Twinj ke pyaar ko salaam (Part 1)


Hi this is rochika. Here is my first fan fiction of twinj. It is a short fan fiction. Please through your comments tell me how is it
So here we start….
A girl in pink kurta and chuddidaar is shown in grududwara , she is revealed to be none other than our sweet twinkle. She is saying to babaji with tears in her eyes that “babaji pleazzz aap toh jaante hi ho ki mere pati kunj ICU mein hai …uska accident ho gya tha aur vo bahut serious condition mein hai ..uski jaan bacha lo pleazzzzz babaji pleazzz….suddenly her phone rings up it is leela..
Leela to twinkle:(in a low tune) twinkle puttar tu jaldi se hospital aaja.
Twinkle: kya hua maa?
Leela: bas tu aaja hospital
Twinkle: OK maa i am coming..she hangs up the phone
Twinkle rushes to the hospital ….all family members were there and were crying a lot….then twinkle goes into kunj’s room…
She was shocked to see that kunj is no more…..
She comes near him and says: (crying bitterly) kunj chalo jaldi se uth jao … tumhe pta hai na mujhe mazzak bilkul pasand nhi hai…chalo jaldi utho….bahar sab bekaar mein ro rhe hain lekin mujhe pta hai tumhe kuch nhi hua hai
She kisses on his cheecks and forehead…..
She says:aise kaise tum apni siyappa queen ko akela chod ke jaa sakte ho…..tumhe yaad hai we promised that we will live together and die together….then how did u break your promise…
Then twinkle sees a knife near her and picks it up and says : kunj hum jee kr ek saath jee nhi paye toh kya hua mar kr bhi toh jee sakte hain…humaare pyaar ko log salaami denge aaj ke baad…
And she cuts her wrist and dies……..and all family members come their and sees both of them were lying on the bed and all then cremate their bodies…….
So their bodies are dead not their soul and their love which will never die and their love was saluted by everyone after this……


Credit to: Rochika

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  1. Awesomeeeeee…..plzzzzzzzcont soon

  2. awasome . dii . loved it . u rock .but 1 pblm . how is it part 1

    1. It is part 1 because I will write another story of twinj in part 2 and then different story in part 3

  3. Thanks Chandra and mitali for your comments

  4. it was emotional…bt one request..plzz post longer ones..

    1. OK but I will not be able to write for few days as my exams are starting from Monday

  5. seem intresting
    please continue

  6. Hey nyc 1 ur 1st 1 shuld nt b ur last 1 u shuld rite mr rochika u r amazing

  7. Amazing Rochika…
    Keep writing… 🙂

    1. Thank u so much

    1. thank u so much guys….so my next story would be on twinj only and as my exams are starting from tomorrow i would not be able to write for few days…but i will write next story soon.

  8. hii rochu.. u wrote it superrbbb dear …… so emotional… i didnt know that u write so well darling….aakhir bff kiski he thodha talent toh mujhse seekh hi liya he…. jst joking yrrr it ws really awesome… luv u bff and write it soon.. i know xams r there bt u cn write it on fri or sat… keep it up the gud wrk sweetheart… luv u bff!!!!!!!!!

  9. thank u sooooo sooo much yashu my bff!!!! for your comment and thanks for encouraging me…i will write next story soon darling…

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