Twinj keeps the spotlight glowing episode 15

Twinkle is coming from the bathroom and trying to put hook of her blouse,kunj sees this and helps her he hold her waist and pulls her closer twinkle slowly asks him what are you doing. Kunj says shssssssss I just wanted to say I LOVE YOU? twinkle blushes . twinkle asks kunj if he knows how to wear saree , he says I don’t know but I will try for you.they try a lot to make her wear it and at last they suceeed.(twinkle is wearing a violet color saree with white designs on it).

Twinkle is doing the arati and she gives everyone prasad and takes everyone’s blessing
Usha praises twinkle ,twinkle gets happy .twinkle was serving food and manohar says that we have to send them honeymoon so Nikki tells them that they are already enjoying twinkle blushes and goes to the kitchen, kunj acts like his is done with his dinner and goes to twinkle he hugs her from back and kisses to neck . Twinkle tells him that someone will see and goes.

Kunj is sitting on the bed and checking his phone , twinkle come changed (she is wearing a simple churidhar which she wears at night in Tashan e ishq) twinkle lovingly stares at her she comes and sits near him and tells him that kunj I love you he says I love you too they have a very tight hug he cups her faces and kissed her forehead and makes her lay on the bed and takes her dupatta and kisses her neck twinkle started to unbotton kunj’s shirt they have a wild lip lock and hug and covers them with a blanket and gets intimate.

Precap:a new character in twinj’s life.

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  1. is that new is Maya ha?

    1. Wait and see

  2. Is dat maya? If yes.. Den don’t make maya.. better make it twinkle ‘s brother who came from London after 5 years and twinkle is very happy to see him.. Or make it twinkle’ s friend who is a gud looking guy and make kunj jealous of dat… Make the maya track ulta…..

    1. It’s not maya track its over if you guys have read my few episodes
      And it’s not maya

  3. Thank god its not Maya!!!!!love u twinj!!!

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