushes to meet twinkle ).

Then its shown the moments wid twinj and their baby ( baby’s name is Jasmin)

Now it’s shown Jasmin got old now she is 18 years old . she is coming from London
Yuki and twinj decide sidmin to get married (sidhant and Jasmin)

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤twinj goes to airport to pick Jasmin they meet wid an accident and then its shown yuki running to hospital ,they see twinj. twinj tells them they have one last and final wish its to get sidmin marriage. Jasmin also reaches there wid sidhant twinj keeps his hand and jasmin’s hand and says this is our last wish …………. U ……bo…t….h have to get married and both dies .Jasmin cries bitterly and sidhant consoles her .
Then next scene is shown sidmin getting married and coming infornt of twinj’s photo.

Guys so here ends twinj keeps the spotlight glowing so………….. I will be back with new ff of twinj itself after my exams but only if I get comments so hope all liked it .
I am readings all twinj ff and will always read it ………
Twinj’s ashiquie will always continue

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  1. Itsss vryy vryy nicee !! I ‘ll wait for ur nxt ff. Nd best of luck for ur exams. ☺

    1. Thank you ,, I am waiting for my exams to finish

  2. Awsum yaar..gonna miss dis really very badly.. ND 1 more thing.. HW can she get pregnant in a day.. Any elwasys it was grt reading ur gf.. Plz start ur nxt DD asap if u get tm ofcourse… Luv u ND miss u twinkle…

    1. i think in this ff twinj are already moved in their relation the gap is only for month to make leela is it not

    2. If you have read the before episodes the already got their husband and wife relation

  3. Twinkle I’ll miss our ff…..hope to read our ffs from 11march ……a all the best for ur exams … well…..

    1. Thx sure I will

  4. great ending 🙂 nd all the best fr ur exms.strt ur new ff soon

  5. Twinkle ur this FF was very nice in fact…..this episode’s ending is so emotional…..!!!

  6. all the best for ur xams twinkle..may u score well nd come back wid a new ff..asap!
    lots of love..

  7. nice ending and ya all the best twinkle for exams………….

  8. twinkle I absolutely loved ur ff I have been a slient reader and it was just amazing keep up with the good work and good luck with your exams

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