Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 8)

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Recap: A new letter found in kunjs home

Part 8 —

@ next evening?

Armaan entered kunjs cabin to find him dozzed off on the adjacent couch..

Lately he’s been in too much stress ,more out of the race in finding he’s mystery girl..
Ya he’s mystery girl u heard it ryt…
Lately those small pieces of paper have bought a drastic change in him,sum of which he himself isn’t aware of…
I don’t know if he’s destined to meet her or not but she has gotta a big role to play in this lyf…i think she already iz playing one….
as he’s mistress or he’s frnd or maybe
as a  stranger is what I’m yet to find out.
Only god has gotta an answer to this..Tym vl slowly unravel the answer
The more I try comprehending abt the source of these carelessly torn dairy pages the more curious I’m  …
So I can clearly guess that kunj is in a worest position then me as every piece of paper lands on he’s table on every fresh morning…
Is this scripted or coincidence is what is eating me up…
Oh god!!! Where is the mystery queen???
Currently shez the only one who would be having  answers to these bunch of  baseless questions

He’s chain of thoughts were broken by kunj lazy moments on the couch with hes eyes still closed ….armaan noticed a piece of paper in kunjs hand which he had held firmly against he’s chest

AM gave a nod knowing what it was and was curious to know what it had in store..
He walked up to kunj and slowly freed it from hes clutches…

He began reading it
It simply stated “Maanna padega Hez hot”,written on the first line of the fresh page…
Not a word more nor a word less

AM pov:
Abb ye kya hai….aaj koi shayari nahi…
Sirf ek compliment?
And kunj saw this and dozzed of????
Oye y am I talking lyk sanchu…
Kunj is ryt ,being with he’s younger brother my thoughts hve bcum silly…
Uff !!! I think I need a cup of strong coffee
To ease my nerves…who is this girl yaar??
Ajeeb ladki hai…
Anyways I think I shudnt wake him up ( looking @ kunj) …nowadays he hardly gets any SLP…

With that thought AM moved in the direction which led to the caffetaria

@ cafeteria ♨

AM noticed few pretty girls and wondered that he himself didn’t notice any girl and remembered how the previous nyt he complained that kunj wasn’t knowing any girl by face or name… may be bcauz he hardly came to hes office , ‘guest visits’ that is what kunj referred AMs monthly visits as or may be dose pretty faces were new ,he concluded sipping the last few drops of he’s extra strong coffee

He was abt to exit when a familiar face with 32 diamond lyk teeth gleaming blocked he’s way…
I’m in no mood for a game thought Armaan very well knowing who it was on the other side…
S: hey aaru…buried urself with a coffee??
So the one who blockd AMs path was Sanchay
A: what kind of language is that??
S: hey adjust na aaru…jzz wanted to deliver something new nd classy!
AM: From none of the angles it seemed classy, moreover it was immature,
Hissed armaan
S: oh hoo..aap bhi bhaiya ke tarah baate kyun karr rahe hoo….
Woh sab choodo…meri bhabi ka kya hua
Kuch pata chala unke baare mein…

AM: nahi….hamara bhahi bhi ajeeb hai yaar
S: bhaiya ki tarah na? (Winks @ AM)?
Armaan let’s out a smile considering sanchus sense of humor…
AM: hmm ,kuch aise hi samjho
Per tu yahan kya kar raha hai?
S: baas tumhe Milne ka Mann kiya toh aagaya…
AM: tera irrade mujhe kuch tik nahi lagraha hai…
S: haha…baas ye puchne aaya tha ki bhahi ke baare mein kuch pata chala ya nahi..
Par aapka baat sunke toh laagta hai ki itni aasanise nahi Milne wali hai woh..

AM: haa yaar pata nahi kaha chupi hai..kab milegi…sab khuda ka khel..
Tab tak kunj ka haal naa jaane kya hooga
S: hmm
A: tu abb ghar jaa…Om shaayad lobby mein hooga,usse saath me lekhar jaana…
S: tik hai…aap bhai ka khyal rakho
Armaan smiles at he’s concern towards kunj and nods in affirmative..
Sanchay left in search of Om

AM went in the office to find one of he’s employees waiting for his arrival..
AM looked at her and said yes plz
Through the matter she discussed with him he got to know that she was new here and currently is the executive director @ Hez company…
Directly Securing a job of executive director @ the TEENS without gng through painful promotions means she’s really talented ,he’s mind analysed

Very strange ,I hardly know anyone here he thought to himself…
AM: ok Latika I understd the problem I vl soon fix it
L: sir their is one more problem
AM: go on
L: kunj sir said he wud give the article for the 1st column but he hasn’t provided it yet..
AM: ohh…I vl speed up the process ,no worries
L: thanku sir
With that she left to complete the task @ hand

No sooner AM moved from their he bumped into another GRP of talented workers…since AM had hung ‘Do not disturb’ wala sign board outside he’s cabin to make sure kunj wud get the SLP he deserved…
So pretty much expected that he wud soon turn busy compensating for hes frnd’s absence..
AM first noticed their ID’s
Memorized their names along with their designations and then began taking with them which eventually turned into a mini discussion …..

Sharanya(finance director): sir we have had no problem with finance sector but I think we r running short of tym considering the deadline to produce this week’s magazine

Sakshi( copy editor):the columns need to b organized and sum still needs to be written and others need a final touch up

Kunal( managing director): I think we need to put more efforts this week ,its gonna be Lil hard but everything vl fall into place if we guys work together…

To which the other two nodded…
AM was pleased by their positive approach and the amt of hard work they were ready to put in..
Ol of them were newly appointed but their determination was worth the appreciation

AM: don’t worry,vl manage it
..don’t get stressed out ..everything is gonna be fyn he said with a gentle smile
In order to comfort them
They smiled @ him for being understanding and moved to their respective cubicles with content smiles pasted on their beautiful and handsome faces…
‘Girls should smile more often,they look good in it ‘ thought AM to himself b4 he moved into kunjs cabin to wake him up

AM found kunj wide waken,busy with he’s laptop…
AM moved in and passed a gentle smile to hes besti…
AM: kya kar raha hai?
K: article likh ne mein busy hoon par koyi idea hi nahi aa raha …
AM: Deadline is around the corner
K: hmm …its gonna be a tiring a week…
By the way where is Omi,I haven’t seen him for a while.. even he was missing in the morning

*Om was staying with his parents meaning AMs uncle and aunt…
Since he’s skool was near to AM and kunjs office, As AM was in the town he  wud pick up Om early in the morning i.e..,wen AM wud be coming to office ,he wud bring Om along with him….Om wud play in the office for sum tym then aftr the skool either he’s skool bus or AM wud pick him from skool and bring him back to office and then from their Om wud be left to hes home,which was in next lane to kunjs house by any of the three…

AM: I jzz sent him with Sanchu
K:What was sanchay dng here
AM: as usual, tympass ( and suppressed hez smile)
K: ok
AM: did u read the new short and sweet msg by the mystery girl,I read it wen u had slpt
K:oh..even I read it…
AM: toh what u felt?
K: I think its sum prank being played by sum  employee…..
But still I feel it isn’t that he said less audibally…
AM: hmm…Is she an angel or a nytmare is what I’m trying to puzzle out…(with a sigh)

kunj smiles @ armaans statement
A: its getting dark let’s go home…
Maybe its gonna rain today
K: hmm…(trying not to slip into those nightmares which haunted him)

On any given day kunj would be raged to see it raining but today the word rain didn’t shook him….may be her thoughts had taken complete control over him leaving him thinking jzz abt her…
she iz sweet iz what he thought ol the tym…☺☺☺

Sakshi nd kunal walked in to submit their proceedings  wen kunj was busy packing hes bag…making sure he carried ol those papers from her diary back home for further analysis..?

Sharanya, tanmay, Latika walked one after the other to submit the files…seeing both the owners busy in some stuff they quietly placed the files on the table and moved out hurriedly fearing the rain wud soon make it difficult for them to reach home…..

Ol the while the only thought that revolved in kunj’s mind  was her compliment, that he’s hot…
He smiled stupidly at this mere thought
‘But what if it was written for sumone else’
Knocked he’s mind considering the negatives …
He’s face turned pale…. He had felt an unknown connection with those thoughts..
Hez heart would beat faster thinking abt her…
They were slowly healing he’s wounds which otherwise would have remained painful for the rest of he’s  lyf…
Some where down in he’s heart he carried a diff feeling for the mystery girl….
Hez thoughts soon dispatched he’s mind in response to Armaan screeming @ him for the need to reach home faster…

As soon as both of them stepped out of the office,
Kunj felt the first few drops of the mesmerizing rain???
He stood still at the natures touch….


Guys I know u ol vl be very angry at me for not showing kunjs past as I had promised…but believe me this segment was much needed to show their messed up lyf from Armaan’s view….because he vl be the one who vl play major role in finding KUNJ’S GIRL

But I vl soon come up with he’s past and  everything abt the mystery girl vl get revealed….sorry for the inconvenience I created….
Hope this segment gets posted soon unlike the last part which took loads of tym

PRECAP: kunjs past (this time I won’t break my promise)

Ohk I thought of telling u guys sumting b4 the mystery girl is found out but I vl tell it tomorrow…?

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