Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 19)


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Recap: sanchay desperate to c twinj together….AM being late to office…
Twinj in lift

Part 19 —

Armaan moved to kunjs cabin to talk abt the new issues which had popped up in the publishing dept..
He slowly pushed the cabin door and peeped in as he found the cabin chair empty …he moved in but cudnt spot kunj der…
‘ I saw him leaving the conference hall a few seconds ago..if he isn’t in the cabin then where is he?’ Thout AM

Armaan unable to find kunj anywhere in the lobby went back to he’s cabin..
‘ l vl better wait for him here, he may show up any tym’ thout AM relaxing on he’s cosy chair

Inside the lift:

Kunjs POV:
I heard a creaking sound …I wud rather refer to it as noise…
In no tym I felt myself being shaked..
What’s this?
Another earthquake??
I closed my eyes immediately …
As darkness clouded around I cud still feel the lift light flickering…
I tried to hold on tight…but I cudnt find any edge to stick to…
I managed not to scream as I felt my head banging the lift wall harshly… In reflex I sequezed my closd eyes…
I felt myself being taken down with gr8 speed and suddenly being pushed back with equal speed..I flapped my hands in all possible directions in dark hoping to find something to hold on to….

I cudnt bear the noise anymore…it was tearing away my eardrums..
‘ is something lyk what happened in the movie 13B is gonna happen’ asked my mind sumwhere being scared…
Yaar this is the effect of watching horror movies late nyt with sanchu and armaan..
Oh gosh!!! Damn..
I wasn’t alone in the lift…
Twinkle was der!
But I cudnt hear a single noise from her side ..or may b the creaking noise of the lift was overpowering her meek voice…
U Ol ryt,,,I screamed to make sure she heard me
‘I don’t think so’ she said..
Her voice quacked a bit…but she managed to utter it…
Brave girl ,my logical mind said…
‘ what the heck’ Even in this state my mind made an full fledged attempt to praise her..
As once again my head banged to the wall,, I cud feel my logical mind shutting off slowly…
I held my head in my hands … I wasn’t able to balance myself anymore…
I felt I wud crash to the floor anytym…

And damn! The lights went off permanently
..leaving the two of us alone in this shady lift amid of pitch darkness….
I cud feel the lift slowly attaining stability..
And soon the lift came to a stand still..
It was dark and complete silence..
‘A perfect shoot for an bollyhood movie..’My mind thought cuming back to lyf..
I cud hear twinkles heavy breaths..
She sighed as our roller coaster ride came to an end…

‘ uff I hope we r alive’ I said
‘ ya I hope too’ she joined in..
We felt our voice being echoed
And slowly the flash light from our respestive cell phones pierced through the darkness…the intensity of the light made it difficult for me to get adjusted in d beginning…
‘ ouch’ I heard twinkle Scream Softly

I immediately focused the flash lyt in her direction ,as the lyt fell on her face ,she covered it by her hands and closed her eyes tightly..
‘ oops sry’ I said and lowered the light
‘ u OK’ I asked concerned
‘ yep, jzz one of these heals’ she said…

I looked at her heels,..,,her whole body weight was put on the sharp edge…how do girls manage to walk in those…
‘ why did the lift crash abruptly?’ her voice broke my chain of thoughts..
‘May b sum electrical problem’ I replied
‘ short circuit’ she enquired
‘ possibly’ I obliged
‘ let’s sit..’ I added
And both of us sat on the lift floor and rested our backs to the wall…she was at one corner and me at the other…
I knew I cudnt find network here so I didn’t make any efforts to roam around in lift trying to catch sum network
I looked at my cells was slowly dying out..
How filmy ! I thought
From the corner of my eye I cud see twinkle removing her heels and placed them beside her
‘ doesn’t they ache?’ I asked
‘ huh?’
‘ the heels’ I clarified
‘ they do’ she agreed
‘ then y do u wear it’ I said
For which she jz smiled
Not knowing how to react I smiled back..
End of POV

Sitting their in darkness the two of them continued to stare at nothing particular..
Everything looked dark ,only the flash lyt helped them to sum extent

On the other side AM had almost slipped into SLP in he’s cabin
He got up and looked at he’s watch..
God I have been waiting for him from past 45min and kunj is no where to b seen’ he thought
(Note: the lyts in the office are on)

T: is der any way to get out from here
K: I’m afraid no
T: does banging the door help ?
K:(smiles) it helps in hurting ur hand and draining out ur remaining energy, nothing much vl happen
T: hmm
K: my cells battery is slowly giving up..urs?
T: it’s in coma
K: u screamed wen the lift started shaking?
T: no
K: brave
T: experience
K: ohh..
T: in my childhood I got trapped in lift twice,,,
She seemed bit lost
K: so this is the third tym
T: hmm..
How can we move out..?
K: let’s think of sum solution or else no one is gonna notice that we r locked here.
T: ya ryt
K: u hungry?
T: ya very much , we all leads(heads of diff dept) skipped lunch na and u too skipped it along with us
K: yaa
T: the article for the weekly magazine was a hit…
K: yaa…
T: so wenz u throwing party?
K: doesn’t this lift with soft flash lyt resembles a party nyt..
So here it is..
Enjoy to the fullest
T: ohh..where’s the music
K: well don’t u think jzz a few min ago we had ol types of rocking songs played at high pitch …it almost shook us…wasn’t that enough..
Twinki laughs
T: high pitch? Abnormal pitch wud sound much better nai?
K: yaa…
I felt her chuckles entertaining to my ears..
K: do u watch horror movies
T: I do but no spcl lykes for it
K: does our current state remind u of any movie?
T: ur trying to scare me…but I agree its lot filmy ryt now…

Kunjs POV :
These Lil random talks with her was easing my nerves..
‘ ohk twi…’ I stopped
What was I gng to do..
Oh god… She is latika here not twinkle I reminded myself
‘ u said sumting?’ She asked
‘ twinkling stars’ I blurted..
Shit!!! What and why did I say dat
‘ meaning ?’ She shot back immediately
‘ ur bracelet ‘ I said and handed her twinkling bracelet to her..
It had fallen off her hands during the roller coaster ride possibly.. I jzz noticed it now
‘ ohh tqs’ she smiled
Uff!! Thanks babaji for saving me…I need to b careful…..

I wanted to ask her abt so mny things but didn’t know where to start from..
I jzz hope I don’t spit out any details regarding twinkle..
Wow…how weird ,I cant even tell her dat I know abt her

Sanchay was pacing impatiently in the hall..
With each passing second he checked he’s phone and frustrated he resumed he’s speed walk ..
‘How can these two b so irrespondible…I’m waiting for dem from past two hours, but they aren’t showing up…
I hve made hundreds of col to each one of them…bhaiys cell is out of reach and aaru isn’t picking up my col..
Did they go for any party leaving me?
Noooo….it isn’t possible… How can dey don’t remember me while gng for a party..
This is cheating…and moreover its getting dark…and I’m remembering ol those white ghosts in Hollywood movies.. What abt vampires?….
‘No sanchay ,ur strong, don’t fall weak ur the gr8 Sanchay Sarna…even if they cum near u…they vl fall in luv with me admiring my biceps’ I thought..
What …nooo….
I don’t want to be part of this twilight luv story….
My ego was hurted …
Oh god …I coled aaru once more luckily he picked up my call…
End of POV

S: aaru where Ru???
Why u both still havent come home?
A: yaar …kunj is missing…don’t know where he is..
I searched in every corner of the office…I cudnt find him..
S: how cum bhaiya jzz disappeared lyk dat
Ask the security if he has seen bhaiya leaving the office..
A: the security is on leave…he was expected to cum today but hasn’t cum..
I tried kunjs phone..its out of reach..
S: even I got the same result..
Aaru better u cum home…may b bhai has gone out for sum impt work…he usually does dat na
A: yaa…
S: chalo…jaldi aana
A: teek hai

Armaan was already in the ground floor …he had used the other lift to get down and had no idea that kunj was in another lift..
Kunjs car was at garage …hence AM didn’t have any means to know if kunj had gone out or no…
He felt lyk rechecking the office..
‘May b he’s struck sum where in the building’ he thought..
Thus he headed towards the nearest lift…the one in which twinj were trapped..
As he was abt to tap on the no’s outside that lift…he’s cell vibrated..
(If it wasn’t in vibration mood than twinj cud have easily heard the ringtone and wud have banged the door, Destinys game!)

Armaan went away from lift ,since their was poor network and then picked up the col
It was sanchay on the other side
S: aaru kaha ho
A: abb nikalne wala tha
S: yaar jaldi aajana…yaha ghar me toh batti gul hoogayi…mujhe daar lag raha hai..
A: ohk ohk…lyt the candles….I vl b der at the earliest

Placing he’s cell back into the pocket armaan looked back at the lift…
And then turned towards he’s car…got in and drove back home

Twinkles POV :

I cud see kunj at the corner of my eye..
If my frnds get to know dat I was trapped with him…they wud b jealous for sure..
He had asked me abt y I wear heels if it pains…
How can I say him dat it makes me look taller…..I’m short compared to him…
What the heck!!!,, y am I comparing my height with hes.
He’s giraffee…
Handsome giraffee…and y am I smiling lyk an idiot…what if he catches me smiling without reason.. He wud surely help him to get admitted in sum mental hospital..
God….first of ol I’m struck here in darkness..
I’m sweating profusely….. I looked at him, he’s condition was no better…
It almost got suffocating now..
We need to get out of here…
‘Kunj’ I called for him softly.
‘ its suffocating ,ryt’ he asked reading my mind…
‘ I think I vl faint’ I said
‘ don’t….we both need to find a way to get out from here…
And I have no energy to carry u , if u faint’ he said..

What did he jzz say…
He considered an optn of carrying stupid mind thought…
‘Now No need for an 440 volt wala smile’ I scolded myself…

‘Where r u lost ‘ I heard him slightly tapping my shoulder
‘ where…I was jzz thinking of any possible solution to move out of here’ I lied lyk a lunatic…
Drama has been in my blood…….
I appreciated myself of how easily I Handeled the situation..
‘Dats ohk but how vl u manage to get out from here alive’ my logical mind came into action……
‘ uff babaji help kar last tym’ I requested looking abv..
But ol I cud see was darkness…

S: ohh aaru thank god u came…anyways power came jzz now..
Bhai ka phone laga
A: nai yaar…
Its already 8:30
On the way I coled the leads (dept heads) but cudnt get any information
S: sabko col kiya
A: yaa…I didn’t hint them dat kunj wasn’t der at office… I jzz asked them casually..
And everyone answered except one ,latika..
Her phone is switched off..
Suddenly something struck sanchay..
S: aaru ..look bhaiyas cell is out of reach and bhabis is switched off…kuch toh hai..
A: don’t tell me that ur hinting at…
‘ aur kya…may b they have gone out roaming…or a long drive…no may b a romantic date’ sanchay cut him short
A: sanchu beta…ur over thinking so don’t give strain to ur Lil brain..
Dats y ur assuming some illogical possibilities..
S: nai aaru…
I bet dat they r with eo now..
Or else bhaiyas cell wud nvr be out of reach..or else he wud have let us know if he’s late…
So which means…they are on a date..


How many of u thought dat der wud actually be sum date?
What to do yaar…first I shd at least make them talk casually.. And then real dates vl soon follow..

Precap: kunj to change he’s opinion on twinkle…

What kind of opinion? Think think …

Throw ur views below on this part…
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