Twinj- journey from revenge to love (Epi-4)


hlo guys! Anu here…….guys I must say that in my ff I got comment in super decreasing order…..when I ask u ti chose between concept then u have commented nd now when I have chose one concept only 7-8 comments anyways happy that at least 7-8 people read it… guys its my part 3….I have title it as promo because actual promo is title as part 3 sry for confusion

here is the promo link

nd sry for not uploading tomorrow as I said I will upload os that’s why but I don’t why telly update don’t upload my os yesterday……it is upload in morning…..anyways some r asking what is full form of os so guys os is one shot….the story starts nd finish only in one part……

os link…..

nd if anybody forgot previous episode here is link

guys so let’s start part 3

twinkle is at home nd remembering college incident……jasmine is sitting beside her nd finally she broke silence…..nd say that
Jasmine: – twinkle I think u should ask sry for that boy… is not his mistake…..I think u have over reacted ( jasmine knew everything as twinkle don’t like hiding things from her bff)……….twinkle think about incident nd realize that it is done unknowingly…
twinkle(to herself):- jasmine me is right yaar….that guy us not on fault…what u have done twinkle baba Ji what will I do now..I have to apologize him……tomorrow morning first I will apologize to him……

Next morning……

Twinkle get up fast nd leave for college….

at college……
twinkle searces for.kunj in whole college but doesn’t find him……she gets tensed nd tired…..

twinkle:- baba Ji where is boy…plz help me searching na…..that guy doesn’t have any manners I have to apologize nd he is not coming in front of me…..she makes faces…nd see na now I m hungry also…fine if he will come then I will apologize him….now I m going to canteen..

at canteen

twinkle sit when she sees kunj……her face glows seeing him…..she leaves her seat nd goes to kunj seat……

twinkle:- hey! woh woh actually I want to say u something

Kunj .ignores her….

twinkle:- hey I m talking to u…
kunj(attitude):- kya h why have u come
Twinkle: – woh actually I want to apologize to you….for that slap..I shouldn’t have slap u…I m sorry
kunj thinks for sometime nd say its ok

twinkle forwards her hand nd say friends
kunj looks at her…
Twinkle get sad;- its ok if u dont(intrupted by kunj)
kunj:- friend not best friend

Both smile….

twinkle is going but suddenly she slips nd due to dear cloeses her….but kunj hold her in nick of time……twinkle opens her eyes nd sees kunj…both r lost in each other eyes

screen freezes on them

precap:- not decide yet

sry sry sry guys for short update….I know many r asking r asking for long but I can’t able to write for long not getting proper time…..but will write soon nd I try to update 2 parts tomorrow again sry will upload ASAP

guys tell me what u want to see in next part tell me….thoda detail me btana….tell me how to make twinj fall in love..

guys ek chiz phuchu abko nhi lgta mein story kam deti hu bak bak jyada krti hu? mujhe toh lgta h actually pura yakken h

nd guys u have not tell me u want os or ff on 2nd concept…..actually guys I m asking I will not stop this one don’t worry……actually I m thinking to write one is every week so next os may be on Friday….

sry if this part os not upto the mark
rotten tamotoes nd chappal r always allowed

finally after so much bak bak bye guys
love u
take care

Credit to: Anu

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    I don’t like twinkle’s eyes……

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