Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 5)


Sálaam ñamaste yààrô ?
I was flying high in air ? reading ur response over the previous part… They always make me smile☺???

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So let’s start with today’s session ??

B4 that
Recap: All abt kunjs past experience with press and a similar page from a diary…

Twinj: A journey that led to U ❤   (part 5)


A new day brings new opportunities to smile and for KS it would turn out be  interesting …

KS: Armaan yaar get up dude don’t be lazy common its already 8:30
AM: hmm…
Saying this AM slowly pulled over the blanket  and went back to he’s dreamworld

KS was trying to wake him from past 1 hour but armaan didn’t seem to move an inch…
Ol three of them had slpt quite late the previous nyt ….they had so much to tell each other……so much to know abt the other which they had missed lately and finally they went to deep slp on the king size bed reminiscing ol those beautiful moments with each other..

KS had already given up on waking up Sanchay
he had already received some kicks and punches from sanchay and he was in mood to receive more…??

Now kunj was fed up with their drama…

Kunjs POV :
These both are jzz impossible… They are behaving as if I don’t exist …pretending to be deaf…uggh!!!
There is no point of me being here
The one who thinks to mend their ways vl always look lyk a fool….and I’m clearly not interested to be the one…
Sanchay is at least born irritating, but this aaru …he is accompanying him in his stupid acts…They both shd ve given auditions for Indians  Dramebaaz…..They would have won the finals and would have huge fan following by now??
Uff!!! Kunj what the heck Ru blabbering….
B4 u make a fool out of urself jzz take a hike from here..

He quickly moved from der and drove off to office leaving behind the two to complete their beautiful SLP..

KS had already decided that he wud be writing an article for the newly launched weekly magazine…
But presently he was running out of ideas…
Hez mind didn’t support any topic and he sat der staring at this laptop screen hoping that some idea would soon pop up!

The very next moment a piece of paper grabbed hes attention……he quickly opened it to find the same beautiful handwriting..

Without Wasting tym he read it ,but was soon disappointed… It was the same piece of paper he had left on hez table the previous day…Somewhere he was a excepting a new piece of paper that morning…

AM soon joined him…Initially he received death glares from KS but soon the two of them were found busy chit chatting @ the cafe☺

Seems lyk it was destined to happen…
As kunj returned back to he’s cabin he noticed something and this tym he knew it was a new paper… Page no 3 and blank dated
It read :

Fark Hota hai khuda aur Fakir me..
Fark hota hai kismat aur Lakir me,
Agar kuch Chaho Aur na Mile To samaj Lena ki..
kuch aur Accha Likha hai Takdir me.

He smiled @ it….
He soon came back to hez senses and thought : this is heights…. Who is placing them here and more importantly why vl any one do that….

He soon discoverd one more paper…
With similar beautiful handwriting
Page no 27 and blank date :

“Har ek ladki uski lyf mein ek miracle chahati hain aur mein bhi issi category KO belong karti hoon……
Toh my cute dairy meri ek aur shayari sahele plzz
Sab pyar mein padne ke baad aisse bolne lagte hain per Im born different…without being in love let’s talk some thing cheesy:

Dil se tera Khayal na jaaye to main kya karoon??
Tu hi bata tu yaad bahot aaye to main kya karoo?
Hasrat ye hain ke ek nazar dekhloon tuzhko…
Magar Qismat wo lamha na laaye to main Kya karu???”

For a moment he felt that it was specially written for him….but soon he eliminated such possibility…

Kunjs POV:

Such a sweet thought …. Now its clear that its written by a young girl…but y is she placing it here??? Does she by any chance lyks me so in order to gain attention…

B4 he cud continue he’s inner self knocked him..
Inner self : Do u consider urself to be Tom Cruse , DAT every girl is crazy for u…and moreover she’s written clearly that she isn’t in luv….so don’t give too much importance to urself!!!

He’s logical mind: ohk …but how  does it land on my table everyday…I mean from past two days…

Kunj brushed ol those thoughts which were quarreling to establish dominance over each other…

Kunj POV continued:
I used to get only one paper everyday but today how did two piece of paper emerge from my table??
Srsly I  need to find out who is playing this hide n seek with me……..


Hi guys
…how was it? Boring? Yay bakwas??
Plz drop ur views below abt 2dys part be it +ve or -ve…
ur response vl shape the story of next part..
So kindly comment…
And ya keep guessing till then….
suggestions are always welcomed☺☺
Looking forward for ur comments ?

Precap: kunj on a mission to find out more   abt her

Maggi signing off
With loads of love ❤❤❤

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  1. Superrr maagiii waiting for next one

  2. Meeta

    That was bliss.

  3. Ritzi

    Maggi….matlab ki this is the height…. U knw I love yr ff ..nd my 75% of attraction fir yr this ff is due to yr shayries…..they make me smile….r u the owner if these shayries? Sorry to ask tht….but if So….I love u yaar

    1. Maggi

      Very few of those I write and others are copied from google…2days shayries were copied from Google baba and the shayari in 1st part was written by me.,.?
      I’m glad that u lykd it yaar???
      Luv u loads???

  4. Hey maggi it was fabulous?

  5. Anam_sidhant


  6. Amazing epi.. poor kunj.. he received kicks n punches from sanchay??.. I’m In love with those shayaries ??.. eagerly waiting for the next ?

  7. SidMin

    Loved it Post soon and the piece of paper the words written on it are quite good Loved them 🙂

  8. Hey maggi

    Awesome episode dear
    Srsly loving it day by day

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi

  10. Sayeeda

    Yrrrrr tune toh mujhe apna jabra fan pehle se hi bana liya tha …ab kya banana chathi ho…??????….

    Really how much I compliment ur writing skills is less ….every time after reading ur ff my condition is like this?????….kya bolun main kaise tarref kru main is amazing se ff ki….

    Episode is really a good one…. awesome….. loved it to the core….

    love you?????

  11. awesome

  12. Sameera

    Woah ho wow Maggi akhir karna kya chahti ho yaar
    U R driving me crazy daily by these shayari
    Amzing epi do cont soon …

  13. Romaisha

    Heyy yaar! Amazing as usual! But getting more mysterious with the piece of paper :3

    Love you❤
    Post soon 🙂

  14. Ayu

    Shorry for late comments!!!!
    Now…i loved it!!!! This one was soooo funny???
    That Sanchay wala part n kunj trying tonwake him up?????

    N those beautiful shayari❤️❤️❤️
    U r maintaining too much suspense!!! I am curious!!! Pls post next one soon so that i can enjoy moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??
    Love you???

  15. Shreya098

    Maggi with each passing epi…I am falling more and more for ur ff.. …seriously deewana bana diya hai tumne to..
    The epi was fab….
    Loved it to the core…❤❤❤..
    And sanchay and AM..??????
    I am loving the suspense…

    And ya ur shayri’s….?????…

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    I am seriously going crazzzzzy coz of ur writing skills…….ur just fab at this
    Amazing piece of writing…..eagerly waiting for entry
    Post d nxt one asap

  17. Baby

    Maggi du fabulous marvellous dose sweet poems srsly stole my heart away luvd it 2 eternity amazing osm killed it di…….

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