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Recap: twinj convo regarding Korean dramas

Part 24 —

Kunj stood in he’s cabin surfing on he’s lappy…soon he sat on the chair, facing the laptop screen and got busy in he’s vedio chatting smiling endlessly….
‘Ohk my darling gotta go ,see u soon’ he said b4 closing the laptop screen..

He picked he’s wallet and mobile and was abt to move out of he’s cabin, but stopped wen pia came in ,,,
K: ya pia..
P: sir we vl shortly be having the vedio call conference with the Meheta’s
K: oh..but it was scheduled tomorrow ryt?
P: ya sir…but it got pre poned by a day, and u agreed to it sir
K: oh yaa…it jz slipped out of my mind…
P: sir but u r gng somewhere? Shd I postpone it
K: ya I was jzz planning to , but Iet it go as scheduled.. I vl b der..
P: ohk sir… And with dat she left

Kunj made a sorry face, the conference being preponed had totally slipped of he’s mind..he was too happy to remember he’s schedule…
He kept he’s wallet and phone back to its place and sat in he’s chair waiting for pia to give him a go for vedio conference with Mehetas

After few hours,
Armaan parked he’s car and stepped out to move inside airport…
He soon spotted the person and gave her a tight hug..
A: welcum my dear…
Person: chal Hatt…Abhi Abhi aye hoon aur tu flirt Karna chalu kardiya
(Oye..I have jzz landed now and u startd to flirt with me)
A: kya karu Bebe, aap ho itne beautiful..
Ussme mera kya kasoor
(What can I do Bebe, its all bcz ur so beautiful ,not my fault)

So the other person is sweet Bebe
B: abb fir se shuru mat hoo jaa
(No don’t get started again)
And both of them ended up laughing..
Armaan holds her by shoulder and takes her toward he’s car…
A: toh, safar kaisa tha?
(How was the journey?)
B: badiya tha
(It’s was too good)
A: yep so get in the car let’s go on a long drive, only u and me…(with a wink),,,
By opening the gate for her
B: haha…kyu nahi…chal phele ghar chalte hai… Aur woh dono kaha hai?
(Ya y not?..1st let’s go home…and BTW where’s the other two?)
And as they started with der short journey to the home,
A: kunj kaam me busy hai, issliya nai aasaka, aur sanchu parties me busy hai..
(Kunj is busy with work so cudnt cum and sanchu is busy partying)
B: hmm…kuch nai badla hai…Abhi bhi tum teno wahi ke wahi ho
( hmm…everything is still the same with u three)
A(smiles): haan
And soon they reached their house

At office :
Kunjs vedio conference took longer than expected…
Once it was over ,he was quick to grab he’s things and move to home
As he walked through the cubicles, he spotted twinki coming he’s way busy in her own world…
They were abt to collide, but kunj moved away in nick of tym..
K: quite lost
T: ohh so sorry, I didn’t see u coming
K: dats ohk, not yt gng home?
T: shd move now, but u seem in a hurry?
K: yaa..the conference took a bit longer, so need to get back home now, byee
T: (smiles) , byee…
Kunj reciprocates her smile and almost ran towards he’s car…and quickly got in and drove off

Twinkle stood their, smiling looking at the car disappearing into the traffic
‘Our boss seems to be more then happy today, its good to c him smiling…it lits up the atmosphere’ she said to herself and as she looked around realised dat their were hardly sum employees still der at office..
‘Did I jzz say dat he’s smile lits up the atmosphere… Who’s atmosphere??
Damn twinkle , nowadays u admire him quite a lot…uff, but I must agree he’s smile is contagious …’ She thought and caught herself smiling in the front glass window..
And immediately she stopped smiling, held her cheeks with her soft hands and made a weird face…
‘Twinkie ur mad’ she declared to herself
And soon left the office…

As kunj entered he’s house he cud smell delicious food…
‘ yummy’ he thought and started searching for Bebe…
He peeped in the kitchen and found her preparing food…
K: ummm….specially mere liye khana bana rahe ho?
B: aaj b tu late…chal mujhe nai baat karni hai tujhe
( ur late today too? I don’t want to talk with u)
K: aww that’s so cute…gussa ho?
(Ur angry?)
B: haan, bohot zyada, few hours ago u said that u were coming to pick up and leave abt coming to airport.. U came home so late

So the person kunj was vedio calling Was bebe
(Ya I’m)
K: toh punishment kya hai?
( so what’s the punishment?)
Bebe turns to look at him…bas ek baar gale lag jaa
( jzz give me a hug)
K(smiles) : this is y I luv u so much and he side hugs her…
‘Bas saara pyar bhai ko’ a voice interuppted them…it was sanchay
B: haha…chal tu bhi aa…
( even u join us)
And she hugged sanchay too

B: patla hoogaya hai tu
(U have bcum thin)
S(puts a arm around her shoulder): look at my muscles…(and with full pride) clg me har ladki mujhe pe Marti hai
(Every girl in my CLG has fallen for me)
B: haan kyu nai, joker ho na tum
(Ya y not, y wudnt anyone not lyk a joker?)
S: bebe….not fair yaar…
And armaan who jzz entered strtd laughing along wid kunj…
Bebe to joined them…

They heard a knock on their door…
S: I vl look at it

After few seconds, a girl marched into the kitchen with a box of cakes
Kunj saw her and bit he’s tongue…
K: sorry chiku,, phir se bhool gaya
(I forgot once again)
Yes the girl is our chiku

C: as usual…(and with a angry face she forwarded the box towards him…)
Bebe looked at her…
A: bebe this is chiku…she’s our pyaari neighbour, she’s stays here from the tym we have moved here…
C: aaj mera bday hai…toh these cakes , ,,,clearing it for bebe
B: oh…janam din ka Mubarak hoo
(Happy bday)
C: tqs a lot she said in her joyous mood
B: aur kunj ne tumhara janam din bhool gaya?
(And kunj forgot that its ur bday?)
C: ya..only sanchu bhaiya aur aaru bhaiya attended my bday party
Kunj takes out a small gift from he’s pocket
Chiku looks at him surprised..
K: meri Hitler ka bday kaise bhool sakta tha…
(How cud i forget my hitlers bday?)
actually sum unexpected work had cum so got busy ,so cudnt attend ur bday party…and by the way sumones looking lyk fairy in their bday dress
C: aww…she takes the gift and ya tqs a lot for ur compliment…
And all of them smiles and everyone eats the cake…
And chiku goes back to her home…
B: kitni pyaari bacchi hai na
A: haa bohot pyaari
S: aur badmash be hai, aur cake se mera face pack kar diya…
And all of them smiles at he’s statement..

Kunj calls Pia and talks to her abt the party arrangements..
Since the peak hour was successfully completing with reaching the deadlines..kunj decided to arrange a party for he’s office ppl, a token of gratitude..
Wen he was still on call
‘Bhai dnnr’ sanchay called out to him standing at the door..
Kunj closed the mouthpiece and said that he wud b coming and then within few mins ended the call…
‘Bhabi se baat kar rahe the?’ Asked sanchay standing behind him…
‘ u haven’t gone yet? U were eavesdropping?, bad habit’ said kunj
S: so u were taking with bhabi ryt
K: wrong…I was talking to pia, regarding arrangements..
S: arrangements?
K: yaa…now Dats a surprise
S: woah…
K: cum bebe and aaru might b waiting for us
S: yep…
sanchay puts one of hes arms around kunj
‘ come let’s dine some yummy dishes ‘ said he and both of them walked downstairs smiling…

Precap: party!!!!

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  2. Chiku

    Hey maagiee

    Maagieeee i am gonaaa eat u up??????????I seriously love ur ff and u uploaded it specially for me amd u also included me. Woaaah. Seriously loved it

    Episode is just oh laaaaa soooooooo cute. Woaaaaah i am sooo excited to read next episode. So awesome. Sweeet???????

    U know I really suck in writing long comments sorry. All i wama say is i am blessed to have a friend like u ????????thank u soo mcuh

    Love u??post soon

  3. Sohi

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    That ws such an amazing episode.. cute si bebe..

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    Loved it Chiku … Hitler
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