twinj k wajah se my life changed and i met u

Hey guys I m here but not to write an ff or speech but to write my journey of 3 years wid tu.its a sad turned happy feel my emotions.
Hope u all like it.
So let’s start wid my intro.
So I m forever fan of twinj urf Shruti . a choti si pyaari si bacchi ( just joking choti si shaitaani dimag wali vamp.suits me)
A 16 year old average school going student jiske sar pe is duniya k saare tensions note chain.for example ssk kab end hoga,balika vadhu kab Badi vadhu mein convert hoga,diya aur baati hum mein kab sab theek rahega and most imp.yeh rishta mein akshara kab budhi (old) hogi:-P 😛
I know in tensions k saath jeevan jeena hot mushkil hota hai par kya karun aadat ho gayi hai.
So intro khatam main story begins usse pehle zara much imp.notice sun lo.
Jin logon ko meri tensions pe hasi aayi unhe mera shraap lagega.unko bhi yahi tensions don’t dare to laugh.
Now main story.
Kya story.din bhar school aur ghar aake hw.bas meri zindagi barbad ho gayi thi.when i was in 8 th same things continued .seriously boring.then a serial started named jodha akbar ,my fav serial.seriously guys I was mad about that serial.actually us serial ko dekhne k liye Maine bhot khatron ka samna kya.Maine onions ko cut kiya,seriously that blo*dy onions.and I used to do acting of sleeping in my drawing room as my TV was in dat room and even mom used to see it but as it came on an odd time of studying I was strictly prohibited to see it.but mai aur mera shaitaani dimaag haar maanne ko tayyar nahi the so mai deliberately 8:00 -8:30 kitchen k kaam karne chali jaati thi air jaise go khatam hota tha vaise hi mai apne study mein vapas aka jati.har din new banana.but main sher toh my mom sava sher go mera plan samajh gayi and on one day she didn’t even switched on TV aur mai puch bhi nahi sakti thi so I kept quiet and at that time jodha Akbar’s repeat time was all before I come back from school so I had no option.dat day I was not able to c it.(I forgot to tell u dat when I was in 8 I got my cute and trustworthy tab.) So I was in no mood to miss dat I searched on YouTube(I hated it.buffering ki dukaan)because I had no option.but even YouTube ditched me.then i thought I should read written update on Google(Google baba Ki jai.pata hai Jo bhagwan bhi nahi jaante wo Google jaanta hai.very intelligent).when I searched on Google,I came across various sites like punjabi junxion,desi tashan etc.but I chooses d one and only telly updates(seriously guys I m proud of this decision of mine)
Then I read my written update and was very happy.
Then slowly slowly I became addicted to it.
And then I became a regular member of tu and visited it regularly.

Now leap( u guys must b wondering y I m taking a leap in my own story.reason is dat if u will read further then u guys will have tears in ur eyes.don’t get mistaken because the tears will not b of happiness or for feeling sorry fr me but isliye ki agar mai tumhare samne hoti toh u all would have killed me because it would have been too boring)he he…
After leap of 1 year I came in 9 th.
Same boring adventure.even jodha Akbar became boring.only vacations were nice so mera eklauta Sahara was tu(tellyupdates)
Now after vacations on a historical day of 7 Aug 2015,jodha Akbar ended(historical serial guys)
I had seen tei’s promo a number of times on zeetv but paid no attention to it.(after all it ne sare boring serials jhelne Ki taqat nahi thi mujh mein)
But on 10 Aug 2015 when I saw tei’s first epi.I liked it very much (after all it was better than KB,yhm and various pakao serials)
Then after Sid’s entry I became a die hard fan of this serial(really die hard.every time I closed my eyes I used to think about it only. Ek ek pal uske bina jeena mushkil hone lava.on weekends ):'(
Then on one more historical day someone started writing ff on tei.
Ab toh I was on cloud 9 serial bhi mast and ff bhi super mast.
Then I started reading ffs wid full concentration(pata hai itne concentration se mai science bhi nahi padhti thi)
Nd till now my mom was not aware of tu .
(Accha hai varna uspe bhi pabandi)
Now one more leap (same reason) days before my board exam .
Mai ye din kabhi nahi bhool sakti.itna torture hui thi(like d Jews were tortured by Hitler) .u known TV band,tab was snatched away and only one order study ( itna easy hai kya.bol diya study.khud karo tab pata chalega. Talking like insane rite. Par understand the feelings of a common vamp)
Now no now mere dimaag mein mast idea aaya.I saved tu on mom’s mobile.really my lifetime achievement.(my mom hates giving her phone to anybody I have broken her 3 phones really) so it is a big achievement.sher k mouth mein haath daalne se bhi bada.
Den days passed like…two…three….so on…
Exams came and I swear I didn’t even touch my mom’s phone till my exams lasted ( not sure )
After exams independence day ,march 19 ,2016.
On this day I conquered d most haunting part of my life,my 10 boards.congrats 2 me and my Frnds.
After dis I was completely changed to a disciplined girl(its just my opinion my family thinks I m not.leave it.its a big issue) to a vamp.I used to get up at 12:00 pm(really and I feel proud and ashamed about it.proud as I was enjoying after One year and ashamed because my bro of 7 years ( he appears in gum on ad that gorilla )used to get up early,pata nahi kyun inti jaldi uthta tha.just forget it.)and den I got my lifeline back,my tab.(I really missed it.cried fr it.when I got it I even kissed it ten times,he is my jaan)
Then is started reading ffs once again,wid self respect no chori chakari.
Now I wanted to comment par crime patrol,gumrah and how can I forget savdhaan india dekh dekh k mere dimaag mein online frauds ghar kar gaya.
But seeing comments written by loveleen,ritzi,Tara and all I overcame my fear and commented on ritzi’s ff ( see ritzi ur ff is so was d first ff on which I commented.)
Now fear bhagane k baad mera Mann krne laga ff likne once when I was bathing,an idea struck my mind and I wrote my ff tei:- siyappa ishq ka intro.but sala submit krna nahi aata tah 2 and half hours Maine waste kiye phir jaake samajh aaya ki kaise krna hai par phooti kismat sala submission failed.(seriously I was too angry dat I slapped my bro.but being a smart boy,after all he is my bro,usne return mein nahi mara varna sacchi world war 3 start ho jata.)
U know I wrote the same intro five times but every time sala submission fail ho jata tha.
Phir 6 th time I wrote it in ms word and saved it and then I read all the things which appeared on the screen.and on the last I saw enter captcha an which it was written answer in numericals ‘ 6 plus 10- 1 ‘ and see how stupid I m I was writin’6+10-1′ instead of answering.den 6 th time I saw it carefully and I wrote 15( I knew the answer so don’t think I am not good in maths)so 6th time I was able to post my ff.thank god.otherwise dis time I would have surely thrown my tablet.after posting my ff I was having the same feeling which Mr.india would have felt after defeating mogambo.I posted my ff on 21 April at 4:15 pm and it was uploaded at 10:12 pm( the dates and times mentioned are not subjected to vary) my first ff got 12 comments.I was really satisfied wid dat.( I didn’t had any other option) and thus in 3 years I was converted into a silent reader into a dhinchak writer.all was going well in my life as well as in tei.twinj love was in d air.I was every happy as now I didn’t fell alienated and was happy.but my happiness turned into sorrow when someone posted a news and unfortunately on my off dat sid is quitting d show.I ignored and thought it must b a rumour but then toi and other sources conformed dat he is actually khabar kya itna asar hua mujhpe ki (I changed from ranchodas to devdas,seriously)now my life just revolved around this news.Sid’s quitting the show made me so upset ki sote,jagte,uthte,baithte I used to think of him.then one night while I was laying on bed wid my eyes closed my mom came and was surprised to see me sleeping so she came to me and asked so gai.(literally I hate dis question ) I got up and said nahi kuch soch rahi mom’s expression changed.she asked me to stop thinking because every time u think u do something big and she reminded me of one past incident ( guys I can’t tell that incident to u because if I tell u then u all will laugh on its better to be silent)
Then my mom went to sleep and very soon even I went to sleep.
Next day when I went fr brushing I was thinking something that will stop dis from quitting and dat was writing a letter to him( guys u know I have a quality in me.I m very ziddi.Jo ek baar thaan leti hun toh apne aap ki bhi nahi sunti ).
Idea toh aa gya par letter likhne k liye address chahiye hota hai address k liye do hi option hai ya khud sid ya Google baba.Google pe itne dhoondhne k baad bhi nahi mila address.(phooti kismat).and mein na fb,twitteror na insta p hun( meri mom k wajah se.same crime patrol stuffs)
Now I needed someone who would help me and is baar bhagwan ki kripa se in one of d ffs I got an email Id.
Now phir crime stuffs aa gaye fraud hua ton,but Shruti toh Shruti hai.I took that email id and mailed the person.she was a girl.I mailed her on 21 may 2016 and wrote all dat I wanted for as an help and even asked her contact no. If she wants to give and after mailing I checked my inbox after every hour and luckily she replied d same day.(nice girl)
After reading her reply I really jumped from my bed and literally kissed my joy knew no bounds as d person whom I had mailed had sent me her contact no. by trusting me ( I didn’t expect this because I thought meri tarah vo bhi ye crime shows dekh kr satark ho gayi hogi) and I expected a no but she replied wid a yes wow itne dino bad I was happy,I immediately after reading her mail,saved her contact no.and sent a hi message to her on watsapp and her hey message contented me.then I asked her that would she b my Frnds and again a yes.wo ho wat a lucky din kuch aur bhi mang liya hota toh vo bhi pura ho jata.

Presently after 4-5 days of our friendship I again sent her a mail to her for being my Beastie and she accepted my request.she made my I like talking to her and she is my best Frnd as I didn’t had many in my lyf.

We chat and I always try to keep her smiling because of her one os.
The end…..
Hope u all like it.pls comment.

And one more thing this I have written as a gift to my new unknown best frnd.
I hope she understood dat its written fr her and dis brings smile on her face.
Some words fr her.’di,mission accomplished???’
Love u .keep smiling.
And one more thing I am writing this fr my unknown Frnd because according to me an unknown frnd is best then known chalu and dhokhebaaz Frnd..
The thing that binds us together is being a twinj fan and a nice and pure friendship.
Di pls comment.
Byeeeee…:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. wow u r so cute.. ur this bak bak was also vry cute… luck s best frnd milte h … u r vry lucky..hum dono sam age k h…tu mai tumhe shurti hi bolengi.ok
    And crime petrol stuffs mere saath v mumma yhi karti h.
    100% true.sam sam

  2. haha nice..

  3. Shoo cute… Di

  4. my journey is almost same as for less period of time..nd it all started with tei…bt it was a awesome piece of writing… nd ur gratitude is expressed in every bit..loved it..nd yes m of ur age as well so like aastha i would also call u shruti..

  5. Awwwww!
    My chuuunnnuuuu my munnuuuuu
    My naughty girl
    I was like full to blushing….
    The time u said me some time ago…
    I was chking it since then when ll u upload it…
    Top on that this gora sir
    Said u na
    No need to explain u abt him…
    But all I can say z I have a million dollar smile on my face right now…
    So happy that I can’t say u..
    Express u…
    If u were ri8 front f mei would have kissed u hugged u
    Love u dear…
    Now all I wish is
    When I cm to my native after NY
    I ll surly meet u
    N on the same place wr u said
    Street f that hotel…
    I m just speech less
    Anandashru ale g mala
    But yeah would say sorry for sure
    As I said u something yesterday n emotion …

    Love u love u love u

  6. Ha ha super di….
    btw who is that lucky girl….

    1. i guess its crazy..right crazy??

      1. Yes I also think the same

  7. Really happy to read this….even I have many friends from TU page….. Aakansha an Shatakshi luv u both….

  8. Luv u di.mine 2 same story only no friend like ur one.
    Good one

  9. Hey, so happy to find somebody of my age.. srsly that 10th board exams thing even I experienced..I loved my phone more than my life and my parents too it away..??But, now it’s all back to normal.. anyways I liked your way of writing …it was damn funny..

  10. ur stry is similar to mine bt i strtd visitng tu frm strt of tei wen i searchd in google tashan e ishq episodes d frst thng tht came was tu webst then i strtd reading ff too bt i too feared to cmnt then in taras ff i gained sm corage n thot to use a fake nm n used my non official mail id as i hav two ids..den i got such a huge family i feel nw lucky to cmnt tht day…i also faced d same prblm while submtng my frst ff…nyways those things apart bt u said u decd to write lettr to sid n u got sm1 who cn help bt did u write letr to him ? n is tht girl frm tu ?

  11. Oh shruti same happenend with me you know I loved to watch jodha akber so much but I was not able to watch it my mother allowed me to watch it sometimes but our TV was in hall so my brother n my brother were there only so seeing romance in front of elders is awkward ????
    N for the same reason I m not able to watch twinj romance also….when my family goes out then I become so happy n watch I want to watch????
    I want to ask u question u saw jodha akber with your mom then u watch romantic scene as also with her ??????????????????

    My mother also don’t allow me to use fb,twitter,insta n even what’s up are koi toh samjao that what’s up chalane se kuch nhi hota hai….sab chlate hai n even u mom ?????????

    Where u live dear n which subject u choose you r in 11 na?????

  12. Hii I know you won’t believe me but my story is just like know my mom is just like yours she too always is busy in crime shows and me too do a lot of dramas to watch Jodha Akbar because its my favourite show but my parents doesn’t allow me to watch it you know naa how parents became when we are in class 8 as they say that 8 is the base for ten.Bahut papad bele the meine bhi usse dekne ke liye but after leap it turns to be boring as it focus on salim anarkali love-hate story and supernatural powers. And when I show promo of tei I thought it as same ghisa pitta love story of UV and twinkle .
    And when I saw the first episode I thought it to be boring but when sidhant enter as Kunj I saw it with great excitement .by the time it has become the part of my life and I used to think it is a best not but Bestest ever story of television. I don’t know why but I feel very attached to this show.But when my board exam is on the doors mujhe tv dekhna allowed nahi tha but mein bhi jiddi thi Maine iss show ka ek bhi episode miss nahi kiya yaha tak ki jab mera pehla exam 2march tha to bhi mein yahi sonchne mei busy thi ki mei ye show kaise dekhungi aur ye bhi ki aage show mei kya hoga .mein jab apna exam khattam kar ke aaiye to bhi mujhe yehi show dekhna tha. Jab mujhe ye pata chala ki sidhant show chod raha hai meri to jaise jaan hi chali gayi mein conform thi ki ye fake news hoga but jab SBB SBS and sbas ne ye conform kiya mei bahut royi yaha tak ki mei sab ko yehi bolne mei busy hu ki kunj mar jayega tei mei .Mei exam ke time bhi chup kar net pack dalwati thi aur late night tak tei ke aane wale episode ke bare mei pata karti thi ya phir tu pe ff padhti rehti thi ek do baar to pakdi bhi gayi to bolti thi ki padhai kar rahi thi dictionary mei meaning dekh rahi hu mobile pe so strange na exam se jyada serial ki tension abhi bhi do dinn baad result hai aur mujhe tei ke episode ki paid hai ??? but kya karun meri zindagi bann chuki hai. Mein dinn bhar yehi karti hu exam se pehle chup kar or 21march ke sab ke samne dinn bhar tei ke bare mei sonch kar busy rehti thi tum to sayad Hindi le thi hai naa .mera bhi insta ya fb pe account nahi hai par gmail pe hai so if only you think I am not fake then contact me
    [email protected]
    I know its a big lecture sorry for that.??

  13. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    hahaha…mine too is just like urs my mom dont know that I visit tu n read storys….one day my mom got to know about it…they took my mobile whom i love more than my life…:'( then after some emotional drama of mine and so many lies…:-P:-P(srry mom) I got my. .mobile back…

  14. Your fan………where u live…..n what is your name your name is ..your fan or what????

  15. Hey even I used to watch jodha Akbar. That was a good show. Actually u know even my mom doesn’t know that I watch Tashan e ishq and write on it. But my frnds and classmates do know abt it. And I read ff’s on tu on my phone but She mom thinks that I m chatting wid someone..
    By d way ur back back was gud

  16. Shruti… truly to say u r so genuine n frank… bt really funny… hahahaha???…. i was literally laughing like mads while reading ur article… bt truly loved it.. wld u b my frnd also.. i know dat i hve not given any contact no. N all bt to say i hve not got any personal phne of mine.. sometimes i comment from my mom’s phne n smetime’s my nani’s n sometimes my lappy.. n m not allowed on any other site..??.. so i wld like to stay connected with so many on tu.. like u shruti aakanksha sanam crazy sweetie mitali mahi zikra sadaf.. n all… plzzz i wld like to hve such grt frnds… n yes shruti i wanna ask u that hve u just arrived in 11 or cmpleted it..????

  17. forever fan of twinj

    Hey Aliza I m already ur Frnd.and do u have gmail account:-) 🙂

  18. You are not replying me plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz reply me plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  19. hey sonal I am sorry actually I am from India or if you want you can join me in gmail my I’d is given in comment box..

  20. Navjot Arjani

    Yaar mast hai. I was not expected ki tu aisi bhi ho sakti hai ( shayad).very nice story .sorry for this sruta…

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