Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 9)

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Recap: AMs views and a paper having reality ? ( as u ol referred it)

Part 9–

Kunjs POV :

As soon I stepped out I could feel the tiny drops landing on my tanned skin..
I stood still at the moment mind refused to process anything..
From the corner of my eye I cud see aaru starting at me bankly…
‘My mom screaming for her lyf’ , ‘my family shouting for their lives’ ol those scenes took over my senses…I stood their numb…
End of kunjs POV

Armaan cud see he’s frnd in deep pain..he cudnt take it anymore he jzz dragged hez frnd ,made him sit in the car and drove off..

In car;
Kunj was fiddling with the seat belt to stop  the pain hez mind was enduring on his tiny heart my rewinding those scenes where he stood helpless and saw he’s family being  washed off by the roaring waves….

Kunj looked out of the window to distract himself but ol he saw was the heavy drops pouring on the heated earth making it wet, filling the digs and ditches and the sound it produced wen the drops hit against the metal which gave him the shelter …(his car)
But none of these soothen he’s heart ,they only bought back the memories which he feared now…he cudnt control what he’s mind thought though he’s heart was torn into pieces he’s mind still reminded him of the bitter past…like always he’s mind won over his hearts earnest requests and he surrendered himself to go through the pain ol over again…he thoughts shifted back to the tym wen he was 20…
The darkest day of his lyf


Kunj was hell excited ,at last he’s dad had agreed for the trip. A family trip he always dreamed of ,since he’s dad was always busy with the meetings and tenders he rarely had tym to join he’s family for an outing..
Kunj had topped his university xms for the academic year and  manohar was proud of he’s son, in return for his highest scores wen manohar asked what kunj wanted ,kunj  quickly answered that a finally trip wud do good..
Manohar scanned kunjs  eyes gleaming in exceptions..he cudnt say no for he’s sons only wishe so he canceled ol he’s meetings and agreed for the trip…
Kunjs happiness knew no bounds…At last its gng to be jzz lyk the times of childhood he thought..
He made sure the lazy king ,Sanchay had done with he’s packing..

They ol were set to leave for their destination and the driver drove off..
That day the meteorological dept had accounced the signs of heavy rain in the regions of Maharashtra ,Karnataka and Andra Pradesh…
The cyclonic circulations in the Bay of Bengal  had got stronger and was pacing to hit the land at greater speed…
The impact wud be more on Karnataka and Andra  Pradesh is what the analysts said…
Due to this light showers cud be expected in the interior regions of Maharashtra said the news…
Atlast  this would break the unbearable heats of Mumbai thought kunj adjusting he’s head phones relaxing in the car…

Slowly the coulds obtained darker shades of blue and black…
The environment turned  gloomy and in few seconds it started drizzling…
Kunj and sanchay lowered the window glass to feel the smell of wet land…
Kunj let this hand feel the tiny droplets of the first shower..
Kunj had no idea that  the pleasing rain wud soon wud turn devastating..

After 3 hours the scene looked much different…
The car was punctured and the heavy rain made it impossible to change the wheels
Kunj sank back in hez seat frustrated…he didn’t imagine the rain to destroy he’s much awaited trip…
‘The cyclon had travelled much faster than excepected and its impact on Maharashtra was said to increase by manifolds’ was ol kunj cud hear in he’s headphones b4 the voice tralied off due to the crash in network…
3 more hours passed
The electric poles started shaking and kunj knew that they needed to get out of their asap…

Soon The tree on the roadside fell on the car breaking the front glass …fortunately everyone were safe…. kunj panicked but he’s mother and father somehow made sure that the family was out of the car in the next minute…
The driver directed to a nearby building and they ol walked in the direction leaving  behind the broken car..
They soon realized that the apartment was emptied on precautions of heavy rain my the officers in charge as they cudnt find anyone their….
The building was clumsy… It had cracks nd looked week…Manohar with he’s presence of mind took he’s finally and moved out ..
Soon the building collapsed ,luckily the sarnas had already left the building…
The heavy rain made it difficult to even stand still at a place…the screeching thunders and lightning was making it difficult to have positive hopes anymore…
Soon kunj cursed himself for making the trip on such a day when heavy rains was expected….
Kunj had taken manohars gadgets to make sure manohars tym was dedicated only to he’s manohar had no clue abt the announcements regarding the heavy downpour….
The water level came upto their abdomen.
It was night and they had no shelter ,they were completely drenched in rain and their energy had woozed off…they felt weak, their luggage was left in car….hence they had no food nor clothes to keep them warm ..
Usha ‘s nd sanchays body temperature was dropping quickly…They were in a condition to faint and fear had gotten into kunj seeing their condition …he looked around himself ,it was dark ,he couldn’t make out where they were…

Using the mobile touch they started walking slowly….they were walkin upward over a steepy slope…soon they could hear ppl shouting and saw meek light coming from the other end…immediately they became hopeful to find some help…
For that they needed to cross a region of 100 m where water came up to their chest…having no other way they took the support of a rope which was tied between the two ends…
Since the rope had worn out it cudnt take weight of 5 ppl..
So usha sent kunj and sanchay first along with the driver…
The rope was on the verge of tearing due to the powerful waves which lashed against it…since the path was slopy the force of water was greater..
The three somehow carefully tripping and falling a few tyms reached the other end slowly…
Now they waited anxiously for their parents to reach them soon…
Kunj knew that that rope was slowlying giving away… He kept on praying for their parents to sumhow make their way and land to the other side safely…
He felt helpless and was scared but seeing sanchay shivering in fear of loosing he’s parents kunj gained strength and consoled sanchay who was crying continuously..
Their parents were in mind way when the water took the control over the rope..the rope slowly gave away and kunj saw he’s parents being washed off right in front of he’s eyes…
He stood their numb….it took sometym for the truth to sink in….
He soon wanted to search them and bring them back…however the ppl around him held him back from entering into the water..
Since it was nyt it hindered the search operations of the officers….
Kunj sat their nd cried he’s heart over .
He blamed god for not listening to he’s prayers…he held himself responsible for the loss that had occurred….in a blink of a eye hes world came crashing to he’s feet..
The trip he thought wud be the best tym of he’s lyf turned out to be a disaster which crumbled him into pieces…
The next morning the search operations continued with the task at hand but failed to find the missing ppl….
Since the intensity of the waves were high the hopes were low..
That path led to a end of the cliff hence it was pretty sure that the missing ppl had no chance to be alive as the mighty water had an upper hand and wud hve droven them off…
Sanchay was broken … Both of them  cried for  their irreparable loss…

2 months passed
Each day Kunj felt broken inside …..
Armaan had tried hes level best to pull them out of the dark….he was the only reason kunj gained he’s  confidence…kunj attained he’s strength to make sanchay feel better ..but both vaguely knew that the truth remained unchanged… They had lost their  parents….

The cars screeching sound bought kunj back to the reality…


Recap: surprise…

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Lyk next episode vl ve  them getting their first success regarding the papers…
So guys till now in my epis the minute things I ve mentioned was ol planned to make sure to reveal the mystery girl…
So I want u guys to guess abt the same…
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  1. Sameera

    Hayeeeeeeee wow yaar Maggi amazing awesome fab epi yaar can’t describe it just loved it poor kunj n sanchay ….
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    1. Maggi

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  2. Hi i am new here
    This ff is really different
    Plzz continue soon

    1. Maggi

      Tqs pinky…?
      I’m glad that u lykd it…
      Vl post asap…
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  3. Hey maggi
    epi was nice
    And i guess it surprise is twinkle’s entry
    And ha
    all the best for exam
    Luv u

    1. Maggi

      Surprise is ….u vl get to know soon ?
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      1. Maggi

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  4. dreamer...arundhati

    Maggi dear… I was waiting frm when… It was terrific… Plz do ctd soon

    1. dreamer...arundhati

      All the best forexms.. Luv u

    2. Maggi

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    3. Maggi

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  5. Chiku

    ???????? it was a very emotional episode really. This brought tears in my eyes.
    Really i was able to feel the grief.
    Plzz yaar make kunj meet twinkle. Plzzz yaar i am begging u. Plzz??????????
    Nd all the best for ur exmas????

    1. Maggi

      I’m happy that I bought out the emotions appropriately… ☺☺Nd y u saying that ur begging me?? NVR say that OK?
      Ur my reader and u hve ryt to order me OK??
      Ur wish vl soon be granted dear…next part u vl get ur 1st surprise….
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  6. Hi maggi…..
    I am big fan of ur ff and u…..
    U know really i like poetry in those papers from start and u naild it ….
    Luvd it…… Amazing job…. And i comment for first time on ur ff bcoz before it i was a silent reader it was awesome u know i am trying to stop my self from typing but ur ff is so much interesting that i am not able to stop myself from typing ok byyee before i again start typing ok 1 thing post nxt asap plzzzzzzzzz

    1. Maggi

      Omg anayaali!!! ?
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  7. Hi maggi…..
    I am big fan of ur ff and u…..
    U know really i like poetry in those papers from start and u naild it ….
    Luvd it…… Amazing job…. And i comment for first time on ur ff bcoz before it i was a silent reader it was awesome u know i am trying to stop my self from typing but ur ff is so much interesting that i am not able to stop myself from typing ok before i again start typing ok 1 thing post nxt asap plzzzzzzzzz

  8. Hey maggi
    It was AMAZING
    Your FF is a masterpiece
    Please cont soon please
    Can’t wait for TwiNj meeting,love,romance ?
    So much in store
    Please cont asap

    1. Maggi

      Hey saira…
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  9. Superb epi as always.. really loved it.. feeling so bad for kunj and sanchay.. the happiest day of his life turned into a worse one??.. hmm so maybe the next epi will be twinj meet? Not sure, just guessing.. U know today only I was thinking about ur ff and you posted it??.. best of luck for your exams 🙂

    1. Maggi

      Aww SidVee!!!☺
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      Tqs for the wishes dear..❤
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  10. Awesome… It was soo good… Very emotional one… Waiting for the next part…

    1. Maggi

      I’m glad that u lykd it sidhanshi…??
      Vl try posting it soon☺

  11. Maggi I’m a silent reader of your ff but after reading today’s episode couldn’t resist myself from commenting…I love your ff so much it’s one of my favorite ffs…I so loved the characters kunj sanchay n armaan…loved the trip’s bounding…today’s episode is so emotional…felt bad for kunj n sanchay…I know what’s your surprise…it’s twinj confrontation…am I right? Waiting for next…

    All the best for your exams…

    1. Maggi

      Hey dear….
      Im feeling very good to know that silent reader commented….
      It feels heaven for the author to know that…im happy that u lyked the trios bonding…and kunjs past…☺
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  12. Loved it

    1. Maggi

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  13. Anam_sidhant

    It was emotional one??
    Loved it to the core❤
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    Come back soon?
    All the best for your exam❤ rock it??

    1. Maggi

      I’m glad that u lkyd it anam….??
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  14. Kruti

    If this ones called lame….then I dont know what does amazing mean
    I mean r u serious such n amazing epi… very well written nd at the end u tag it as Lame……..pagal ladki this is not called lame…..this is called Super amazing……extraordinary piece of writting

    Sad past…..very well written nd described
    Loved it

    Continue soon
    Loads of Love?

    1. Maggi

      Aww kruti ur being linient on me….
      I wrote dat part in hurry so thought that it wasn’t well connected…
      But ur lovely comment made me blush yaar??
      I’m glad that u lykd the way I described it..
      Vl soon be back..
      Luv u ?
      Tqs for the wishes?

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional epi

  16. Fan

    Awesome epi!

  17. Ohh my godddddddddddd………..such an emotional episode ………..I mean how could u write yaarrr…………it was awesome

    1. Maggi

      ??im glad that u lykd it dear…

  18. Ramya

    Maggi episode is awesome amazing fabulous dear Loved it
    All the best fr ur exams
    Loved it N love u

    1. Maggi

      I’m happy that I didn’t boore u…☺☺
      Tqs for the wishes☺☺
      Luv u too?

  19. Shreya098

    Emotional one maggi…
    Poor kunj and sanchay???
    U described it all perfectly…

    Now we know why he hate rains.. Gosh he went through this much…

    And what there is a surprise for us…
    Ur every paper (or I should say the mystery girl’s paper) is a surprise itself…
    But this tym all u gave in the precap is “surprise”….seems like its gonna be something bigger… I am soo excited for it

    And all the best for ur exams..
    Rock them..

    Love u❤❤

    1. Maggi

      Aww shreyu…??
      I’m so glad that I cud portray their emotions perfectly..?
      And abt surprise, it vl carry one of the relevation…
      Tqs for the wishes..?
      Luv u ???

  20. Romaisha

    Ohhhh dii!! ??? loved the episode too much!
    Very emotional though and the death of his parents were really tragic!
    I loved it! Eager for next epi…
    Love u ?

    1. Maggi

      Tqs dear ?
      I’m glad that u lykd it romu….?
      Vl soon post the next one…

  21. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Sorry for the late comment 🙂
    Kunj’s past was very emotional 🙂 Post soon 🙂

    1. Maggi

      Hey don’t be sorry…I’m glad that lykd it?
      Submitted the next part☺

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