Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 17)


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Recap: twinj meet in kunjs cabin

Part 17 —

Kunjs POV

‘Bhaiya… can u do this yaar’
I heard a voice yelling at me…
I was expecting this,how predictable my brother is ,,,,I thought appreciating myself

‘I mean bhabi was standing ryt infront of u and u were concentrating on every other thing than her…’ Added sanchay as I placed my coat on the sofa
‘I didn’t know dat it was her’ ,i defended but sanchay seemed to have come prepared

‘Dats y aaru is ryt…u need to know ur employees by face…mentally register their faces and names and designation and what ol is required..’ I heard him almost screaming at me with actions..
I sat on sofa and slowly closed my eyes..
I was tired ..well that was an underestimation…I was damn tired..
I had jzz cum home finishing loads of pending work ,I still have to finalize the article..but donno y,I cudnt find any suitable title nor ideas to pen it down

As I was slowly drifting to SLP …… I found myself being shaken….in reflex I suddenly opened my eyes..
‘Was that any earthquake of 4.0 Richter scale’….was the first thing dat occurred to me..
‘Bhaiya ,aap soo Gaye’ I heard sanchay shaking me
Oh god, is this the way to wake up sumone?…I asked him
‘Rehne de…aap bhi mujhe aur aaru KO har subha aise hi utathe hoo’ he complained

Ohh may be he’s ryt…it feels lyk killing ppl wen they disturb ur SLP..
‘ sanchay, I’m very tired, jzz let me SLP for sum tym then u can continue with ur questionnaire’ I concluded and walked to my room…
As soon as my head hit the pillow I sailed into deep SLP…
End of POV

As kunj got up from he’s deep SLP ,he motioned towards the dining table..
He found AM and sanchay had deeply dug their faces in the home theater..
But what bewildered kunj was, dey weren’t watching football lyk they used was hockey…Men in blue (India) taking on arch rivals Pakistan in the finals of Asian Championship
Kunj joined them and found both the fellows deeply involved in the proceedings of the game…
Kunj had gr8 interest in sports..’and watching the national game is always fascinating’ he thout

Kunj POV:

As the referee signalled the half tym in the game I heard sanchay taking to Armaan abt how he played hockey in school and went on to explain how good he was at it and eventually he scarified he’s place in the team for sum youngster…

Oh god ,who vl believe his words..
The truth was sanchay was thrown out of the school hockey team as he had played pranks on the coach..
He had ended up drawing our coach’s funny face and had struck it to the notice board…
Even maa,papa had got to know abt it….I recalled those childhood memories….I looked at my parents pic in my cell…I smiled ..I know u wud always b looking at me from abv..
Soon my cell flashed ‘dailing’
It was an unknown number
I picked it and somewhere unknown to me i smiled…it was twinkle noo latika on the other side..
She had called to clarify sum query as I hadn’t answered it on the mail…..
I was slping ,so hadn’t checked my mail
As I finished talking to her ,I found two pair of eyes staring at me..
Y do they give me such weird looks
…its embarrassing yaar

I asked them what, to which they gave me a sheepish smile ?
” yaar I so hate them….they r dey so secretive?..and their faltu smiles and actions are beyond my knowledge”

‘What the heck is gng on’ I asked them no longer sustaining those cheesy smiles from sanchay
End of POV

S: nothing…bhabi had called? ( stressing on the word bhabi)
K: kiski bhabi?
‘Hamari’ said both of them in unison
K: u guys have lost it !

As kunj was abt to move back to he’s room ,sanchay cut him midway
K: sanchu cud u plz be kind enough to move away?
S: no
K: sanchay ,this tym it isn’t an request but an order so move away
AM: kunj ,y Ru being upset on him.
Leave yaar…hes still a kid
K: (let’s out a faint laugh)kid? Lyk srsly?
While sanchay makes a puppy face
S : achha aap yeah batao… bhabi had called na…what she said? Shaadi ke liye haan kehediya kya?

K: Sanchay u need to consult a psychiatrist…
As kunj struggles to move from der,sanchays words stops him…
S: Bindas muskurao kya gam hai,
Zindgi me tension kisko kam hai,
Yaad karne wale to bahut hai aapko,
Dil se ‘TANG’ karne wale to sirf HUM hai.
(Says dramatically)
This bought a cute smile on kunjs face.
AM made kunj to sit on sofa ,and on either side of him sat AM and sanchay

S: bhaiya mera shayaari kaisa tha?
Kunj waited for few seconds and then said, ‘ fab’

S: wow….per ,,,he stopped in midway looking confused
AM: per kya?
S: ab bhabi bhi aagayi na
Aapko tang karne ko aur pyaar karne KO,, says the later part less audibly
K: kya?
S: leave ol dat…
Tell na what did bhabi say..

By then kunj gets an impt col so he excuses himself and moves from der to attend it.

S: aaru I have a doubt
A: ur thinking abt kunj and latika na
S: exactly… Tume kaise pata chala
A: hmm..sanchay Teri dimaak toh bohot chote hai aur ussme sirf aur sirf doubt pade rahe the hai….aur abb tumhara zindagi ka sabse bada doubt kunj ke bare me hi hai…
Rahi baat tumhara bhaiya ka…me baas yeah kahunga ki abb twinkle usske liye sirf ek talented employee hai..usse zyada kuch nahi

S:per kisne kaha ki hamari company ki sabse creative personality meri bhabi nai bann sakti ?
AM: baat toh tu sahi kar raha hai
Vaise tum twinkle ke piche kyon pade ho
As much as I know, u NVR pestered kunj to accept any proposal nor enter any relationship till now..
Though u wud share kunjs personal number with those girls who HD crush on him, but u made sure that they NVR irritated kunj beyond limits…
Toh aachanak twinkle KO bhabi banaliya, mind me hi sahi..per phir bhi….

S: pata nahi..ussme kuch jaadu hai….jab bhi usse dekhta hoon na ,aisa lagta hai ki woh hamari adhuri family KO pura kar sakti hai, bhai ki chehehre per wo hasi muskhan waapas lauta sakti hai..
Actually issme meri selfishness bhi hai..

AM: selfishness? That u wud get yummy delicious food served everyday?

S: (smiles and gets from the couch) haan woh toh hai…saath mein kya pata mujhe meri maa wapas mil jayegi meri bhabi ke roop me….
To which AM smiles meekly☺☺

I always knew dat sanchay was more matured than Ol of us…though he acts funky….their is always a soft corner in him…
He’s funny,carefree and emotional too
U proved me ryt today sanchay…
End of POV

AM: issme selfish hone ki koyi baat nahi hai
But how cum I cudnt think of these many advantages we wud get if twinkle enters this house permanently.
Yummy delicious food..ummm…
Per what if twinkle doesn’t know to cook?

S:mein sikhadunga
AM: kya? Maggi banana ya paasta banana
Tujhe toh sirf yeah dono aate hai na..
S: aaru….yaar galti se bhi bhabi ke samne yeh mat kaho…
Meri izzat ka faluda ban jayega??
AM: ???? teek hai…
S: don’t worry …even if she doesn’t know to cook ,after eating bhais boring allu parantha repeatedly with no optn left she vl slowly learn to cook…
Aur uske baad hamara ek food factory hooga…bada wala..
Aur usska naam hooga…….

“Duffer sanchay ki aur bhi duffer wala paasta, hai na?” Kunj cut him short…he had jzz finished he’s talk over the phone

Looking at sanchays face both armaan and kunj bust out laughing…
A:wow….NYC name kunj…..appropriate
S: (irritated) haslo …..jee bharke haslo…
Jab meri bhabi aayegi na tab maza chadega..
And with dat he stromed out of the hall..
K: (still laughing) kiski bhaabi
AM: meri….
Suddenly kunj stops laughing
K:oh god! Now even u don’t start this drama jzz lyk sanchay..
And with dat kunj walked to he’s room..
AM: uff!!!!!!
Y does he react lyk this listening to the word bhabi?
By default he assumes our bhabi to b twinkle
Ajeeb hai!

As kunj entered he’s room which was dimly lit, he found those dairy papers on he’s study table…
He read ol of them once again ,yet again praising her thoughts..
They wud make a perfect piece of writing for the upcoming article..
‘But no…
How can I steal her ideas..its piracy
..I can’t do dat ‘ thout kunj
‘But u can at least start writing ur article based on such concepts’ he’s mind retorted
‘Gr8…I finally found a topic to write on’ thout kunj being content…
With dat he started typing on he’s laptop..
The article was sumwhere answering he’s own questions, he’s minds dilemma, and also the conclusions of the ideas of twinkle, answers to her questions ,he’s thoughts on her ideas and so on……….


Next morning:

Twinkles POV:
As I walked into my cabin, I knew I was very early today…since I had to work on the article kunj sir wud b giving me and complete mny other works related to designs and cover pics I had to sacrifice my beauty SLP..

Uff anyways…I luv my job…so y waste my tym in these baseless explanations which I give to myself..
I looked at kunjs cabin and I cudnt find him…actually my colleagues always says dat sir is usually early to work…
But he was no where to be seen…
Y sir twinkle? Jzz col him kunj…dats what he tells us to address him as…but we fail miserably…we ol have huge respect for him…he’s the best person to work under..
And moreover he’s charming…
Ohh twinkle jzz get back to work, I mentally knocked myself…
Uff!! Shd I address myself as twinkle or Latika..I bet no one wud have such doubt lyk mine..two names…so confusing…
But I lyk being called twinkle…it’s my cute and lovely nick name…
And kunj is handsome I thought…
Actually he jzz passed beside my cabin and casuals suits him best…
Every single girl in our office has a big crush on him and me?
My respect for him overpowers every other feeling for him…
I lyk him…dats it..nothing more….


Hope I didn’t put u to SLP with this LNG epi
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And thanks for ol those who commented on my previous episode…
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And do throw ur views on this episode..
I know it was booring but still I wud luv to read ur response…vl post the next epi tomorrow..

Precap: leap of 14 days ??

Maggi signing off
With loads of luv ?????

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