Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 16)

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Note: its the first luv story I’m writing and im very bad at it…
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Recap: kunj armaan and sanchay getting to know dat Latika is twinkle…

Part 16 —

The three stood glued to their positions..
Well an hour ago each one had given up their hopes on finding her…
But now ol the three knew who twinkle was…
Since they were in the middle of the office..
Kunj silently said them to cum to he’s cabin and ol three motioned towards kunj cabin

Inside cabin;
Their was a constant smile playing on he’s lips…he looked way more hot in dat smile which indicated victory and satisfaction
He pinched himself to check if was dreaming..
But no ,this tym god has been kind to him to lead him to twinkle ,he thought
He he’s none other than kunj..

Well AM and Sanchay were also smiling brightly..they cudnt believe their luck….

S: bhaiya ,sach me latika twinkle bhabi hai..?

This recieved weird looks from kunj and Armaan..
K: Y…u aren’t sure?
That’s what I was thinking ki how cum u duffer cracked this mystery…
AM and Kunj hi-fi ed leaving sanchay fuming..
K: par srsly sanchu, tumhe yeah doubt kaise hua..
S: Well actually what happened is….
Next 5 min sanchay described the incident in club where she returned he’s cell and wen he saw her this morning with the bracelet, he was doubtful as he cudnt remember her from last nyt..since he was high on alcohol

AM: sach me tu duffer hai…
Itna kuch hone ke baad tum usse baat kyon nai kia…
Apna doubt clear kyun nahi kiya…
S: woh u both were telling me abt professional manners na,I was jzz following it…?

AM: duffer ki duffer reh tu..
She returned ur cell back yesterday…so u had a good reason to talk to her..u cud have clarified that it ,was she who returned ur cell or no?

To which kunj jzz smiles and sanchay was busy justifying he’s point to Armaan..

K: but aaru, how did u get to know abt her?
AM: it’s destiny’s game…
Omi has cum back from trip and was here..he was more excited to tell me abt twinkle..he was pestering his mom from the morning to let him cum here..
He spotted twinkle in the campus and that’s wen I got to know her…

S: ohh…we had complety forgotten omi
K: ya
AM: And what’s ur story of finding her…
Kunj explains him abt how she was writing sum thing and yet their was no movement of ryt hand and the article regarding left handers…
AM: damn interesting story….
I mean coinindently we three found who twinkle is in three diff ways..while a Lil ago we had no lead to trace her…
S: yaa….Destiny!
AM: but kunj why didn’t latikas handwriting match yesterday?
K: maybe she wrote the report in ryt hand.. Dats the only possibility to our story..
And Google says that sum who r lefty but still makes use of ryt hand most of the tyms usually use their left hand for special tasks..
A: lyk writing diary!…sum thing very dear to them…she knows her handwriting in left hand is better than that of right..
K: yep…
S: uff!!!
At last everything is solved …
K: not everything
S: kyon ,kya baaki hai?
K: why was omi placing those papers and not she and how do he know her..?.
A: oh god! In pursuit of telling u abt twinkle I left omi alone in the entrance …I’l jzz check …
K: ohk

As sanchay moved out to receive a col kunj kept staring out of he’s window.

He felt relived and happy…

Kunjs POV :

I took a deep breath to let the feeling of happiness release all the stress I was carrying from past few days…
As I turned away from the window my gaze directly fell on a girl who had her back to me in her cabin…I know that cabin well bcz I had jzz visited it…
Yes it was her cabin…
Though I got to know who is she, I NVR remember seeing her…
An idea stuck me…
I opened her file which was stacked among the files containing employees details…
My bad luck!! Cursed my mind I cudnt find her photo their.
Disappointed I looked back at the same cabin …she still had her back towards me..
I need to change the orientation of that cabin so that wen she is sitted ,she faces me…

And where did aaru and sanchay go…I’m bored now I said mentally knocking myself , one last tym I glanced at her cabin..
No change in scenario..I still cudnt see her face..
Frustrated I put my head down and was rolling the paper weight in my hand..
I had no better work to do..

And then a heard a soft knock..
‘Its pia’ I thought
Come in ,I said trying to get back to work moode

End of POV

Kunj was expecting pia to fill he’s desk with some more files…but instead he heard a diff voice ,sweet and lovely, still he continued staring at the file she jzz placed b4 him..
Girl: sir, cud u plz finalize the article to be published in the upcoming weekly magazine
She got no response…
G: sir,u der?
K: yaa..I has jz finalising the topic for vl be ready by max 2 days..
It was lie…
Actually kunj was lost in her voice…
But still made no attempts to look at the owner of the voice..
Pretended to read the file she had bought.

Their convo was disturbed by Sanchays entry…
As soon as Sanchay saw her ,he was superb happy…at last ,he thought

As both continued their convo , Sanchay was passing smiles at kunj,and each tym kunj gave him weird look..
Since the girl was standing at the extreme corner…while kunj looked at sanchay he cudnt see her and moreover he was pissed off due to he’s failed attempts to catch a glimpse of twinkle..

Sanchays POV :
Thanks a lot babaji…
At last they came face to face…
But why is bhaiya acting so formal …
I mean after so many failed attempts we got to know abt bhabi…and now she is ryt in front of he’s eyes and he is not even looked at her…
May be its one of the rules mentioned in ‘Professional manners’ manual…?

K: Well ur handling creative section of the magazine?
I thought ur section director wud handle that..,still head deep buried in he’s lappy

The lady talent passed him a weird smile..
Sanchay saw this..

‘What has happened to bhaiya…??
Ohh I don’t think he knows who he’s talking to..’ Thought sanchay analyzing deeply

Kunjs POV:

I peeped back to see twinkles cabin..and Ol of a sudden she wasn’t der?
Where did she go? Actually Twinkle was supposed to handle this being the creative director..
I brushed her thoughts to focus’s on the girl standing in my cabin…

‘u vl get the details of the article by tomorrow Miss….’ I paused ….not knowing her name…trying to search for it in the file I held
‘Latika’ came a polite reply…
‘Ohk Miss Latika’ I said
Then the reality struck me..
What the heck !!!
I looked up to meet her eyes…
And i swear my heart skipped a beat ,She’s beautiful, my heart whispered beating a Lil faster ….

And she has got mesmerizing eyes…
Twinkling eyes…
She is latika!!! God… twinkle is standing b4 me from past 10 min and I’m busy searching her everywhere……
And to add on to this blunder, I said her dat I was expecting her director to handle this..She herself is the creative director..
End of POV

K: Sorry, I didn’t know the creative director at TEENS by face..
L: (smiles) its OK sir..
Kunj smiled brightly…
Next 10 min he extended the discussion and was stealing glances at her…


She has an enchanting smile, said he’s mind..
When ur mind and heart are involved in same doings its difficult to concentrate, he made a mental note smiling ear to ear .

Soon kunj saw twinkle moving back to her cabin…
She took her seat and got busy in her work…
‘ first and foremost I need to change the orientation of her cabin’ thought kunj being unable to c her…

And kunj had no idea that twinkle sitting in her cabin was also smiling brightly…

Sanchay saw kunj staring at twinkles cabin..
S: bhaiya don’t worry I vl change the orientation of bhabis cabin?
K: What?
‘How cum he heard what I thought’ said less audibly..
S: Aap ne kuch kaha?
K: nai ,kuch nai


Guys sorry I cudnt include any proper scene of twinj..
Well by now u ppl may have got know how pathetic my writing is in this luv track!!
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Precap: Twinkles POV

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