Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 32)

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Recap: Twinj phone chat, sanchay n AM locks kunj in his bedroom n talks with twinkle on kunjs phone preventing kunj to talk with her

Its very long epi….enjoy….

Part 32 —

Kunj stood der at the edge as d door opened revealing sanchay n AM on the other side trying not to laugh…

Kunj glared at them..
K: I’m a gruesome vendor???

A: look kunj whatever by mind cud think of in the first place, I blurted it out…
Actually it was bcz of u

K: what?? Bcz of me?

S: ha bhaiya, if u wud have quit banging d door then, aaru wudnt have to lie, referring u to be a gruesome vendor

Sanchu n AM hi-fi which made kunj boil in anger

K: how can u both be so disgusting, disloyal, ridiculous and…

S: shameless, hopeless and all other kinds of ‘less’ ryt?

Armaan held back a chuckle trying he’s best not push of d limits but he failed miserably..

Kunj guffowed trying to gain der attention..
A: kunj ur acting crazy, do u need a consultant?

K: u both need it and not me…I mean let go of sanchay as he always does something stupid to start with, irrespective of the seriousness of the situation at hand but Armaan? I was expecting least from u! Cudnt u act more mature instead of tagging along sanchu in he’s mindless tactics?

Kunj stood staring at them , he’s gaze shifting between Armaan n sanchay expecting an answer but both stood der like statues with impassive looks plastered over their faces

Soon they erupted into a huge laughter , rolling over the crafted tiles loosing their balance and ‘loosing der mind’ thought kunj

Armaan looked up from the floor to find kunj raged uncertainty of their act…

A: kunj for god sake stop acting like a godamn professor in he’s 70s

K: aaru, ur defending ur act earlier! Wow, I jz can’t believe this..

A: yaar, we played a simple prank that’s it..
Its not even dat dangerous

K: oh god! Not dangerous??

A: ya absolutely

K: I was chatting with her n u guys don’t spare me a minute of peace of mind

S: bhaiya y Ru getting all worked up?

A: exactly sanchay, I mean she works in our office so doesn’t matter who talks to her, u or me…both carries same weight- age…nai? U are behaving as if we have disturbed ur chat with ur fiancee n prevented u from talking to her by locking u up in ur room…,…,……

Their was a short silence
A: or have we?

Kunj cudnt come to the terms of this weird feeling but he must agree twinkle being considered as his fiancee gave him a soothing feeling….it felt so good…

He broke away from he’s trance to look at two pair of eyes looking up to him in urge of an answer…
‘Not that easy guys, try harder to make me come anywhere near to spill what u guys have been longing to hear…not yet for now’ he thought smiling

S: thinking of bhabi???
K: no I was thinking how stupid can my sanchu n aaru be…
And yay, since u have my phone connect it to the charger by d bed side…

And thus kunj casually walked away

Sanchay n Armaan stood their gaping at what jz happened…they had expected kunj to scream at them being crazy n wud somewhere in d middle wud end up confessing dat he likes twinkle but the results were utterly disappointing..
He didn’t care to ask for his cell!!!

S: what was that?
A: kunj at his best

Sanchay glanced at he’s shoulder to find Armaan staring ahead at particularly nothing…

S: ufff…
A: we need to brace up ourselves for next tym…it ain’t easy dealing with d great Kunj Sarna to push him to spill the beans.

Next morning:

Kunj woke up b4 the other two wud, he wanted no more mindless antics of theirs pushing him through tough tyms ….He decided he wud b more careful

@ office:

Twinkles POV:

God!!! Why are these boys so tough to understand? The only thing I want is to see him at least in d work place, is it too much to ask for??
Looks like it is when it comes to Mr Sarna..
Sadu Sarna!!!
Yaar, whenz he gng to finally come?
Uff! Waiting is one torturous thing I hate doing…anticipating dat he wud step in I’m walking to n fro in the lobby to catch his attention…
Why it has to be always me waiting for him?

His like who cares n I’m like I care!!!
Ugh! Its so irritating when my heart yearns each n every second for him n I’m still in denial of my weird feelings…god knows what are they called as!!

I found dhruv waking in my direction, thank god at least someone has come or else I wud be dead by this sickening silence only disturbed by the rythmic motions of d walk clock..

I so hate that sound….
Damn irritating !!
“Hey ” I heard a voice behind me
End of POV

D: u good? Y are u pacing restlessly, all OK?

T: Ya everything’s good…I’m jz trying to get a clear picture of the new covers in my head…u know ryt I need to process it in my head b4 dropping it on paper

D: ya I know dear… But y all the tension?
U are fantastic at it…

T: thank u for dat but this tym its taking too long to perfectly picture it…too many flaws

D: hmm….too many cooks spoil the broth

Twinkle smiled…unknowingly dhruv had answered her worries, her worries abt restlessness but not abt new covers as she said to dhruv but abt kunj

T: seems like the smart head is too good at solving my problem…

D: aww…look who’s talking, u have found solution to my all tym problem, its all my pleasure to be of some help ur highness

T: u should have been an actor

D: yaa, like u say always…

Twinkle smiles at his grumpiness…

T: ha, now control the urge to roll ur eyes

D: haha….have I becum dat predictable?

T: yay, may be I know u dat well…

D: ya Latika….chalo don’t u think we need to head back to our cubicles?

T: what for?

D: obivo work

T: oh, I had thought u were missing someone….u know…

D: haha….u Lil smart thing, cmon , leave ur wild imaginations back here n let’s move

He playfully hits her head and they both laugh on her comment n moves back to handle their work…

But what she as unaware was dat her prince charming was their all d tym..

Kunj stood their a Lil away from where twinkle n dhruv were standing a Lil earlier

Kunjs POV:

I jz saw them speaking here, and I think it was quite a friendly talk….
Its nothing like a couple talk , not even a bit…
I’m fed up of my mind drawing various conclusions over this….ryt now I’m at my office, and they are my two very efficient workers, its wrong to judge them on the basis of unrelated parameters which clearly doesn’t fit in the business we do here or their discipline…

Lyk I have always thought, I can’t drag my prsnl feelings into work place , that wud be very wrong of me considering they look up to me as their mentor n colleague..
So ryt now jz work and only work….
End of POV

Twinkle worked with her designs faster than she thought she could..

Twinkles POV :

‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’ how coincidental that it exactly answered my worries….I’m at my work place n thinking of all the thoughts abt how grumpy kunj is vl only lead to a disturbed mood n I need to understand they are hundreds of other ways too which leads to brightened path…so considering abt my work I need to focus….
And abt kunj…oh crap!! I need to meet him for the next project proceedings…

I hurriedly took the file concerned and looked alongside my right shoulder…
What the….
When did he come?
Mr India….or my eyes have given up on me!
I vl think abt that later ryt now I need to be in his cabin….and I have to check on myself so that I don’t end up starting at him like an hungry wolf….

But I can’t help it!
God twinkle for the love of god get hold on urself, urnt some 18 year lovestruck teenager…so stop acting lyk one…

I hit my head trying to promise myself that I’m entering his cabin entirely for work purpose n only things related to work vl b discussed n thought abt ….no room for fantasies or my romantic dreams…

I took a deep breath, I so hate him!! I hate him to the core!! The way hes gaze meets mine activating the hundreds of butterflies in my tummy….The way his single touch be it even when his fingers brushes mine while passing the files make me numb…

Considering that I NVR even had the stage fear ryt from the school days but jz the presence of him in the same room sets my mind to shut down automatically as if its designed that way…
Do butterflies exist in stomach then???

Damn twinkle taneja ur a responsible business women n act like one for the next twenty minutes room for excuses n that’s it!
I pushed my cabin door slightly to move out making sure I kept all those impt things in my Lil head abt which I had a long internal debate a few seconds ago in my cabin…
I proceeded towards his cabin with hundred prayers on my mind

Kunjs cabin:

K: I’m not gng…
A: cmon kunj its impt n u know dat very well
K: I know but I have jz now come from home yaar spare me that drive this early

A: stop acting lyk a kid, u know I have to be here for some discussions or else I wud have gone myself ryt?

K: send this sanchay na…
S: bhai no ways….y me? I have my college

K: look who’s talking abt college… U finally remembered that u have to attend …gr8

S: bhaiya , clocks ticking….
K: ohk now for the sake of god u too stop reminding me abt the same…

Kunj was pissed off at them…they were acting all grumpy n stubborn from the time they had set foot in the office this morning….he so hated to drive back home considering the fact that he has come to office only an hour ago…

Though their reasons for not gng home to fetch the file were reasonable but he was reluctant to move out of he’s office…

Twinkle was as always playing at the back of his mind no matter how hard he tried to eliminate her putting his complete focus’s on work.. Though this didn’t disengage his pace of finishing the work or his efficiency but he knew she was slowly making a permanent mark on his heart…

And he cudnt stop that no matter how hard he tried…but secretly he liked that feeling…
A feeling to finally feel as someone’s..

A knock on d door pulled him out of his trance breaking the chain of thoughts..

K: come in

Twinkle slowly emerged at the back of the door b4 closing d door behind her..

K: yep t- latika
T: sir abt the new project…the covers are ready
K: oh gr8…dat was pretty quick..

Twinkle smiled, once she was seated ryt b4 him,

K: well , the file looks good…
How abt the contents, any progress?

T: its half done…the rest is unorganized

K: its a tiresome job…

Kunj suddenly glances at his watch, he needed to get back that file that was at home b4 Sanchay n AM wud barge into his cabin reminding him again..

K: well latika , I need to be some where else now…do u mind if we carry on this later?

T: that vl fyn sir..

K: ohk, see u at noon… And he left

Twinkle plastered a smile…

Once he’s gone, twinkle hits her forehead with the file ,”busy, yet again” she murmered b4 moving towards her cabin..

An hour later:
@ Armaan’s cabin:

S: what do u think aaru, what bhaiya might be dng now?

A: hmm , searching d file at home

S: haha..but he doesn’t know dat file is here and not at home

A: exactly…

S: poor bhaiya….I know we are subjecting him to faltu tortures but I srsly want to know how desperate he is for bhabi..

So sanchay n AM sent kunj to collect a file from home which is at office only jz to keep him away from twinkle since kunj did not blurt out anything even after yesterday’s master plan of locking him up..

An hour later kunj barges into AMs cabin..
K: the file is not at home….
A: oh…kunj jz now I found it …it was in ur cabin…(a lie)

K: what d heck n u guys should have checked it ryt? No! U guys are too busy on bossing around me

A: chill kunj…and ya twinkle was asking for u

Suddenly kunjs anger washed out…he felt calm…
A: she was asking abt some discussion abt project proceedings

K: oh ya I almost forgot abt that!
But u guys listen ,if u have some problem with ur vision get it treated bcz I don’t want u guys to be blind when d file is here in office itself making me rush to home in this sunny afternoon…

A: chill kunj, that was mistake n moreover I discovered d file in ur cabin , so possibly u might have forgotten abt it…

K: aaru u know I don’t miss on details so clearly if it was der in my cabin then their is no chance of me missing it

S: dats ryt bhaiya but nowdays u keep forgetting simple things…

Kunj knew sanchay was ryt, he’s own behavior had amused him, getting lost in her memories ,day dreaming, paying extra attention when her name was mentioned by sanchay n AM during their talks..

K: OK..OK…I need to go now…

Kunj walks out leaving behind sanchay n Armaan flashing a smile of victory

Kunjs POV:

God these both being so irritating ryt now, thank god I stepped out from dat cabin…

Nodding my head in disapproval I walked ahead only to spot twinkle at the lobby…
I must say white salwar kameez adored her…n her hazel nut eyes looking at nothing in particular n her silky flawless hair that she stoked back every now n then

God ,does she know she’s enough beautiful to take my heart away with her for once n all?
..its jz that I want to be with her for a life tym…to hold her close to me n her head resting on my chest n NVR let her go…

But ryt now I need to talk her, I missed her…
Aww kunj ur acting all girly..
Its OK, she matters me d most …
I walked to her, her back facing my front..
I controlled d urge to slide my hands on her perfectly carved waist… She was looking at the wall ahead intensely..
I moved my face near to her left ear

“Don’t lyk d wall color?” I said huskily

She jumped from her place n was abt to scream, realizing dat I had scared her to death n she was abt to scream her heart out which wud gain unwanted attention, I placed my hand over her mouth n her back leaned towards d wall n I leaned on her…

For that moment I stared at her hazel brown eyes like I was looking into a vast sea. Her eyes revealed surprise , astonishment n abv all their was love n care…
I put some strands of hair that covered her face behind her ear…
I cud feel her body tightening on my touch..
I felt good to know that I had that effect on her

“Its me” I said slowly n reluctantly moved my hand away…

“U scared d sh*t out of me” she yelled…

I looked around fortunately its was deserted…
May be she realized her reaction..

“I’m sry I didn’t mean to yell at u but what was d need to scare me…uff” she relaxed

“I jz wanted to see ur reaction, well I must say it was worth d effort” I smiled at her…

“Oh god!” She exclaimed..
I smiled at her n she reciprocated..

Soon I saw behind her, I widened my eyes…
What d heck? What are these two dng here?
Sanchay n AM were showing me thumps up..
But y??
Damn!!! I need to get out of here…
End of POV

K: latika , sry to keep u waiting , let’s go to my cabin, we vl resume the discussion of d project

T: sure…

Once they seated comfortably in kunjs office, initially the discussion went well but soon kunj was looking behind her more than concentrating on her…

Twinkles POV :

Y is kunj so distracted? Whats der behind me which is grabbing his attention?
Every tym I asked him , he said it was nothing but I’m sure it was something which was distracting him…
End of POV

Armaan n sanchay stood outside the glass window making crazy moves distracting kunj who was busy discussing with twinkle…
Kunj was angry at them but these cared d least…all they wanted was kunj being mad at them for not allowing him to talk to twinkle….
They continued distracting kunj , and certainly kunj was pissed off…

Twinj finished der discussion n twinkle moved out …

Soon kunj ordered both AM n sanchay to meet him at his cabin…

K: have u guys lost it?
A: what? Y Ru yelling at us? And what were u dng with twinkle alone in d lobby?

S: ya….we want details …

Kunj cud feel his chest tighten..

K: what u saw der ?

S: u talking with bhabi

K: exactly that’s what happened…

A: but..

K: first u answer me, what was that jungli dance u two were dng outside d cabin…
Aaru u have gone mad being with this duffer!
This is office for god sake

S: we know bhaiya…
K: and yet u act like this?
N u were supposed to be in CLG at this hour…ryt?

Sanchay looked uneasily at aaru, silently asking him to save him from his brothers burning gaze…

A: I needed some help , so I stooped him from gng…

K: Armaan he’s getting spoiled bcz of ur over affection n saving him from everything he indulges in….and lately ur tagging along with him….perfect!

S: yep

Kunj glared at him…
S: I didn’t say anything bhaiya..

Kunj charged out of his cabin muttering to himself….

Once he was out AM n sanchu hi-fi ed

A: our plan is working
S: ya aaru…ryt on target…bhaiya is so pissed off….

They heard the door creak as twinkle walked in…
S: hi di
T: hey sanchay…
I had gone to get the file , sorry I didn’t knock..

A: hey its ohk latika..come sit

T: thanks….where’s kunj ?

A: oh…hes in bit of bad mood so he walked out

T: oh….

Sanchay n Armaan smiled at eo

But soon the door opened once again, to reveal kunj n ayesha (the one whom kunj introduced to twinkle in d party n also she’s cousin sis of Ruhaani , the new diva of CLG where sanchu studies)

Twinkle saw them smiling….

Twinkles POV :

Jz now Armaan said me dat kunj was in bad mood n now he’s all smiling with ayesha….she refrained his mood?
Don’t know!
I need to go now…

N she excused n moved away..

The other four in d cabin continued talking…initially sanchu n AM were quite surprised to see kunj shifting back to his good mood….but since kunj doesn’t involve their fights in business hours they carried on with d discussion with peace minds..

Kunj leaned forward to grab a file from the cabinet only n something caught his eye..
He was startled, their was a dark pink lipstick mark on his right palm. Immediately he remembered dat it was of twinkles, when he held her mouth a while ago

He smiled at the mere remembrance…

At night standing in his balcony kunj stared at the twinkling stars, he looked back at his palm…he was conscious not to let d stain wash away…
All those memories with her came running to him…
“Is it love? am I in love?”
He wishpered to d night sky resting he’s stained palm over his heart n a wide smile on he’s lips…


Precap: “know- eo” program at TEEN

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      I’m so glad u lykd it dear…
      Luv u ❤❤❤

  26. Ramya

    My dear it was amazing awesome
    TWINJ scene was soo cute
    N I think see is nthng btwn twinkle n dhruv
    N twinkle pov
    N sanchay n Arman antics r amazing
    SRY fr late Loads of love
    Love u keep smiling

    1. Maggi

      Hey don’t be sorry dear..I’m glad u liked it??
      Tysm yaar?
      Abt dhruv n tw u vl get to know soon?
      Luv u loads???

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