Twinj keeps the spotlight glowing episode 16


Guys if I don’t get more than 10 comments I am gonna stop it soon if you guys are not interested please comment guys please or i will end my ff

Kunj is practicing his pointing silks twinkle comes there with juice for kunj and tells him that she is interested in pointing skills and she wanna try. Kunj makes her hold he hugs her and teaches her to point they have some romance and finally they hug .(SAJNA VE PLAYS).Ishaan comes there shouting kunj they break the hug and twinkle shies away but kunj hold her pulls her closer and says wear are you going ,twinkle tells him that Ishaan is here and tells him that she will give him everything on night.

Nikki and twinkle goes shopping and a car hits twinkle and she gets injured in her head.
A person is coming out from the car and he is Varun (twinkle’s friend)(he can be Vivian acted in madhubala as RK).he apologize to her they take twinkle to hospital Nikki informed this to kunj he came as fast as he could , there he sees twinkle trying to walk and she is about to fall but of course kunj holded her in his arms ,they share an eyelock but varun breaks their eyelock. Twinkle introduces varun to kunj and kunj to varun ,Varun tells kunj that he is the reason for twinkle to be hospitalized, kunj holds his collar.

Twinkle sees this and tells kunj to leave varun and tells him that it was an accident. Twinkle says to Varun that we are leaving, kunj tells varun good to see you bye.Twinkle and kunj reaches sarna Mansion and everyone is shocked to see Twinkle’s injury , Usha asks kunj to take twinkle to his room he makes her sit on the bed and goes to bring water twinkle’s head is paining and she is crying she sees kunj coming and wipes her tears .
Kunj asks her if the would is paining she tells him that it doesn’t hurt , kunj cups her face and kisses on her wound,twinkle gets happy and lays on kunj’s shoulder and they sleep.

Precap:Varun burns kunj from twinj’s marriage photo and tells to himself that I love you Twinkle I will get to you soon .

Hope you are liking everything give me suggestions if you have anything say please comment .

Credit to: Twinkle

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  1. twinkle i am silent reader of your ff pls continue i like your ff very much i do write a ff but i get less comments pls continue

    1. I will continue, but if I don’t get comments what’s the point in writing

      1. sure i will try my best if i get time i will comment on your ff becoz i like your ff only in tei pls keep going

  2. Loved it. Please continue

    1. Loved ur comments.. Please comment.. Thanks…

      1. Of course but when you upload I am offline and busy. I also have my own ff so I will try to update soon

  3. Noooooooo plz vivian cant be in a negative character.and he deserves only lead roles nt supporting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So suggest someone else.
    P.s gud epi bt want twinj more

    1. Sasha he will turn out to be good and get a positive role

  4. superb yaar

  5. plz continue.good epi.just luv ur work…was a silent reader..

  6. Amazing track 🙂 please dont stop it…

  7. Hey..plz don’t stop writing the episode I m interested to read wat u write.?
    N Ofcource todays episode was wonderful.?

  8. Awesome…..
    Next part asap???

  9. Nice epi. Plzzz continue

  10. Continue to write.. Don’t even think about ending d ff… If you have started some work den u should finish it.. Na?

  11. We all love it plz continue naa plz

  12. Plz continue love lots????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. nice one twinkle looking for the next part.. please dnt discontinue as some readers here are silent(i m one of them) so dnt just get upset..

  14. Hi….twinkle just today I have read ur ff I felt it is interesting and read it’s from starting it’s very…..cute pls continue……☺☺☺

  15. Loved it

  16. I loved it please continue loooooove it so much

  17. don’t stop continue

  18. I lyk ur ff pls dont end

  19. Please don’t stop writing!!! I love your ff. I look forward to reading it more than the actual show. Keep writing!

  20. Hloo Twinkle..
    im a silent reader of ur ff.
    i’m busy wid my exam preparations. So i’m always offline when u update. Bt i’m a regular follower of ur ff. Dnt care abt the number of comments u got. Pls continue.

  21. Keep up luv it

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