Twinj keeps the spotlight glowing episode 17


Twinkle sees kunj sleeping twinkle says he always sleep he is waiting for a chance to sleep , twinkle makes kunj get up and pushs him towards bathroom , he starts to shower and twinkle knocks the bathroom door saying kunj your towel open the door , kunj opens the door and pulls twinkle inside and they have romance under shower (SAJNA VE PLAYS), suddenly Usha comes there calls out kunj he says I am in bathroom , usha calls out twinkle ,twinkle shies and says maa I am also in bathroom , Usha blushes and tells her to come down fast .

Twinkle is rushing to go and change but she slips kunj holds her and (he is shirtless) he holds her hand and says where are you going,twinkle’s says kunj leave me I have to go maa called me.he pulls her closer to his chest and says I Love You , twinkle says aare baba I know if I don’t go then tonight I will sleep on the bed and you should sleep on the couch. Kunj leaves her hand twinkle goes and changes (she is wearing a pink saree with golden boder ) her hair in wet and she is trying to dry it of kunj comes from the bathroom his goes near twinkle, twinkle was trying to dry her hair the water droplets of her hair falls on kunj’s face .he hugs her from back and kisses her hair.(SAJNA VE PLAYS)

The whole sarna and taneja family are having a get together in sarna’s garden ,twinkle is serving food and kunj is talking to yuki. Chinki is sleeping as she needs rest ( she is pregnant ).twinkle goes to get refills to kitchen kunj also acts as if he needs water he tells that everyone is impressed with u , Mr.kunj sarna twinkle says and traces kunj’s face. He asks her what she is doing she tells him that I wanted to say something I Love You,kunj gets excited and take her in his arms and rotates her and they have a eyelock and is lost in each other,Yuvi comes to the and sees this and he says OMG,you guys are romancing each and every where in this house they comes to sense that they are in kitchen and breaks the eyelock.

PRECAP:Someone fakes to be Varun and comes to Sarna house

Credit to: Twinkle

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  1. Wow!!!!!!Twinkle awesome,creative and splendid!

  2. Loved this!

  3. Cute twing moments..
    I jst luv it ..

  4. love this

  5. Nice I loved it twinkle

  6. Can u publish the next episodes asap plz.. Am just luvin dese episode.. They’re just superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrb..

  7. Loved it yrrr

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