Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 25)


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Recap: Bebe’s entry and kunj planning the arrangements of party for employees

Part 25 —

Log Kahete Hai Ki,,,,,,?
“Hathon Ki Lakiron” me Kami Ho Toh
“Taqdeer” Mein “Mohabbat” Nahi Hoti,
Par Sachchai To Ye Hai Ki,
Jo “Hathon” Mein Ho Agar Apne “Pyaar” ka “Haath” Toh
Lakiron Ki Bhi Jarurat Nahi Hoti…

It was one of those chilly mornings …though the climate had been off compared to previous years still it provided some chilled breeze in the mornings and evenings…
Twinkle woke up, not bcz her alram rang nor bcz she jz had a nightmare…it was 5 am
She got up and stood at the glass window..she cud she what early Mumbai looks lyk, a city which NVR sleeps..
She made herself a coffee and started sipping in…Though work has been interesting lyf has been boring lately…
She looked at neeru (her younger sis) sleeping calmly… Her only family after their dadi left them…Truth is harsh sometimes, but it can’t change under any circumstances of our changing emotions..
She smiled at her own philosophy..
‘Pain always brings out a philosopher in u’
She thought

Kunj woke up and got ready to find the bf ready and being served by Bebe…
K: Bebe u prepared them?
B: no my ghost did
K: Bebe what was the need ,the maid wud have prepared it..y u stressed out urself ?
B: I’m not tired…I jzz wanted to prepare some delicious food …don’t u like them?
K: I love them…
B(smiles): where are these out?
K: Bebe get used to their slping schedule..
B: who slps even when its 8:30 on working days
K: no one unless they are AM and Sanchay
B: hmm..u eat I vl jzz be back
K: yaa

Bebe moves upstairs and gets back in a while…when kunj was abt to finish he’s bf
She sees AM and sanchay walking down the stairs lazily…and the worest part was they were dressed up for their respective CLG and office..
Kunj was baffled everytym this kind of miracle happened and mind u they happened rarely…
Soon the duo were bouncing on the yummy dishes and bebe was more than happy to serve them…
K: BTW ,how cum u both are up from ur bed so early
S: bebe threw water on us
K(laughs): and u both got up obidently?
A: and she switched off the ac
K: ohh…that’s pretty much a weapon to wake u two
S: hmm
Wat abt the party?
A: yaa..arrangements done
K: hmm..I think so
S: where its gonna be
K: its a terrace place
A: lovely idea..
K(smiles): I’m leaving now
A: without me
K: ur coming?
A: did I dress up early in the morning for a fashion show?
K: make it fast
S: yaa aaru make it fast ,bhaiya can’t wait any longer to catch up wid bhabi
A: haha…

Kunj glares at them and soon answers he’s phone
After a min
K: armaan I need to go to office urgently, and I may need some files which are at home ltr…so u stay here until I call u back regarding the files..vl that b ohk?
A: dat vl b fab…so extra SLP at my cozy bed
K(smiles) and leaves for office

S: wow!! Dats a jackpot
A: certainly

At office:

Kunj is busy clearing up the matter…

At home:
Sanchay was busy watching AMs childhood pics in latter’s phone
S: u were so different in appearance
A: ya…dats what everyone says..
S: tell me one thing
A: hmm
S: tell me abt ur flings, crushes and love
A: y
S: u have nvr discussed abt it so
A: hmm…some silly crush in school…dats it…no love
S: hmm…
Soon sanchay comes across a pic of AM and some other girl during their early days..
S: aaru, who’s this?
A: she use to b my best frnd in childhood
S: now where is she
A: donno…I shifted from der ,I tired calling her few tyms but no one answered …I I’ve got only this pic of our frndship
S: u both had prsnl phones at that age
A: thats y I call u duffer….I used to call from my home landline to hers..
S: ohk…
He looked at the pic once more b4 moving to the next one……

At office:
K: pia, the arrangements are done?
P: yes sir..
K: ohk..jzz inform everyone dat they have half day…they can directly come to party
P: dat vl b done sir and I vl make one last check on arrangements and vl inform u sir
K: dat wud do

Tw knocks at kunjs cabin
K: come in
T: sir, the new projects proceedings are being recorded in this report,,,and she hands over the report
K: fyn..I vl take a look at it…
BTW all have day half today , so directly come to party venue…
T: party??
K: yaa.. A Lil surprise for all my hardworking colleges..
T: oh…dats very kind of sir….
K: hmm..all thanks to u guys..
Tw smiles and leaves

After few mins:
Pia comes back to kunjs cabin to tell him dat the final arrangements are been done, but she finds the cabin empty….so she she silently places the files she was holding on the table over one more file and while turning back towards the door her hand collides wid the files she had kept at the edge and they fall down and the papers gets scattered… She carefully picks dem and places them back into the file, not knowing if she had arranged them properly.. But since she was running out of tym she hurriedly left the place…

A: Bebe, ur not ready yet
B: y
A: ur coming wid us for party na…
B: wat vl I do der…u guys carry on
S: but Bebe, u vl b bored being Alone at home so cum na..
B: I vl b bored their also…so u guys go on..
S: teek hai (ohk)

And AM and sanchu leaves for the party…

Tao terrace- the venue
The sight wudnt have been more fascinating… It took everyone altogether to a different was a delight for the party lovers. The ambiance and soothing music was played so that you keep your feet tapping along the with the food and the fun.
It hooked every single soul…Dressed in beautiful and elegant outfits ,the woman looked lyk angles and men looked equally good….
As twinkle took the lift to the terrace, she was playing wid her blue and pink shaded long gown, a perfect dressing for the office parties…
B4 she cud press the button for the last floor, Sanchu walked in the lift…
He smiled at her, she reciprocated
He had strong urge to address her as bhabi but knew dat if he did so ,he wud have spoiled he’s bros love lyf b4 starting it……

S: hey Latika, tqs a lot for returning my phone dat day, I haven’t got the opportunity to thank u
T: its fyn sanchay…
S: dats kind of u..
T: smiles,,, how’s ur classes gng on?
S: booring as ever…
T: can I say u something if u don’t feel offended
S: anytym
T: I heard ur the most naughtiest in the CLG, so how cud it be boring
S: ohh…seems lyk der are lot of my fan following…
T: yaa…ders a lot…
S: kya me aap KO didi bula sakta hoon
T: (surprised) yaa
S: ohk so didi ppl are jealous of me u know so they spread rumors abt me…but u don’t pay heed to them ….
T: ohk…dats the matter….
S: ya…BTW aap bohot acchi lag rahi hai aaj
T: thanks ….dats sweet of u…..and ur no less, dashing as always..
S: oh…..usually me compliments accept nahi karta hoon…but since its from u I vl accept it…

Soon the lift reaches the last floor and they come out…

Kunj was already present their , looking very cool in he’s denims….
It wasn’t a formal function hence everyone had dressed informally ….
He’s eyes were searching sum one….but he didn’t agree wen AM asked abt it….
AM knew dat kunj was searching for twinki

Their were more reasons for them to look forward for twinki….
Something had happened in d afternoon which had given them yet another chance to solve the mystery of dairy papers one last tym…
Kunj held a glass in he’s hand leaning towards the terrace railing ,waiting for twinki he’s thoughts went back to few hours ago….

Few hrs ago:(flash back of dat days afternoon)

It was a gloomy afternoon.. Well our surroundings can only be distinguished by the mood we carry…
Nature is the same everyday, it depends on how we see things…
Lyk they say “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”
Everything remained the same after that incident which he witnessed…
Well that is what he thought ,wenevr he saw her everyday at the office……

At home:
Since aaru was waiting for kunj to call up for the file….sanchu was busy thinking…

S: aaru..
AM: hmm
S: bhaiya KO kya hogaya hai,,,,asked munching he’s snacks in the noon
(What has happened to bro)
AM: thoda kam soota hai..aur kuch zyada kam karne laga hai…..
(We works more and sleeps a lil less)
S: wrong guess!!!
AM: bata hai…
Aur kya bolu
Tum toh aise puch rahe ho, jaise tumhara bhai devdas bangaya ho..
(I know its a wrong guess…
What else can I say…ur asking as if kunj has turned devdas)
S: devdas toh nahi bane par…
(He hasn’t turned devdas but…)
AM: kuch gadbad hai na!
(Sum thing is wrong with him..ryt?)
S: haan..tumne bhi notice kiya?
(Oh yaa…u have noticed too?)
AM: kuch galat nahi..per kuch sahi bhi nahi…..
( nothing is nether wrong nor correct)
S: aaru yaar…aise baat mat kar jo meri samajh se bahar hai…
(Aaru don’t talk in this way…which is beyond my understanding)
Armaan smiles at him…gets up from the sofa..
‘Gotta go ‘ he said
‘Yaar what vl I do being alone at home’ asked sanchay, following AM to he’s room
‘. Home Alone part 4 , banale’ said AM busy wearing he’s overcoat
‘ mein joker nahi hoon…ohk?’said sanchay
(I’m not a jokr OK?)

‘ Teri jokes bohot acche hai…par abb mere pass tym nahi hain…toh vl continue in the evening…’ Said armaan with a smrik
(U jokes are too good…but now im running short of tym so let’s continue in d evening)

‘ sabke sab pagal hoo… Sab meri tang kechne ke mauka dund the hai’
(Everyone has gone mad…everyone is interested only in pulling my legs) complained sanchay and followed AM who picked up he’s car keys and moved towards the door…
‘ dats y I need bhabi by my side’ added sanchay…

For a sec armaan stopped in the midway and turned back and said….” Shayaad iss janam me naa mumkin hai”
(May be its not possible in this lyf)
and moved towards he’s car and drove off
Sanchay stood their clueless…not understanding what to make out of armaans words…

On the other side…
Latika looks at a pic which she took out from the drawer and stares at it for a long tym sitting in her cabin…
A tear escapes her eyes… She wipes it b4 anyone cud make out dat she was crying..

An hour later…
Wen the office ppl had returned to their homes on account of half day…
As sanchay entered the office aftr almost one month… The last tym he came here was wen he found dat latika to be twinkle..
He moved towards aarus cabin ,found it empty ,hence peeped in kunjs cabin to find both he’s brothers leaning on the oak table
He went in and looked at them with a confused face….
Armaan picked up the paper on the table and handed it to sanchay…

Sanchay read it silently,,,,
Tere mere rishte ko kya naam dun,
Yeh naam dun ya woh naam dun,
Is duniya ki bhid mai naam ho jate hai badnaam,
Kyun na apne rishte ko benaam hi rehne dun.

S: yeh toh bhabi ka handwriting hai na,,being astonished
(Its bhabis handwriting ryt?)
AM and kunj silently nodded…
K: its a new piece of paper
A: we found it on the table…. Lyk we used to find it earlier….amid of files
S: but y vl she write it to u now…
And how did it land up here
K: only one person can answers these questions
S: who
A: om
K: This tym we need to clear up every Lil mess
We still have got some tym for party so we can stay back till om comes from skol
A: yaa dat wud b a better idea….I vl pick him up from skol and bring him here….
K: gr8

AM brings om to office..
Afr some normal talks
K: omi dat day u didn’t tell us how u got Twinkie didis dairy…
O: oh dat na….u know dat my frnd neeru na

Kunj immediately remembers twinkle once had made greating wid dat name wen he found out dat latika was twinkle

K: who’s neeru
O: she is my classmate, twinkle didi is neerus didi…everyday I go to her home to complete my home work…
A: where is her home
O: jzz beside mine

this was yet another shock…

K: ohk.. But how u got her dairy…
O: dat na we used to play games and at the the end whoever wud win vl tear pages from diary …
A: oh…but y lyk dat. .
O: bcz neeru says dat twinkle didi writes the dairy often and had said dat its a lucky magic thought book dat u can store all ur memories der . …
So we wud tear those pages thinking it wud bring us luck and by keeping those papers wid us our memories vl get stored their…
Most of the tyms I won the game and hence I wud tear one paper on every win and wud keep it in my homework book and carry it to skool so dat it wud store my days memories in it….but most of the days I wud end up loosing it….
Later I got to know dat I lost it everyday in office wen I wud open my book for dng my homework….
A: uff….but did twinkle didi know abt it
O: no , she doesn’t allow us to touch it so we kept it as secrect
K: but she didn’t realize dat u wud tear pages from her diary?
O: actually na ,now dat diary is full so she uses some new book
S: ohh…
Disney story…
O: but plz don’t tell didi abt it ….
K: don’t worry we won’t…this is secret betwn u and us….so even u don’t say abt it to anyone…
O: ohk ..promise?
A: promise…
Everyone looks at each other and sighs….
Unbelievable story…
The same story which made them meet her

K: ohk…BTW yesterday or today also u played dat game ??
(Since he found another piece of paper today)
O: no…I haven’t gone to neerus home since a week..
K: Ru sure?
O: ya bhaiya

Now this baffled all the three… If om hasn’t torn the page and dropped it der, how cud that page reach kunjs cabin….

Soon they drove om back to home and came to attend party….
All the while kunj was thinking abt the new piece of paper….who cud have dropped it der….

Present;;(end of flash back)

Standing near to the railing on the party terrace he sum how felt happy dat twinki
Didn’t place those papers der herself… Which meant she had no intention to impress him dat way…..
He felt the need to find how the paper reached him…..he wanted to talk to her….now he felt more attracted towards her….
As he turned around to face ppl, he cud c a girl walking towards the crowd..he cudnt see her face as ppl blocked he’s sight ….he saw her dressed in pink and blue confidently walking ….he had already guessed who it cud b……
Soon ppl moved away and he saw her……
He stood their thunderstruck
Now he understood what ppl meant by love at first sight…..
Though he wasnt seeing twinkle for the first tym ,he felt this feeling new……
As she walked past the crowd and moved towards him , he forgot abt what he was waiting to ask her……
All he was dng was staring at her continuously as if der was no tomorrow…

Precap: kunjs confusion and first glimpse of love

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