Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 27)

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Recap: kunj not knowing if d spcl feeling was luv? Twinkle cudnt takes her eyes of him either….Twinkle neared not knowing what to talk, she didn’t think of an excuse either, she stood their front of him, not knowing what to talk

Part 27 :

K: Ru serious??? I mean u hve completely lost it
A: but its ohk yaar…
K: cmon armaan , enough of covering up for sanchay….
He flunked in xms and I can’t believe ur asking me to let it go without even talking to him once….

Sanchu stood der ,face hung ,perfect way to show DAT he was guilty for it…and in reality he’s was making plans to impress his colleges new diva, Ruhaani…

But what he didn’t know was ,he was srsly drifting into real trouble…an adventure he’s bro wudnt appreciate…

Kunj glared at sanchu ,latter’s face hung…
avoiding d eye contact is d best way to let d other person not know what ur thinking and make him believe what ur body language is saying in terms of accusation…
A trait dat kunj had taught him ,today was backfiring him….sanchu had learnt his lessons wisely…he had different plans…abstract imaginations leading him nowhere at present ,but he needed to do it..
For lot different reasons…..

K: sanchu ….jzz forget it ..
And kunj walks from d end of terrace, entering into d main party ..

Armaan soon caught up wid him..
A: hey, Ru angry bcz he flunked?

Kunj immediately stopped
K: do u think so (with uninterested face ,hands resting on he’s hips)
A: den y ru glaring at him ?
K: bcz he’s longer a duffer he’s trying to showcase himself as…
A: wooh…hold on…DAT was information overloaded…wat do u mean by DAT?

Kunj looked at Armaan once more b4 saying..’I don’t know’ and left from der…

‘ now what should i understand from dis mess’ thought armaan throwing he’s hands up in air in dismay

Kunj walked towards d drinks counter…
And settled with wine..

On d other side AM went back where sanchay was standing…
AM looked at him carefully walking around him…
S: kya hua…aise kyu dekh rahe hoo?
A: bas kuch nai…mujhe toh tum Abhi bhi duffer hi lagte hoo
S: kya??
A: kuch nai…
S: aur bhaiya KO kya hogaya hai…
A: even I was abt to ask u d same
S: per mujhe kaise bataa hoga..
A: then how cum ur expecting me to know ?
S: I thought may b bhaiya has said u abt it…
A: (sternly) knowing ur bhai u shudnt b asking me this
And with DAT AM moved out…

S: ‘Well wat hve I done ?
Damn only god knows.. ‘And soon he walks towards d dance floor…

Kunj sat comfortably, sipping he’s drinks slowly…he closed he’s eyes..
He’s mind travelled back a few mins …
Wen twinkle showed b4 him unexpectedly, though even he wanted some tym to spend with her, in order to get to know her better..
Twinkle jz smiled at him, and some where he cud sense she was sum what nervous or was she uncomfortable??
‘But y wud she be uncomfortable??’ He thought

Soon Kunj got a col, hence he excused himself and soon got busy in it….
Wen he finished d col, he longer cud spot twinkle der..
‘Now ,where did she disappear?’ He thought…
The col had already made him loose he’s peace of mind, so he dismissed d idea abt twinkle and walked towards the end of terrace where he found AM and Sanchu grasping some cool air..
And aftr DAT there heated covno begin..
AM and sanchu not knowing what was d reason for kunjs sudden burst of emotions….

Twinkle saw kunj at the counter and though her mind denied d idea but her heart gave her a green signal to talk to him..not that she didnt try to listen to her mind but its jz dat her heart had a upper hand…tired of d clashes between her heart and mind she gave away to her hearts voice and walked towards kunj..

T: hey
K:’s party gng?
T: pretty good, the venue itself is too rich to be sober
K: ya I agree
T: do u ?

Kunjs POV :

Her question intrigued me!
‘Ya I meant it ‘ I confirmed
‘But u don’t seem so’ she talked

Oh! She’s quite good @ face reading , but I thought i masked it well

‘And y do u think so?’ I asked facing her completely with a glass dangling in my right hand …
She looked at me carefully, her gaze was intense..she smiled ,it looked as if she is able to see through me, knowing what I’m thinking ryt now..
Unable to defy her spell on me ,my mind came to my rescue..
‘Wud u lyk a drink’ I offered
A knowing smile played on her lips, as if she caught me!!
She’s pretty and equally dangerous I said to myself!
On my saying she sat on d adjacent stool and ordered herself a fruit drink..
She sipped her drink in silence…
Damn! This silence is heating up between us…
I glanced at her, she was busy concentrating on her drink and suddenly she turned towards me, SHE CAUGHT ME STARING!!!
My inner self screamed at me…
I jz smiled to avoid any awkwardness
She reciprocated…
End of POV

T:So what’s up ?
K: Everything is pretty cool

Twinkle yet again gave me a i- know -sumthing-is-wrong wala nod and looked away smiling..
‘This girl is making it so hard for me ‘thought kunj

K: Latika
L: yep
K: what’s playing in ur mind
T: well dat was my next question sir

“Yet again she spoke wid sum aura around her, as if she knows it all… Here i was trying hard to not to fall for her and she was making it difficult… Frankly speaking I WANTED TO PULL HER INTO A TIGHT HUG AND PLACE SWEET KISSES ON HER GLOSSY LIPS RYT NOW!!! ” thought kunj

L: kunj…

Her voice bought him back to reality
K: yaa
L: What’s wrong, if its sum thing dat u can share then plz do
K: (smiles) tqs for d offer to listen ,nothing much
L: if u say so I vl believe it..
Kunj smiled at her…

The DJ at the corner was playing sum Hollywood hits till now, and now he changed it to soft number..
The cool breeze ,the dancing lights, the soft music and more Importantly twinkle beside me…It was a perfect ambience, I looked at her once more, few locks were playing around at her cheeks, waving carelessly yet elegantly at the bottom of her jawline, she sure caused an adrenaline rush in me…
‘Oh god!! Someone help me ‘ I prayed mentally hoping I wudnt give in to my desires and do something stupid

Seemed lyk god finally listened to my silent prayers as I saw Sanchu all set to announce something over mike..
This fellow luvs playing wid mikes, though I was angry wid him, but I had to agree he was my saviour today for bringing up the much required distraction…

S(on mike): helo gentalmens and gorgeous ladies here, don’t u think the party is all too sober for the ambience this venue is offering?
And all I cud here was a loud yes n cheers
Twinkle too joined in d chorus..

And all I was dng was watching her, she was in one of her best moods today..

S(in mike): well the decorated space is being wasted ! Not fair..
Its a party!! Let’s make it look lyk one!!
Tym for sum moves on d floor..
Cmon..let’s get grovy on d dance floor
Gear up for some mastiiii!!!
(Screamed in rhythm)

Ppl hooted and screamed obliging his idea..

Soon ppl walked towards d center and started moving for a party number..
The DJ was more than happy to provide d necessity
The loud music attracted everyone to the dance floor..twinkle moved a Lil ahead and was tapping her feet enjoying the number being played…I smiled watching her smile..

Sanchu was at the center gng crazy !!!
‘Such a partyholic ‘i thought watching him making everyone dance along wid him

Soon d venue looked no less Dan a mini disco..the neon flash lights dazzling around the dance floor kept everyone gng …
I cud no no longer spot twinkle…I made frantic efforts to get a glimpse of her but all in vain she was no where to b seen
I soon noticed an arm around my shoulder
I knew it was Armaan..
As expected he was n dragged me around like a lil enthusiastic kid
K: ol energized ??
A: yep bro, its such a pleasant evening and not igroning d fact dat it is no less expensive place, y not make it big here …
K: yaa dats pretty much of a truth
A: so how’s it gng
Armaan had to literally scream to make himself audiable, ‘The speakers are too good’ thought AM

K: abt wat? (screamed back)
A: u know abt wat (chuckles)
K: I srsly donno (acted)
A: ohk my innocent bestie is all too young to understand me…cmon, what’s cooking between u two? And wen I say two, u ought to know who d other person is ryt??
K: let’s go to d other side, its too noisy here to b heard
A: ohhkkk

Once they walked away from d floor ,the noise seemed to subside behind their backs
A: ohk now tell me
‘How adamant he can be!’ Thought kunj

K: nothing much we hardly spoke anything

A: oh I get it ,u were too busy staring at her

‘WTH !! How does he know me in and out ?’ Thought kunj hiding his expression trying hard to put up showing AM dat everything is normal
A: what Ru thinking?? Cmon accept it u lyk her
‘I donno ‘said kunj staring at flickering light
far away

A: u jz need to discover it
‘Discover what ‘as we heard sanchu asking from behind we turned towards him

‘Nothing much’ replied AM
‘Ohk but surely u need to discover d fun on d dance floor’ said sanchu dragging both of them to d dance floor…

Soon the DJ changed d number and romantic songs filled up d perfect ambience

As my favorite tunes kept pumping from d large speakers, AM winked at me!
“God! I think this fellow is all too drunk” I convinced myself knowing what the wink meant…
‘Cmon, ‘ he screamed at be beaming happily
OK he’s meaning, grab-ur-girl-and-show-us-how-gud-ur-chemistry-is

I sighed, he’s actions were urging me to dance wid her…but my mind was presently hovered my too many things…
When I was busy searching her I felt sumones presence beside me, I turned to see her standing ryt beside me..

T: not gng in for a dance?
K: its too mad out there
T: ya I agree on dat, but this craziness is too good, it relaxes busy nerves
K: ya I second dat

Twinkles POV:
He had been lately worried today ,though he tried masking it with his ever charming smile, but I cud still make out that he’s smile didn’t reach his eyes, but soon he relaxed…
I was happy…I didn’t knw why, watching him smile always made me smile..
I don’t reason any of my mindless acts till date, bcz lately I had been a fool stealing glances of him from tym to tym.

.But something’s are jz not in may control..
I’m all attracted to he’s attitude ,he’s way of handling things..he’s bond between he’s bestie and he’s bro, it jz makes me feel all more magnatised to him…

Earlier in d counter, I cud feel him gazing at me more than once, if it was to be some other guy I wud have felt disgusted and wud have walked ryt der n den..
But No..I wanted to sit der, as if I was glued to my seat, all I cud understand from rewinding my acts was I enjoyed he’s attention…
But Y??
Was it luv?
I NVR had any relationships b4 so it was dead difficult for me to know, if this feeling is what is called most purest one
This tym I took up d job of staring at him..
my mind screamed at me….
God I jz hope I can my feelings on check tonyt ,I thought…

Soon d dance floor looked less populated..
Is d party over??? I was disheartened..
But to my surprise soon ppl filled in d floor it looked less populated dis tym…
In a blink of a eye, Sanchay started dragging everyone to the center
“Cmon u got to dance, enjoy d moment, Mis Creative Director” he smiled at me and I reciprocated…
As the DJ plugged on to soothing music, I felt lite…soon we paired up randomly and danced to the soft music…
As i caught hold of Dhruvs arm, I moved softly suggesting him something which made him smile, may b he was hoping for d best..
I suddenly turned to my ryt, I saw kunj dancing wid sakshi, and for a split second I felt he noticed me with thoroughly trying to clear some confusion of he’s, but now he looked at me, and passed me a gentle smile..

‘Wen did I start illusioning things??’ May be I jz felt dat kunj stared at me with confusion , on a clear nyt like this, I am dreaming’ I declared to myself and nodding my head in disbelief i concentrated on my dance moves , as the current number came to an end, Dhruv rotated me and I twirled around and landed up in d strong arms…
My eyes were still closed, I inhaled the scent, I slowly opened my to see kunjs eyes directly staring into mine…

‘U ohk ?’he asked nearing me since to make himself heard
‘Ya’ I smiled

And then,I concentrated on the song, one of my favorites was being played…
End of POV

Kaise bataun tujhe, ki, dil mera kya keh raha
(An unknown satisfaction crept over him, having her so close to him…
Perfect song for his dangling emotions …)

Rahe na faasle ye, jo, hai apne darmiyaan…
(Talking her hand in his, he tried not to make her fearful of their proximity)

Ho kaise bataun tujhe, ki, dil mera kya keh raha
Rahe na faasle ye, jo, hai apne darmiyaan…
(He moved in syn with her, he was trying hard to remain in he’s senses, but was failing miserably)

Tere kareeb main ho sakoon, de de tu apni raza
(He moved a step closer to her, she tightened her grip towards him , since the lights were dimmed both sighed with relief)

Paas bithaun, ye zulf sawaroon
Aur baahon mein le loon tujhe main
(Suddenly kunj switched his position, she followd him to syn in with him..)

Hai dil ki ye khwaahish, ki sun le guzaarish
Aur de de tu khud ko mujhe…
(ooo oo oo o, ooo ooo o) * 2
(He held her gaze, she didn’t break der eyelock either…
‘May I’ he wishpered in her left ear
She didn’t understand him, he smiled and slid he’s hand from her hands and reached her shoulder,and rotated her and pushed her a bit jz to catch hold of her ryt at the moment)

Tujhse mohabbat hui, hai, meri hai bas ye khata
(She smiled and walked straight to him as all girls did d same and boys stepped behind)

Tujhse main door rahoon, yeh, mujhko gawara kahaan
(The lyrics is what I’m feeling exactly now, she told herself and placed her hands on his shoulder n unknowing his hands reached her waist for support)

Main tere saath mein hi rahoon, chodo ye saara jahaan…
(His hands perfectly adored her waist, and they moved a step front and back lyk a perfect couples)

Paas bithaun, ye zulf sawaroon
Aur baahon mein le loon tujhe main
(Suddenly kunj pulled her towards him, and she landed up on his chest, she inhaled his scent yet again…trying to sink in all that was happening with her….
Kunj held her hands which were resting on her chest n proceeded towards d next dance move)

Hai dil ki ye khwaahish, ki sun le guzaarish
Aur de de tu khud ko mujhe wo oo…
(Twinkle looked directly into he’s eye, he eyed her luscious pink lips ,she took a step front and pulled up her knee leaning sidwards opp to kunj)

(ooo oo oo o, ooo ooo o) * 2
Ho ho wo ho, ho ho wo ho
(Kunj supported her with his elbow and steeped around in a circle, timely lifting her off d ground for a nanosec…b4 she cud feel herself in air, he wud lower her back..)

Teri adaon mein doob loon, doob loon main tujhi mein
(Twinj swayed in syn back n front sinking d lyrics in…)

Hojaun tere itne kareeb, ki main dikhoon ab tujhi mein…
(Twinkle noticed he’s sharp facial features, trying hard not to stare at him lyk a hungry wolf…He adored her, noticing how beautiful she looked from close and the song was making it all obvious how much he longed for her presence…)

Paas bithaun, ye zulf sawaroon
Aur baahon mein le loon tujhe main
(He pulls her from behind ,her back hits he’s chest, she cud make out how deep hes breathing was…
She stood der closing her eyes…longing for him to hold her more firmly into he’s arms)

Hai dil ki ye khwaahish, ki sun le guzaarish
Aur de de tu khud ko mujhe…
(ooo oo oo o, ooo ooo o) * 4
(Kunj started moving himself in syn, this sent vibrations through her body, she took a step front and danced gracefully as if this was all part of a step…
He lifted her slightly holding her elbow with he’s, putting all the pressure on he’s strong arms, she smiled as he lifted her slightly not even once allowing himself to get intimate in his moves
Twinkle smiled at him)

The loud applause brought them back to reality….all of them on dance floor clapped moving aside…
Twinkle mentally thanked kunj for dat last step, where distance was maintained between them, or else she feared she wud end up doing something nasty?…

She had enough tym to pull back herself b4 the song ended…
She cud feel a surge of emotions , adrenaline kicking in…she felt lot different, his scent still intoxicating her, she took a deep breath…

Unknow to her, she was blushing hard thinking abt d dance, she respected d fact dat he maintained his distance most of d tym…but wen ever he held her gaze, he’s eyes were coveying he’s unsaid unemotions..

‘If dat is too be believed then kunjs feelings are lot similar to mine !!!!!’ Thought twinkle
And almost jumped in happiness…

Kunj was behind her standing a bit far observing her carefully, fortunately he caught her blushing and he knew for sure dat der chemistry was electrifying remembering how electrifying her touch was….
‘I vl have loads of dreams today ‘he thought ruffling he’s hair smiling endlessly

Precap: donno?

Do tell me if u felt it boring, it was needed to show how dey felt b4 romance kicks in
Vl b back soon…
Tc till then..
Luv u ol ???

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