Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 37)

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Recap: Kunj n AM tries avoiding any conversation with twinkle covering up with polite smiles.Twinkle overhears sanchay referring someone as bhabi and gets confused thinking who is kunj’s girl. Ltr at terrace kunj n AM give away some secrets of twinkle of what they know to get herself to find out of how kunj n am got to know abt these matters of hers.She is surprised to know that kunj knows abt her n sanchu’s Lil secret.

Link for Part 36:-part-36
Part 37–

Twinkle paced restlessly in her room,
“We have our ways” she was yet again reminded of what Armaan said.

She made her way back to kitchen to make coffee for herself , the 5th tym.
She longer cared abt how mny cups of coffee she was hogging on , all that mattered was to know how smart her ‘new’ friends had turned out to be.
It was 5 in d morning , neither SLP was on her mind nor food…
‘Coffee gets me going’ she thought n continued thinking

Kunj peeped into twinke’s room, her room WS dimly lit n he cud c a figure pacing around.
He sighed knowing she is not gonna rest until she finds out.
The guilt he thought he got ridden of came back running to him , with no option left he went back to his room and focused on his next project.

The Sunrays hit her window ever so lightly n twinkle realized the entire nights analysations had taken her nowhere.

On the other side,
“Aaru, for god sake spare me yaar” Sanchay spoke annoyed

“Enough of fooling around, take ur exercises seriously ” AM scolded him hitting him lightly on his shoulder.

“Stop behaving like a drunken man?” Aaru added watching Sanchay who looked lyf he is abt to faint any tym from now.

“If u wake me up at 5:30 in the morning n expect me to be a active zombie then I’m sorry aaru , u have out of the world expections!” Sanchay murmured rubbing his eyes.

“Work out, only then we can think of the fate of the letter u “mistakenly” sent to twinkle!, remember something about the greeting?” AM air quoted as the seriousness of his deed hit sanchay.

“today is Sunday, it vl reach her by tomorrow” sanchay looked in disbelief at Armaan.

“thank god u at least know that, my good!” AM replied.

“aaru , think of something plz ” sanchay lookd at AM with apologetic eyes

“let’s c wat can be done, for that we need to set our brains ryt, so its impt we spend some tym here” AM said n sanchay obeyed without another word.

Once AM entered his room ,he noticed kunj der, lost somewhere beyond the window planes.

A: hey Romeo ,even before proposing her ur depressed? or worst u did n she rejected?

kunj rolled his eyes, n gave ‘are-u-serious?’ look

A: OK looks lyk I hit the wrong chord, now tell me what is in ur lil brain?

K: I’m messed up.

“well actually me n aaru are messed up with the issue of that letter, but why is he in the same state?” AM thought noticing kunjs restlessness.

K: as much as we know twinkle, its evident dat she is gonna try every possible thing to find out how we know abt her beforehand.

A: what’s new in dat?

K: she is an active zombie ryt now n dat vl continue until she has her hands on truth.

“atleast someone is ” AM murmured under his breath.

K: what?

A: chuck that.
Now what’s exactly ur problem?. It was ur idea to let her know abt it since u noticed she looked lost yesterday nyt on terrace

Kunj thought abt the last nyt,
Kunj noticed twinkle was lost somewhere, in dat state he didnt find it reasonable to confront her. But he cudnt live with that guilt of not telling her abt the fact that he knew that she is twinkle long b4 n the subsequent turn of events which led him to it.

He didnt know how to start? hence he texted AM who was der with them, telling dat they need to open up bit by bit about how they knew she was twinkle beforehand.

Hence they revealed a portion of what they knew abt her, clearing shocking her but for kunj it served two purposes,

Firstly he provided her something interesting to find out, n hence she wudnt have tym to get lost in her own world . Moreover he wanted to know how wud she handle it!

Secondly, we wanted to get rid of the guilt of not confronting her b4 n making sure he won’t shock her if he wud confront everything in one go . And somewhere he was afraid of her reaction.
FB ends

AM flicked his fingers n kunj was bought out of his trance of thoughts.

A: and I know ur last nyt decision to reveal bit by bit is probably the best of all the options b4 us.

K: Yeah, but its just that I think we unknowingly put her in difficult situation .

A: I know she is confused about all of it. But cmon let’s accept this, u cudnt live with the guilt anymore.

K: u weren’t guilty?

His question was unexpected to AM
A: probably a Lil less than u

K: Why?

A: Not because u have feelings for her , mostly because u have had more interactions with her than me so she expects Lil more honestly from ur side than from me.
But yay guilt troubles irrespective of its amount.

Kunj agreed to what AM had to say, guilt is always troublesome, be it the guilt of not confronting her or the guilt he was feeling ryt now, the guilt of putting her in confused n worked up situation wen his primary motive was just to divert her attention from the cocoon she was slowing slipping into.

As twinkle’s Lil sis Neeru was on a school trip twinkle had no excuses to make to get back to her home. Moreover she choose to stay der in order to find out anything that wud lead her to the first clue of her new found mission.Over nyt it had become the necessity to find what led her boss to find out about her likes n dislikes which no one were aware of.

But from where to start?
She smiled at the new plan, she exactly new whom she had to talk to.

With Lil baby steps, sanchay walked through the hall deeply dug in his cell and then he collided with her.
S: oops …So sorry twinkle.

For a moment twinkle was surprised at how naturally Sanchay called her ‘twinkle’
She brushed her new confusions away n focused on the work at hand. Her necessity.

T: Thats fyn sanchay. busy in ur cell?
S: just tym pass di , u tell me any plans for today?

T: For now I haven’t thought much…U?
S: same here

T: hmm…Hungry?
S: yep

T: come let’s prepare something
S: but u dont have to…

T: cmon I’m hungry too…N sanchay we r friends ryt?
S: yeah ☺☺

Once twinkle served him the sandwiches, sanchay was quick to grab them,
“they taste so good!” He gleamed

T: u lyked them?
S: yep…

T: umm sanchay I had to prepare greeting for my friend, I’m not so good at quotes, will u help me out ? In case ur free

Sanchay looked at her thinking of what just she said.
S: I think u can form better quotes urself , ur so good at it n moreover u dont require me at all in preparing the greeting.

T: but I still think I vl need ur help , she is my best friend so I want to gift her the best greeting… selecting colours n designs n ….

S: di , trust me u will prepare one of the best greeting, ur good at almost everything that is needed to prepare one,
U have got ur own Thoughts n probably the best
The knowledge abt Colors is brilliant so u vl b good at decorations too…N most importantly as i have seen ur handwriting is amazing, its uniform ,lyk its scripted, so that makes u an all-rounder!

T: umm..Thanks, I feel more confident now
S: anytym

Once sanchay leaves she heads to her room..

Twinkle’s POV :
Well they seem to know more abt than they said.
She remembered sanchays words,
Where has he seen my handwriting? I just thought they know that I’m lefty but didnt think that they have seen my handwriting too!

And how do they know that I’m specific abt colours?
I have never written anything in left hand at office so how do they know? And abt colors I have never talked abt it!
End of POV

As sanchay entered AMs room, AM came to him
S: hey aaru
A: hey, I forgot to tell u something

Sanchay gave him a weird look
S: u found solution for my blunder of dat letter?

A: nope, but I’m Happy dat at least u know the seriousness of dat matter but I had something else to tell u
One sec

As AM moved to close the door, kunj appeared, aftr kunj came in, AM locked the door.

K: What top secret u want to share?
A: its for sanchu yaar

S: me? Any special party or a trip or a…

A: shut up !
Listen, we have, I meant to say Me n kunj have hinted twinkle about us knowing about her so she is probably on a mission to find out about how we got to know n what all we know abt her.
So she may target u to take out information, so be careful, keep ur mouth zipped in this matter.

S: ohk fyn…But what all have u said her?

AM briefly explains him about their Lil talk at previous nyt on terrace.
Sanchay looks at kunj with a naughty smile.

S: not bad bhaiya, meeting her alone! On terrace!!!! Privacy !!!! n moreover at night!!!!!
I didnt know ur on a fast forward mode.

Kunj throws a cushion at sanchay n it his AM
A: Why me?
K: target missed bro.
Well lets have something I’m hungry

A: ya me too..
S: u guys carry on I just had with bhabi…She made me sandwiches..

k: ohk…Was she normal? I mean she was tensed or confused?
S: woahhhhh….
Badi chinta hai apko

K: I just asked…As in just…
S: no bhabi is fyn…Normal ….she was actually asking me to help her with quotes etc for some greeting for her best friend.

A: oh.. ..So u helped her?

S: Aaru u know im pathetic at these quotes so I just reminded her that she herself is so good at color selection n more importantly the handwriting which I have seen..

K: just a min, u said all of this to her?
S: ya lot more than this
K: as in what all?

Sanchay repeats the entire conversation, by the end he looked at the two faces staring back at him..

A: y did u tell that u have seen her handwriting?

S: but she was just asking …

A: she was extracting information from u
S: oh fish! I didnt realize it!

AM looked at Kunj who was smiling,
A: y ru smiling?
K: she acted on her first target before than we had predicted…

“my girl is one of a kind” he thought.

A: ur potential girlfriend is much smarter n our sanchu is as usual a duffer!!!

Once lunch was over twinkle settled at the backyard,
” dont think too much” said kunj walking towards her n settled on the nearest chair.

T: about?
K: u very well know!

T:if I ask u something vl u answer, as a friend?

K: I vl as long as its not about yesterday nyt’s discussion.

T: Hmm…

K: twinkle
T: hmm..

K: its not a big deal ,so dont strain urself about it
T: hmm ..

K: ur upset with me?
T: I donno

Kunj smiled at her.
T: what happened?
K: nothing

T: but one thing is for sure
K: what?

T: I won’t tell u

Kunj smiled again…The smile not leaving his face.

K: a beautiful mind knows all..

T: what’s dat supposed to mean?

K: well for some1 who is so good at playing with words u should explain me what it means!

T: forget it! I’m not that good at thoughts n quotes or whatever u said.

K: beautiful lie.

This tym it was twinkle who smiled at him.
T: will I ever know the entire story of it?
K: entire?

T: I meant how much ever u guys know

K: yaa u will…It isn’t a sherlock homes adventure series so its not a big deal.

T: as much as I can remember yest u said me dat u had a series of unexpected events so its worth breaking my head for.

K: may be..

Twinkle’s cell rang and she excused herself , but kunj did hear whom she was taking to, it was Kunal.

Kunj sunk in his chair, he didn’t provide a justification for his feelings…
Unable to fight with his own feelings he got up from der and walked inside.

On the other side twinkle finished her call but cudnt find kunj der, she was in a hurry hence left for her new work.

“I messed up kunal’s life too….God!! how can I be so irresponsible? And my memory can’t give up on me this way, wen I need it the most” thought twinkle on her way in the cab

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