Twinj- journey from revenge to love (Epi-6)


Today’s episode start with kunj come running to twinkle

kunj:- twinkle twinkle
twinkle:-(worried) kunj what happen why r u sweating……is everything ok……tell me na
kunj:- twinkle twinkle relax everything is ok don’t worry woh actually I am saying that lets bunk the college(winks)
twinkle:- kunj again bunk no way last week only we have bunk again no way
kunj(pouts) :- plz na
twinkle(melts seeing kunj):- ok fine but only last time..
kunj:- hmm pkka

both twinj leave…..

twinkle sit on kunj bike nd both leave…..
twinkle is enjoying the fresh air nd kunj is staring her by the front mirror…..twinkle notice kunj staring nd feels shy…..

Suddenly kunj applies break twinkle falls on kunj…..both r in same position for sometimes but come in senses by hearing the horns of vehicles…..
twinkle:- a…
kunj:- its ok…m sry too

kunj take twinkle to some isolated place….
twinke:- kunj where have u taken me
kunj:- are wait na twinkle….
kunj bindfolded twinkle…
twinkle:- kunj what r u doing nd where r u taking me
kunj:- are wait naa yaar its surprise
twinkle :- ok ok but take me fast……

kunj take her inside……
Twinkle: – kunj can I open my eyes
kunj:- are twinkle can’t u keep quite….in these mins u have ask me thousand times now just shut up
twinkle:- but kunj
kunj:- shhhhh…..

after 5 mins….
kunj:-open your eyes twinkle…..
twinkle open her eyes nd don’t see kunj…she panics but notice the decoration…..all place is decorated with white nd pink roses nd on ground petals of red roses r scatter everywhere……( imagine yourself the most beautiful decoration ….I m imagining swasan proposal scene )

nd then notice kunj sitting on knees
twinkle:- kunjjjjj.this decoration nd all
kunj:-shh twinkle…..let me speak….twinkle I don’t know when where how I started feeling for u…..u know our first meet is so bad that we start hating each other…..nd at that time think that I will fall for u….but slowly slowly we become best friends….nd I started feeling for u but I m scared from telling this u…because I can’t afford to lose my best friend but today finally after collecting so much courage…..I want to say I loveee u twinkiiii will u marry me…will u like to become twinkle kunj sarna…..

twinkle(teary eyes):-kunj this I have never expect this
kunj:- its ok twinkle if u don’t love me(starts to go with sad face)

twinkle runs nd back hug kunj
twinkle:- kunj…..idiot I love u two….not from today but from the first day we met….I love u kunj u alot…….

Precap: – twinj marriage nd twist

nusz! dear sry for not commenting in your ff but seriously saying I have comment there but my comment doesn’t got upload that’s why…anyways about your episode its just rocking loved it alot… next part ASAP..must say u r wonderful writer nd your writing skills is too gud……

plz guys comment because I have written same episode 3 time… I don’t know how but my parts get deleted after writing it …..I have written a very long part but now adjust with this much onlyy….its take more than 2 hours for me too write…at least give your 2 mins for me….plz even I single word will be enough

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Nice year keep gng nd I luved it

  2. Very nice

  3. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    Aw what an amazing episode!!! Man you’re always rocking
    Love you bestie!!!
    You’re so impressive and amazing.
    Also I will post episode 15 soon too!!!
    Hope to see your comment on that
    Also thank you for mentioning my name on your ff
    I will be mentioning your name on my ff so people can read this beautiful story
    Love you and will be waiting for the next episode~Nusz

  4. Srsly amazing epi dear loved it so much do cont soon plzzzzz luv u

  5. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    amazing….keep it up

  6. Amazing episode

  7. Thnks all of u

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