Twinj keeps the spotlight glowing episode 12


The episode starts with twinkle getting up in the morning and sees the alarm clock and she is shocked to see that it’s 9:00.she gets up and rushs she forgets to take her phone.she reaches the office at 10:00.she keeps her bag on her desk and takes the notepad and pen and goes to kunj’s cabin.He asks her why she is late she says that she slept late and got up last.

Twinkle goes and sits at her place and says thank god kandoos sarna didn’t say anything. Hina(she is a staff I have mentioned her in the last epiosde she is Alisha who was kunj’s ex in tashan e ishq but here she is a staff) comes and says that kunj sir is calling her she takes the notepad and a pen and goes to his cabin .he tells her that there is a meeting in Mumbai and they have to go.twinkle says OK .

Twinkle and kunj starts there journey they reach Mumbai @ 3:00pm and finishes the meeting at 11:00.twinkle was in the car sleeping kunj eye him lovingly. Kunj was trying to cut and apple but his finger gets a cut ,then he sees something in twinkle’s head and cleans it with the finger he got cut it comes like sindoor but he doesn’t notices that suddenly the car gets some problem and finds that he need to find any workshop near . suddenly it starts raining heavily .twinkle gets up.

Twinkle asks what will they do now he says look there’s a village gets go there . kunj says everything to the villagers they say only tomorrow they can go to workshop as its night and raining heavily. The villagers mistakes them as husband and wife as a lady sees sindoor in twinkle’s head.twinkle and kunj and really wet . they take them to a room (in that room only one bed is there )they lady gave twinkle a saree(a green and blue saree with white beads)and a man gave kunj a shirt and pant . kunj was stunned to see twinkle in saree (she was looking goregous). Twinkle thinks to inform her roommate but she understood that she forgot her phone at home . kunj tries to call but his battery is dead . they both fight for the bed and falls on the bed they are lost in each other “SAJNA VE PLAYS”but a lady comes and breaks the eyelock.atlast they both sleep on the sides of the bed.

Precap: twinkle was trying to put Bangles but she gets hurt and her hand is bleeding.kunj shows concern for twinkle.

Credit to: twinkle

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  1. Nice epi….plz update the next part

  2. Nice episode pls continue ….

  3. Nice episode

  4. Eagerly waiting 4 the nxt episode

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