Twinj keeps the spotlight glowing (Episode 1)


This is my first ff so support me

Scene 1
A girl keeps shouting bhai.her face is shown she is chinki
A handsome dashing hunk wearing a white coat and drinking coffee his face is shown he is KUNJ
When he comes out of the room chinki starts teasing him saying
Chinki: oh,bhai r u going to see bhabi
Kunj: hello madam keep quit (hello madam chupkar)
Suddenly a lady comes saying the day starts with ur fight she is usha (kunj’s and chinki’s mother)

Kunj takes her blessings and chinki hugs her
Chinki: maa,I was just teasing bhai
Usha:teke beta,kunj where are you going
Kunj:Maa I have to meet twinkle
Usha:oh,tell my greeting to her and tell leela that I am coming to meet
Kunj:teke maa
Chinki: bhai tell my greeting to bhabi and tell her that to come shopping with me
Kunj:teke meri bubbly sis let me go
Chinki: bye

A girl wearing pink mini skirt and white sleeves wearing silver pump high heels with white white bag
And her face is shown she is twinkle and she is having a fight with her brother yuvi on phone
Twinkle: bhaya u told me that you are coming today and telling me excuses
Yuvi:Sorry twinki I am sorry but we don’t have flights till 30th
Twinkle: hmmmmmmmmmm I want to see you soon bhaya maa and u are my world
Yuvi: so what about kunj
Twinkle: u started teasing me again …………………. U

Yuvi:sorry and how is chinki
Twinkle: she is good
A lady comes and asks twinkle is he uv her face is shown and she is leela
Uv:maa how r u
Leela:I am fine putar
Uv:maa please make twinki understand that I can only come after 30th
Leela:u don’t worry putar I will make her understand

Someone rings the door bell and twinkle’s and leela’s face is freezed there

Precap:Their is a party in sarna’s house and uv’s introduction.

Stay tuned…………

Credit to: twinkle

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  3. Thanks hoping for everyone’s support

  4. nice twinkle really nice keep in going wonderful ff

  5. Continue

  6. great story..different role for character

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