Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 33)

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Recap: AM and Sanchay misleads kunj to get d file from home which was der insir for d office itself…
Twinj desperate to spend sum tym with eo, which was disturbed by his bro n bestee

Part 33 —

@ same night:

As kunj leaned towards the railing , eyes closed n his ryt palm still over his chest, he smilied with satisfaction…

“Hmm…seems lyk someone is feeling too light under the moonlight” A voice echoed on d silent nyt…
Kunj turned back, leaning his back on the railing to find Armaan smiling at him..

K: hmm…lyk wise ,someone has finally got sum free tym for his friend

A: (smiles) Bebe was looking for u

K: why?

A: I donno , she wants to talk to u probably

K: abt what?

A: I have no idea, but considering the fact that sanchu was with her smiling ear to ear ,I think its abt marriage

K: uff!!! I think Sanchu wants me to get married bcz he gets a bhabi !

A: haha…may be

K: Is the idea of bhabi that fascinating? bcz he has almost pulled u on his side making frantic efforts to keep me away from twinkle so dat I get desperate.

A: Well is it working then? (smiling)

K: Armaan!!

A: OK…Let’s talk abt what u want to

Kunj sighs…Both stay their turning towards the night sky, filling the silence with their own inaudible voices…Their uncertain thoughts finding no place to hide.

K: Can we love someone to the extent that they become our purpose to live?

A: speaking of experience in this I have none….
But its the bond that defines the purpose…if the bond is strong enough not to let go of ur partner, yearning for their love , cherishing what u behold together, not getting enough of eo, sharing ur deepest thoughts , n finding solace in their arms, strong enough to show ur always hidden vulnerability to her or him then yay of course u have a purpose to behold eo until time stands still.

K: like or love? I don’t know but what if that spark fades away on which we build our beautiful dreams of staying together?
Both the person participating in d relation will be broken..

A: ya , on that note ur ryt…That spark between the concerned two is most important n if that tends to fade away then u can either struggle to keep it glowing for we end up breaking what we had…

Their are hundred ways of what can go wrong in a relationship but their are hundred more ways of what can go ryt!

Any constructive idea even if its a dream for tomorrow is only built having positive approach, fearing that things wud go wrong we cannot back out even without trying it..

Their will be fights, misunderstandings, u guys may end up scraping each others face, plucking hair but equally their will be love, care, fun, craziness n adventure…

At the end of the day what matters is not how many tyms u ended up fighting , but how many of those u walked through them solving , giving a fresh reason to look for the new sunshine….
Its hope ,which binds every relation to not to let go that easily, to make u fight for what’s rightfully urs, for those moments u lived together u relish them until forever and to be able to see each others face every warm morning lending u a purpose to live…To fulfill all those promises u guys once did …

K: I have seen relationships where ppl no longer remain that they were initially, their priorities change along with their personalities…Eventually they get bored of eo n they call it an end…
Well if u want to quit it then what’s the need to enter d relationship in the first place?

A: A new candy in a store attracts every customer being influenced by its color ,texture n what ppl remarks abt it who have tasted it at least once..

Similarly love is new to a life who has experienced every other feeling…Its refereed to be the most purest feeling and the child in us gets attracted to the love candy

Once u decide to be part of someones life n letting them to be urs, priorities are tend to change along with responsibilities… Its not mandatory for the change in personality but sum minor changes do occur..Life isnt stagnant , one needs to accept changes to fight new challenges…

U have to get through everything that is thrown at u TOGETHER , well in dat journey u experience all kinds of emotions n at certain point u feel bore but u must carry on for the sake of ur partner bcz love is not ur version of fantasy ,it’s lifes version of fantasy…

Even If u end up playing ur most favorite game the whole week , it wud sure be boring..
Relationships aren’t our credit card to always bring happiness at our feet..

Any decision u take affects both….So the decision to continue or to end the relationship is a collective responsibility of both…
“She wanted to go” , its probably her mistake n ” u let her go” ,its ur mistake too as much as its hers

To love n being loved by the one u love is beyond words…its for what we all live for..u go through the hardships to save that feeling which bound u together in the first place…..
Love is sacred n the feeling of finally belonging to someone is what we all live for…For that feeling is matchless..

Not everyone is lucky to have that feeling but its we whom we have to blame if we let go of it so easily without putting up a fight for what had been urs until dat date n to wake up to a new dawn where it vl no longer be urs.
I know its easy to preach but that’s how it stands…
No one can define love or life perfectly.
Its an exciting n different journey for every individual. That feeling can only be felt

They stood their in silence introspecting their own thoughts until the prevailing silence was broken by a known voice,

S: u guys are here? Bebe is calling for dinner

K: u guys move down, I vl soon catch up with u at d dining table

AM and Sanchay: ok

Once they both leave , kunj walks into his room n sinks in his arm chair thinking what jz Armaan told him..He calls Pia,

P: helo sir
K: helo Pia, sorry for disturbing u at the late hour, I want the ‘ know eo program’ to be held day after tomorrow..
Can u arrange it?

P: sure sir…

K: oh dats a relief , thank you n gn

P: my pleasure sir gn

He ends the call flipping the cell between his fingers….
“Tym for some changes” he murmers …
Smiling he walks down the stairs for dinner

Nxt morning Twinkle hurriedly walks around in her room grabbing her cell, charger, earphone, files , she knew she didn’t have tym to prepare breakfast ,so she had made toast for Neeru n helped her in getting ready for the school, once she sent her off she quickly grabbed her car keys n took on the short cut route for the office.

This tym it was kunj waiting for her…
Role reversal!!

Kunjs POV :

Is she caught up in traffic?
Should I check on her?
Damn damn damn…. I swear I’m gonna warn her not to be late next tym…
I glanced at my watch…
Its still two minutes for the official tym for d work to start @ Teens…
Being an impatient soul I kept on flipping the paper weight on my ryt palm…
And yay, reluctantly I had washed the stain of my hand…but b4 dng dat I captured it on my iPhone

The office soon fell into deep silence as the work kicked off…
And gr8, she hasn’t come yet!
Is she not well?
Uninformed leave?

God!!! Kunj jz chill….
I’m presently hyperventilating …
I looked at the ac struck on the adjacent wall, “has it come for repair” I asked myself amused…

“Hmm…sweating under an efficient performance of the new ac?” A voice broke my chain of thoughts
Armaan walked in slowly smiling ear to ear…thank god sanchay is not with him!
Its tough dealing him when it comes to investigation of my odd behavior…

“Or am I sensing desperation here” Armaan said dramatically watching the empty cabin of “Creative Director” of TEENs

I rolled my eyes in disapproval…

A: take it easy man, she might have got struck in Mumbai traffic..
She’s punctual when it comes to timings

K: I know

A: so what’s d status

K: I like her

Armaan looked at me, for a second he’s eyes flashed amusement but soon he composed nodding his head as if he was in a deep thought…

K: What ?

A: Earlier I was asking abt the arrangement status of ‘get- to – know-eo’ program..

I stared at him…god! Y always me??
Anyways I have to tell him now or later…
Its better to be now then tomorrow..

K: that’s gng fabulous vl b ready by tomorrow

A: that’s gr8 to know…
And speaking abt twinkle, good decision!
But still the word ‘like’ doesn’t answer my thoughts…so is it gng to change to something more promising ? U know what I mean ryt?

K: well Mr Armaan Malik …
I exactly know what ur indicating…
It vl soon change I think…

A: how soon?

K: ur holding me @ gun point now!

A: Dng dat wud speed up the process of replacing d word ‘like’ in ur last sentence?

I smiled at his introgation ….
K: probably…

A: oh…that’s pretty good news…

K: yay….gr8!!!!!!

Armaan followed my gaze, to see twinkle checking in…

A: don’t worry, its gng to change very soon..
I can see that..

I smiled…this guys does know my slightest of reactions to different situations n emotions…

K: aaru…

A: yep

K: thanks for yesterday words at nyt…u know they helped me to clear up my mind…

A: anytym bro

We quickly hugged eo

A: I vl take a leave now….
And u better get to know her….it vl b much more helpful to clear out d other doubt’s which are still crawling in ur mind

K: ya sure…

I said u ryt, being my bestee he knows me in n out… All those things which I have NVR said him too…and by nature he is a very good observer….
Multi talented friend!!!

Well now back to my girl,
Oh ‘my-girl’ , dat sounds awsm!!!
End of POV

Kunj smiles to himself and calls in his PA, Pia to call all the directors for small meeting

As the 5 directors walks up to the conference room…
K: welcum everyone… Be seated

All of them takes up their places…

K: well its a fun day tomorrow…
So tomorrow evening we vl have some programs which vl not consume much of ur tym, since u need to get back to ur homes for a lovely weekend…
Its a half day tomorrow for the work at office

I hope we vl end up getting to know eo pretty well
And now I wudnt want to gulp ur break tym …

Everyone smiles at his last statement n moves back to their cabins

For the rest of the day kunj didn’t get tym to talk to twinkle so they finally met the next day ….

@ Kunjs cabin

K: but make sure u don’t end up embarrassing everyone out there n screwing up their moods

S: OK bhaiya…
Ur telling me this for the 10th tym from d afternoon

K: dats bz u have a record of acting immature when their is a high need to behave as a matured person

A: chill kunj….don’t worry abt him…I vl b der so I vl make sure he doesn’t do any undesirable acts .

K: OK…

Sanchay had taken up the job to arrange different games for d day n AM wud be helping him…And like a smart brother he is kunj is telling the do’s n dont’s for the evening with sanchay nodding his head for every Lil info dat kunj spoke, neither accepting nor denying it, jz like the perfect teenager each one of us are.

When AM was walking towards his cabin, sanchay ran behind to catch up with him.

A: slowly buddy.
S: hmm…get ur guitar in the evening

AM gives him a weird look,
S: jz get it aaru. I think it vl useful
A: if u insist , OK
S: Gr8…see I see

And sanchay runs off from der

“he is pretty excited…dats good to know” thought AM to himself smiling

It was the tym for which each one of them had waited…. Every year it was a hit serving the purpose to gel up with eo around them…

It has held in the backyard of the office, the well cut grass was the venue for today’s functions…
The side counter was filled with fruit drinks of various flavors n alcohol was a strict NO

The fairy lights adored the low lying roof…
Hanging from above ,they were attached with butterflies at the end, the light charging in n out of them radiating different colors providing a perfect platform for the silent fun party…

As all the directors walked in suming up to be 5 in total with Armaan, kunj n Sanchay, they were 8 in total

As the sun was slowly setting into the deep blue sea, Sanchay emerged in royal blue shirt , with his hair put back neatly with the help of gel, a hot host for tonight!

He came up to them tapping his apple drinks with a spoon…

Soon everyone turned towards him, sanchay stood up on a high level ground grabbing their attention and all set to kick start the session..

S: A pleasant evening to one and all here, well to be exact the 7 of u here ….

Pretty Ladies n handsome gentlemen , welcum to the not so loud party of tonight where talks outnumber everything n anything on its way, we drink Lil n we talk more, we play Lil n we talk more and we talk more n get to know eo even better…

As we play n practice today we vl have the privilege to know eo more than we did yesterday n a promise to know eo a Lil more the next day….

This was accompanied by loud cheers n tapping of glasses

S: OK then….what are we waiting for?
Let’s begin….

All: yep…..

S: OK guys have ur seats placed in a big circle…

Once everyone were seated in a circle with a big round table covered with table cloth stood at the center..Soon Sanchay joined them..

S: OK guys…our first game for the evening is ‘Never Have I Ever ,of my version’

All: ohhhh!!!!

S: don’t worry I’m not gng to make it scar… vl be clean n tidy…..but relaxe ur minds n nerves…smile n play..
I vl tell u the rules since it is in a different version..

Rule 1: Lyk the basic rule goes , one person at a time states what he\ she has never done n the others have to take a sip from their glasses if u have done it , if u haven’t done it than no taking a sip

S: clear?

All: yep

Sanchay speaks-
Rule 2: once a person finishes his question n we take a sip or don’t accordingly, each one of has a liberty to ask ”wud u rather type of question” to the person seated either to left or ryt of each one of us….Well either to ryt or left is decided by the one who has asked the question…

Example: if I ask the question n u all ppl either take a sip or no depending upon the question then I say ‘to ur right’ then all of u including me ,shd ask a question to the person seated to our right ‘wud u rather type of questions’
Like ‘wud u like to be born as elephant or crocodile in ur next life?’ Such questions OK?
Any doubt?

All: no


Rule 3: OK if I have asked the question n choosen ‘to ur right’ then the person to my left is nominated to ask the next ‘NVR have I ever ‘ question…
If I had chosen ‘to ur left’ then the person seated right to me vl get nominated.
Am I clear?

All: yep

S: good

Rule 4: and the cycle continues with the person who was nominated to ask ‘NVR have I ever’ question…he\she (meaning d nominated person) asks the question n we all take the sip or no depending upon the question n den dat person says either ‘to ur right or left’ and then depending upon dat the next person gets nominated…
The game continues till everyone gets nominated to ask d question atleast once…

S: am I making sense?

All: yeah

S: gr8

Rule 5:
OK if im nominated to ask the question and for dat if all of u end up taking a sip then only i can ask ‘wud u rather question to each one of u’ and all of u have to answer me and u can’t ask ‘wud u rather’question to any one else…

Meaning u can’t ask ‘wud u rather’ question to the person on ur left or ryt…

And I also get d chance to nominate any person I want here…but I can’t nominate the person who has already been once nominated… I can nominate any one here who has not been nominated b4..

Rule 6:

When I get nominated n ask a question then I say ‘to ur right’ n then d person to my left gets nominated …but if the person to my left is already nominated once then, the person to my right gets nominated..
If in case both the persons(meaning the person to my left n to my right) are already nominated once , then I can nominate any one here who has not been nominated until now

S: clear?

All: yep

S: ok once each one gets nominated at least once then the game ends…and then the person who was nominated first ( meaning the person who begins the game by asking the first ”nvr have i ever” question ) n at the end of the game who gets nominated last ,will have a face off…

Sakshi: ok…but who vl be asking the first ‘Never Have I Ever ‘question??

S: well for that we have play cards here…
8 play cards for 8 members…
Each one of us vl pick one card…
Among 8 cards I have placed at the center of the table ,only one card has ”start” word printed in it n the rest all are blank…
I have placed them upside down ,now each one of u pick up one card….

As instructed everyone draws one card from the deck of 8…

S: ok…now tell me who is the lucky one who has got the card printed with ‘start’

Twinkle: me!!!!

Armaan smiles n winks at kunj and kunj glares at him…

S: that’s interesting ,so let’s begin with twinkle di….she vl also be gng for face off with the other person who vl be asking the last ‘NVR have I ever’ question , whose name we vl get to know at the end of the game…

So twinkle vl begin the 1st game of this evening by asking ‘never have I ever question’
Hold ur glasses ppl….
Let’s take the first step to know eo


Precap: the game begins….

Guys now tell me how many of u understood the rules?
I actually wanted to write the game part also but first I need to know if all of my readers have understood my complicated rules!

So if u have any doubt plz do lemme know it in comments section..
I vl be quick to solve ur doubt by replying u…and if u have posted the doubt make sure u see my reply so that ur doubt gets clarified…

I think I have explained it satisfactorily
I asure u once the game starts u vl know it better but u if u think u need to get it clarified then plz do ask ur doubt’s.

Once ur queries get cleared only then I vl post next part…
Hope Im making it interesting.

Luv u all
And do comment…
Maggi ❤❤❤

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  3. Sohi

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    The game rules have perfectly explained
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