Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 7)

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Recap: Kunj and AMs discussion abt our mystery girl and Sanchay getting to know abt the papers….

Part 7 —

@ night

Night is considered to be one of those tyms in which our mind process everything what we have gone through the whole day…
Rectifying mistakes if any or a content smile ,either of them wud be the result for sure…..
Or the third possibility being confused over what has happened …not knowing  where things have gone wrong and this what was exactly happening with kunj……

He was sitting with a chess board on the terrace alone under the moonlight and was trying to keep himself busy with it…but heart wants what it wants…
The harder he tried to focus the more he’s mind tried to think abt her and only her…
He’s mind was overpowered by hez heart
It was a mere puppet of the pumping machine

Kunjs POV:
Oh god!! What’s happening with me?..
Y I’m so Much attracted to her wordings..
Y do I feel lyk I’m familiar with them…
GOD!!!    This is such a weird feeling..
I need to find who it is…but how..

“Sum how” a reply broke hez chain of thoughts..
Kunj glanced at the owner of the voice as excepted it was AM

K: What
AM: I said somehow u need to find abt her
That is what is disturbing u so much ryt?
Kunj choose not to ans
AM: Hmm
The silence continued.. Armaan made no attempts to break it…kunj knew this fact so he started sharing he’s thoughts

K: it isn’t abt her…I jzz feel lyk I know her
AM: (smiles) The one who doesn’t even know the names of he’s employees is saying this…I can bet that u don’t even who is handling the accounts or finance or marketing in our company..
K: hmm ur ryt…but their is sum thing diff abt her…
Its said that  ones thoughts reflects hez or her personality…..her thoughts are very unique

AM jz smiled @ his frnd’s findings…today he was witnessing a diff side of kunj , sumthing which he was unaware of…

AM: so ur thinking abt this keeping chess board ryt in front of u show casing as if ur busy..
KS gives a weary smile…AM NVR failed in finding out what kunj thought and today it was no different… The legacy continued..

AM: any new paper except what we saw in the morning..
K: no
AM: are those papers with u?
K: no they are @ office

“Hey aaru tum yahaan hoo…me tujhe pura ghar me dund raha tha…aur bhai aap bhi itnee irresponsible kaise hoo sakte hoo, bhabhi ka chitti aap table par kaise chood sakte hoo….par maanna padega uski handwriting itna achi hai….aye padke na  dil kush hoogya”
Sanchay finally put a full stop to he’s monologue leaving the two baffled

K: which paper Ru talking abt?
Sanchay silently hands over him the paper he was holding and sits beside AM
S: (whispers to AM) yaar mujhe bhi bhabi se milvadona …
AM: khud tumhara bhai bhi Abhi take use nahi mila,whispers back
S: KYA???
b4 sanchay cud load anymore questions kunj keeps back the paper on the table with the thud
AM picks it up and begins to read with Sanchay peeping in
“Kashishh Honee Chaahiye Kisi Ko Yad Karnein Ki,
Lamhein Toh Apney Aap Hi Mill Jaayengein,
Wakt Hona Chaahiye Kisi Ko Milney Kaa,
Bahaane Toh Apney Aap Hi Mill Jaaynegein!”

AM  looked @ kunj
K: yaar kashishh bhi hai, lamhein aur wakt bhi hai par wohi nahi milrahiye says with a worried face
S and  AM smiles ….that mystery girl had worked wonders on kunj for sure is what they thought and passed a cheesy smile to each other…
Sum thing striked AM
AM: how did it land up in the house…
K: what’s exactly what I’m thinking
S: I think she got to know ur home address now bhaiya ?
AM: but how??? This is really getting complicated
K: we need to find the missing link
S: what’s that
K: I think we are missing something….the other day armaan was ryt…may be those papers can tell us more…
But where did u get it?
S: I was playing with Omi DAT tym I got it on the dining table
( Om is lovingly called as Omi)
AM: dinning table???isn’t that weird?
S : may be my bhabi is foodie jz lyk me!!! ??
K: sanchay I think u shud drop Om back to he’s house…its quite late
(Om is cousin of AM and stays with hez parents nearby and always accompanies aaru where ever he goes and luvs playing with Sanchay)
S: yep bhai…
Sanchay gets up and climbs down to move out of the terrace
The screen freezes on besties in deep thoughts….

I know guys I’m late as hell this tym but very sorry ..I was caught up in these CLG stuff…not getting tym ly…very sorryy dearest readers….hoo saketo maaf kar Dena ????
And 2nd thing what I was referring was abt MSD’s biopic!!!!
I watched it on 1st day as I had dreamed of ….it was ??????
He’s may fav star…

But guys I’m really sry for making u guys wait….and for the short epi also….but I promise I vl post next one soon
And within 3 parts the mystery girl vl meet our hero
…I cudnt include anything abt twinki in this part I’m very sorry for that….once twinj meet then u guys vl know y I wasn’t including her much…
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Precap: kunjs past gets revealed….

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  1. Awesome….

    1. Maggi

      Thanks Sana???

  2. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Awesome and Ms.Dhoni’s biopic I so badly want to watch it but Khya Karu Exams are coming so no outings with friends No Movies and parties But Loved the episode and My God Twinkle’s thoughts in the paper are so awesome 🙂 Keep writing 🙂 Loved it 🙂 Post soon 🙂

    1. Maggi

      Ohh I know hw frustrating it gets wen u badly want to do sumting but is restricted by xms….ATB dear
      Nd im glad that ur lyking Twinkie thoughts
      Thanks for the appreciation?
      Vl post sooon

  3. Fan

    Awesome epi!

    1. Maggi

      Thanks yaar…☺
      Hey u got the links I posted in comments session of my previous parts which u HD asked for? If not lemme know I vl post it again

      1. Fan

        Oops!! i forgot?..thank u mags for the links..yes i got it n i read the episodes..they were awesome!!..n if u dont mind..can i call u mags??

    2. Maggi

      Yaa u cal me that dear☺

  4. Amazing epi.. loving sanchay’s jokes???.. eagerly waiting to know how kunj will find out about twinkle.. n can’t wait to know his past.. was waiting for ur ff, n finally u posted??.. do cont soon ?

    1. Maggi

      Aww!!!it feels very good wen I get to know that some one is waiting for my ff??…srry for the delay…
      I’m glad ur lyking different elements of the story….stay tuned for twinkles entry….
      Vl try posting soon ?

  5. Anam_sidhant

    hehe even I watched ms.dhoni biopic on 1 day last show?? and coming to the ff it was damn good? I love twinkle thoughts❤❤ eagerly waiting to see twinj together! Do post soon?

    1. Maggi

      ??? many msd fans here I guess
      Thanks for ur sweet comment ..I’m glad that ur lyking it ….abt twinj being togther it vl soo happen..?

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  7. Chiku

    Awesome ❤️

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  8. Tara

    kya baat hain bhai..
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    i saw someone calling u by this name.. so..
    haha 😛
    coming to the ff.. it was not good at all..
    coz it was more than amazing!!
    loved it man..
    post soon..

    1. Maggi

      Ohh Tara u initially scared me but ltr a smile crept on my face….
      I’m glad that ur lyking it dear?
      Already submitted the next epi

  9. Sayeeda

    Yrrrr Maggi tum kitna accha likthi hoo yrrrr….. every time u make me left speechless through ur writing skills….u r super… amazing writer….

    Loved the episode to the core….
    Love you????

    1. Maggi

      Aww!!! Di I’m srsly blushing reading ur comment??
      I’m very happy that ur lyking the track
      ..ur appreciation means a lot …?
      Luv u loads?????

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  11. Kruti

    Everytime u make me speechless???????

    How do u manage to write so well…..every new epi is better than d previous one in its own way

    I am so going crazzzzzzzzzier day by day
    Amazing epi….loved it

    Just cant wait fr d nxt one
    Post soon

    1. Maggi

      Aww kruti!!! Thanks a lot for ur sweet comment yaar…???
      Its good to know that my writing is improving…
      U srsly made me blush?
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  12. Awesome

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      Thanks Payal….❤

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous interesting suspense full epi

    1. Maggi

      The suspense vl soon be revealed..☺

  14. Ramya

    Amazing episode dear u r increasing my curiosity plss asap
    Loved it N love u

    1. Maggi

      Thanks ramya?
      Well I lyk creating suspenses and i hope im not dragging it…
      Submitted the next part…hope it gets posted soon..
      Luv u ❤
      And u to tc☺☺

  15. Romaisha

    Hey yaar!
    Awesome episode! ?

    1. Maggi

      Tysm romu?
      I’m glad that ur lyking it?

  16. Sry sry sry …..
    For the late comments…..
    Bt year understand plsssssshhhh……..
    It was a damn fabulous episode………I just luved it
    Again sry????

    1. Maggi

      Hey Adya don’t be sorry yaar…
      I’m glad u commented dear ??
      I’m happy that ur luving it ???
      The mxt part is been posted if u find tym do read it….
      Luv u ❤

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