Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 34)

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Recap: AM talks about love n relationships with kunj. The next day sanchay takes up the responsibility of arranging games for ‘know- eo’ program
Sanchay is the host for the evening and the first game is ‘Never have I ever’ of Sanchay’s version and twinkle is picked up to ask the first question.

Part 34 —

S: ok since Latika has picked up the card printed with ‘start’ n all our cards are empty so twinkle vl begin the 1st game of this evening by asking ‘never have I ever question’
Hold ur glasses ppl….
Let’s take the first step to know eo..

Everyone clapped together cheering for the game n the pop music at low volume blared the place

Well the sitting arrangements goes lyk this..
Twinkle n dhruv are seated oppositely,
And to twinkles right → Sanchay, Sakshi, Kunj , Dhruv, Sharanya, Armaan , Yash n back again Twinkle

S: so cmon di ask.

T: ohk…Never Have I Ever passed out in a club!

Sanchay, Dhruv takes a sip from their respective glasses..

T: ok, now ‘to ur left’

Twinkle need to ask the question to Yash and Sanchu vl b asking to twinkle..
Kunj to Sakshi n AM to Sharanya

Tw to Yash : “wud u wrestle a lion or fight a shark?”

Y: hmm…wrestle a lion

Sanchu to Tw: “Wud u prefer broccoli or biterguard?”

T: oh…I hate both…but I wud prefer biterguard

*guys I vl concentrating mainly on twinkle

S: ok…since she choose to her left, me being to her right will get nominated for the next question…so
Never Have I Ever got a ‘A’ grade up till now

All: woahhhh….

S: cmon guys take ur sips…

Everyone takes a sip from der glasses..

S: wow ,That’s a jackpot …since all have taken sip I have d liberty to ask question to everyone..and I can nominate any random person who has not yet been nominated

S to Twinkle: “Wud u prefer to not to see or hear for lyftym?”

Tw: not hear

S to Armaan: “Wud u rather have permanent diarrhea or permanent constipation?”

AM: eww…what kind of question is that?

S: cmon aaru u have to answer

AM made weird faces n kunj was nodding he’s head in disapproval at sanchay’s pathetic question

AM: permanent diarrhea

S to kunj: “wud u rather date a girl or marry her?”

K: hmm…this is a weird one…but I wud prefer marrying her

Twinkle smiled at herself

S: ohk….now I nominate Armaan

AM: ohk.. Never Have I Ever woken up before 7 in the morning for my xms

Everyone chuckles at his statement..
Sharanya, sanchu n yash takes a sip…

AM: okk..’to ur right’

AM to Yash ,Yash to Tw, Twinkle to Sanchu

Y to Tw: “wud u rather be stranded on a deserted alone or with someone u don’t like?”

Tw: well I prefer company even if its worest so, I wud prefer to be stranded with someone I dislike

Tw to Sanchu: “wud u rather be the most popular guy or the smartest?”

Sanchu: usually everyone picks smartest but I wud prefer popularity

Sanchu: ohk…since Armaan opted for ‘to ur right’ then sharanya being to his left is nominated

Sharanya: okk…Never Have I Ever flunked in an xm!

Sanchay , kunj n Sakshi takes a sip..

Everyone for a moment is shocked to see kunj taking a sip…
Whereas twinkle wondered, ”he flunked once? That’s interesting” she thought smiling to herself

Sanchay himself is shocked to know that kunj has failed in xm once…he prefers to enquire later abt it…

Sharanya: ‘to ur right’

Once the ‘wud u rather questions gets over’

Sanchu: since dhruv is seated to sharanyas left so he vl ask d next question..

Dhruv: Never Have I Ever was caught stealing ice cream from the fridge at nights

Everyone takes a sip…

Hence Dhruv gets a liberty to ask questions to everyone n later he nominates Yash

Yash: ohk…Never Have I Ever slept continuously for 24 hours…

Only Sanchu n AM takes a sip?

“Srsly?” Twinkle wishpers to sanchay

S: yaa?

Yash: ‘to ur right’

Tw to Sanchu: “wud u rather be always cold or hot?”

Sanchu: dats pretty tough.. I think hot!!

Since both twinkle n Armaan seated next to Yash have already been nominated once so Yash can nominate either kunj or Sakshi, as they are the only two who have not yet been nominated…

Yash: I nominate sakshi..

Sakshi: ohk.. Never Have I Ever Never was caught coping in an xm

No one takes a sip except kunj…
Yet again everyone was surprised expect AM …N twinkle was rather amused at it

Sakshi: ‘to ur right’

Sakshi to kunj: “wud u be invisible or rather be able to read minds?”

Kunj: by knowing what’s gng on in others minds I wud end up punching them hard on their face so I prefer being invisible

Sharanya to AM:” visit the doctor or dentist?”

AM: ugh!!! Doc is lot better (holding his lower cheek)

Yash to tw: “wud u prefer seeing the future or changing the past?”

Tw: knowing future is dangerous so I vl prefer changing the past

Tw to sanchu: “wud u own lizard or snake?”

Sanchay: lizard….

Since sakshi had chosen ‘to ur right ‘ then sanchay sitting to her left shd be nominated but sanchay has already been nominated once hence kunj who is seated right to sakshi gets nominated…

K: ohk..Never Have I Ever attended Parent teacher meeting (PTM) after my 8th grade

Everyone takes a sip being surprised at kunjs confession…

K: ohk…since all of u have taken a sip I can ask questions to all of u…

K to sanchu: “wud u live without playing football or ur cell phone for the rest of ur life?”

Sanchu: ohhh….bhaiya, I can’t stay without either of them….but if I had to pick then I wud stay without cell phone

Both kunj n AM were surprised at his reply

K to tw: “wud leave without ur favorite dish or without music?”

Tw: its tough…but I can’t live without music

K to AM: ” wud u run up the hill with sanchay on ur back or jump in the well?”

Sanchu: dats not fair…

Kunj: ur the youngest here so everything is fair…

AM: I wud definitely jump in the well..
Its far better than bearing sanchus nautanki

Every laughed as sanchay muttered to himself….

Sanchay: ohk guys as it was decided earlier, their wud b face off betwn the one who was nominated first n nominated last..
So its a face off between Latika n Kunj bhaiya

Kunj notices the guitar placed a Lil away, he gives AM a weird look..
AM signals towards Sanchay n kunj nods his head not knowing what drama was sanchu gng to put forth..

Kunj was happy to get a face off with twinkle but feared what wud the task be..
Once he was said to pick up the chit from d bowl which sanchay held, as he opened his chit for a moment his eyes popped from their sockets…
It was a “stare off” between him n his girl

Kunjs POV:

As twinkle made her way to the chair next to me, I knew the task was easy. I was ready to forever look into her eyes n study her emotions.
once she sat my eyes traveled around to notice her features, she had the most delicate skin , prettiest eyes n lovely lips…

Damn why this girl applies baby pink lip gloss? I jz fail to control myself
As sanchay began the count to start the game, from the corner of my eyes I cud see everyone bottling up around us…
Its gng to be tough to maintain constant expression…
The problem is that a smile automatically lits up my face as I watch her, n this tym the proximity is too much to handle my growing desires to touch her face n feel its softness ,to trace my fingers around her eyes feeling the texture of the eyelashes n to feel every curve of her face.

I cud hear a soft music at the background I knew in an instant that it was Armaan streaming the guitar to life…
And his soothing voice echoed the place as the game began

(Ishaara from wahaj tum ho)

*Pal bhar mein tere ho jayenge
Koi ishaara toh karo
Tere bin kahaan aur kidhar jayenge
Zara samjha toh karo*

(As I looked into her eyes, once again I was swept by the vast sea of emotions n I cud feel my heart pumping out loud .
I swear I cud look into those eyes for a life tym at the least)

*Saaye se tere lipat jayenge
Koi ishaara toh karo*

(She looked at me with the same love I looked into her almond brown eyes, I was profoundly in love with them)

*Chupke se neendon me aa jayenge
Koi ishaara toh karo*

(I knew I was staring at her like as there was no tomorrow, but trust me this feeling when u feel for that one spcl person…my-girl is beyond words)

*Raaton se teri guzar jayenge
Koi ishaara toh karo*

(For a flick of a sec I felt as if she blinked her left eye n I was like NO NOOO..
Everyone around us screamed saying she did but I assured them dat she didn’t keeping my eyes on her.
I wudnt let go of this beautiful opportunity this early…Not in a million ways.
I had no intentions to win this game, I jz wanted to carry on drifting into the dream world of her eyes.

She flashed a small smile n I reciprocated n from d corner of my eyes I felt Armaan winking at me…Probably he knew I was covering up for her, to buy some more tym)

*Aankho mein dekho humaari
Naye khwaab kuch chal rahe
Shayad Khuda ki hai marzi
Hum aur tum mill rahe hain
Hum aur tum mill rahe hain*

(I continued with d game, trust me, this challenge proved to be a bliss!!!
I had dat longing desire to say that she is mine n only mine…god this girl is making me go nuts !!! Not this-girl but my-girl!
I smiled at the mere thought .
Twinkle blinked again…Damn n I was soon declared as the winner)

We got up from our chairs n moved towards Armaan, perfect song for the perfect evening!

*Chaahoge jab tum qareeb aayenge
Koi ishaara toh karo*

(My eyes rested on twinkle, she was swaying her head in tune with the music n her silky hair danced to the cold breeze)

*Na chaahoge toh chale jayenge
Koi ishaara toh karo*

(She soon moved away from the crowd smiling, fading away in the dark n unaware dat she dropped her cell , I picked up her cell n moved in her direction )

As the music continued I walked in her direction n soon I spotted her ,I moved my hand up in the air to give her d cell n her back was facing me

As I held her cell, suddenly it rang n twinkle hopped back in horror swinging her hand bag in my direction n she didn’t turn to look at me…. n damn it hit me very near to my right eye..
Karate kid!
I grabbed her wrists from behind to stop her from hitting me once again and I stumbled back as my hands adored her waist for support…PERFECT
At last she was in my arms n her head rested on my chest
End of POV

Twinkles POV :
I cud feel a mans arms around my waist, the same one I jz hit in self defense n u may think I’m crazy but I felt relaxed in his arms…..I didn’t want to pull away, for it felt PERFECT

I cud hear Armaans soothing voice

*Kabhi naa kabhi toh
Khatam hi ho jaayengi apni saansein*

(I cud feel hot breaths on my nape…
An electric current ran across my body.
Only kunj had this effect on me!
That means it was kunj holding me??
And I hit KUNJ??
I jolted at my spot, I cud feel my legs giving away…)

Oh damn….gain strength twinkle… No No
I’m gng down…down…No…

*Tab tak mera saath dena
Jitni bhi lambi ho rate in
Jitni bhi lambi ho raatein*

(Suddenly I felt as If I regained all my strength… I was leaned to a wall now n kunj held me by my arms.)

I gazed back into his coal black eyes…
I swear I controlled the urge to throw up myself into his arms.

*Badloge karvat nazar aayenge
Koi ishara toh karo
Aankhon me teri simat jayenge
Koi ishara toh karo*

(I saw a small bruise above his right eye…
Damn!!! I did that!! Screw twinkle..
My hands went to hold his face, I slowly blew air on the wound…He flinched slightly.
I paused a moment n looked at his face which was inches away, he smiled n I flashed a weak smile bind by guilt of attacking him for no reason n blew air on the bruise once more.

I steeped back.
End of POV

T: Have u take a degree in scaring me ?
K: woh, actually ur cell….
T: u need my cell?
But u shd have asked me from the front but no u have sworn to play the role of ghost in my life..I was scared to death n …

B4 she cud go on talking I placed my index finger on her lips.

K: latika breathe…

She stood der glaring at me as if I had stolen her favorite teddy

I pulled my finger away, and she left the breath she was holding ,don’t know from when!

K: OK. Ur cell slipped from ur handbag back there so I came to u to return it!
And don’t u think I’m too handsome to b a ghost!

Twinkle looked at him with guilt replacing the fear n horror in her eyes

K: and seems like ur hell bent on disfiguring my face. Is it?

T: I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hit, it’s jz the reflex action as the adrenaline surges up in the body in such cases.

K: its OK…were u a bio student back then?

T: ya, but this information is trivial..isn’t it?

K: I don’t know, bcz till now biology is one such subject I can’t digest!

T: oh…and sorry for causing the wound

K: its OK…like u said something about the hormonal surge up, I understand

T: how do u know dat adrenaline is an hormone?

K: well I think that information is trivial n everyone shd be aware of it ryt?

Kunj chuckled n twinkle pouted

K: dat was cutee
T: what?
K: ur expression n antics
T: u actually made me look lyk a fool , u knew abt adrenaline surge up ryt? Then why pose saying u dislike bio?

K: ufff….I jz wanted to see how cute is ur anger so …
T: what?

“Damn!!! How cute is her anger???
Kunj ur dead!” Thought kunj mentally scolding himself

T: how cute is m……

Luckily Sanchay kept screaming their names n twinj moved back to lawn stealing glances at eo..and hence kunj escaped from twinkles introgation.

S: ohk guys actually I had another game on my mind but I jz forgot that today local trains are on strike so I think we need to wrap it up unfortunately..

All: oh….so sad

S: I know guys, but today at least our purpose was served, nai?

All: yaa…

S: I think u guys had enough fun …

All: yep

S: so now tym to pounce on the snacksss

Everyone started with their snacks..
And kunj jz sat their staring at his lady.
As twinkles tip of nose was adored by sauce, kunj soon captured her pic b4 she cud notice..

@ kunjs home

A: dat was fun
S: yaa aaru
A: but sanchu for the face off out of 3 chits kunj picked up one which had ‘stare off’
as d challenge but what was in other two chits??

S: woh….hehe…
A: y Ru laughing lyk u have jz escaped from mental asylum?

S: haha…woh aaru in all three chits I had written ‘stare off’ only

A: what?
S: yay, how cud I not give u a perfect atmosphere to play the guitar n sing…
And bhaiya n bhabi are one such adorable couple

A: that’s ryt! Both were drowning in eo’s eyes…but if kunj gets to know…

S: bhaiya vl kill me…so u don’t tell him OK?

Armaan didn’t answer, sanchay looked at him expecting him to agree to not to tell kunj ..
He slightly shook AM who stood their with his eyes widened …

S: aaru what happened? U saw a ghost?
Show me also na…I vl flaunt in the CLG that I have seen the ghost..hehe…

AM gulped in,
A: I bet u don’t want to see this ghost
S: no aaru, I want to
A: ohk ,ur wish….be ready of the consequences… Turn around

S: don’t worry I’m der na aaru, no need to fear and……..

And when sanchay turned around he saw kunj leaning across the door with his hands firmly held against his chest..

S: bha-iya…

Kunj slowly walked n halted ryt in front of Sanchay…

Sanchay made a puppy face, but kunj didn’t move
Soon kunj hugged Sanchu which was a shock for both AM n Sanchay

“Thanks for what u did, I mean by writing the same thing in all the three chits…”
Kunj wishpered in sanchays ear n pulled away…

S: but bhaiya
K: what?
S: nothing…. Jz that I didn’t expect this from u ….surprising…
Bhabis effect??

AM stamped sanchus leg for asking it.
Kunj smiled at them…

K: probably yes….

N kunj walked away leaving behind the two in shock

S: what was that?
A: ur bhabis effect ????


Precap: When twinkle lands up in AMs house……

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