Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 15)

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This epi is posted for chiku…
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This part has too many POVs
And its lng…
Sry if I boore anyone…

Recap: kunj short lishted 4 lady talents,among which one is twinkle he thout..sanchay to go and assign them the task to find abt their handwriting…

Part 15 —

Kunjs POV:

I was fiddling with my watch..
It’s been half an hour now and sanchay has gone to collect the reports from them.

The excitement to finally c twinkle had over taken my senses…I agree I was nervous… I am damn nervous…
What if she isn’t one of them?
What if the info in the paper was wrong?
What if on the 1st place these papers weren’t meant for me?
May b for sumone else?
Jzz a thought of sum one else shook me…
If I don’t find matching handwriting then I don’t hv any lead to trace her…
These questions prefixed with ‘what if’ are pondering my Lil brain at great speed..
Poor brain ,I shud HV said…but currently my mind is too preoccupied to sympathies with my brain…

Im desperate to meet her not bcz I have developed sum strong feelings for her,as sanchay puts it..
But bcz I want to thank her enough for being an intrsting part…
I do agree I hve feelings for her,but those feelings are lyk the one u have on ur fav celebrity…
Above all stands respect for her…
She has an unbeatable intrsting personality, I want to know her better…
Hope the result of our task isn’t negative..
Hope my silent prapers get answered
I saw sanchay cuming with the papers…
At last!!!!

End of POV

Sanchay pushed the cabin door to let his brothers know abt the papers…
Kunj had warned him dat ,he wud be 1st person to c those handwriting so sanchay didn’t look at the papers to find who hez bhabi was….although he was trying to c them chupke chupke, he cudnt c properly..

@ cabin

S: bhaiya…take these,as I promised I didn’t c them ,,,,which was partly true and partly wrong
He had seen the handwriting of the top paper…it was Sakshis and it didn’t match…
‘Ly 3 to go’ he thought as he handed them to kunj…

In a frac of sec kunj spread those papers on the table and checked them..


He swapped the papers in this order…

He’s nightmare came true…
None of them matched twinkles handwriting…
A look on he’s face was enough for AM to understand that their only plan was unsuccessful…
A sense of helplessness took over them..
They didn’t have plan B either..

Three of them sitting in cafeteria thout ,how playful their destiny was….

Kunjs POV :

The harder I try, the gr8ter I fail…
I mean I was so much yearning to c this mystery girl…I know she has a name…twinkle…
Twinkle yaar im no longer interested in playing this hide and seek…
I need to c u…know abt u…ryt now…
The only clue we had proved to be of no use..
Now what to do…
I thout ur my well wisher…but no ,y Ru so secretive…
Only this hot coffee understands my problem ,I thout as i continued stiring it cluelessly….

I don’t think v vl ever be able catch twinkle…
I and sanchu dreamt of her being our bhabi but she isn’t ready to show up..
Luv story is far beyond thought…
I saw kunj who was sitted ryt in front of me ,he was as clueless as me…
And sanchu was sitting beside me checking he’s insta…
He must have been more disappointed than me of not finding our bhabi, I thout
Sipping my cold coffee, to calm my nerves

Sanchays POV:
Yàar god tussi gr8 hoo..
Itna gr8 ki me apkoo bata bhi nai sakta..
Aap toh hamare last chance bhi cheenliya
Ab mai bhabi KO kaise dundu…
Me Maggi kaha ki boore hogaya hoon..
Socha ki agar bhabi aagayi toh mujhe nayi nayi, yummy dishes banake kilayegi…
Par abb mera kuch nahi hoo Sakta…
And I orderd yet another plate of Maggi..

As I swapped through my gallery to put a display pic for insta…
I came across a pic..
My eyes welled up…
Papa mamma…
Its a family pic taken b4 dat dreadful incident, in which I lost my everything…
I stared at it…I missed them each day..
I needed them by my side to take mny such family pics…but …I longer had dat chance…
Everyday I saw my frnds fighting with their parents over phone….
They don’t know their value..
By the tym they wud get to know, everything wud have been over..jzz lyk as it happened in my case..

I was in Hstl ryt from 8th grade I didn’t get much tym to spend with them…
The thought of family tour dat day excited me to top notch levels…atlast I had my holidays and a family tour was all I cud HV wished for….Lil did I know dat ,it wud be last tym I wud see them b4 they were gone forever as the water took them way ryt in front of my eyes…..
From dat day ol I have is kunj bhaiya and aaru…

Bhaiya pretends to be strong for me…but I know he’s broken inside…
And with these beautiful papers following I saw my old bhaiya back …happy..carefree..
I thanked god dat day as he had sent happiness in the form of those papers,my bhabi..
At last our family wud be complete I thout…
But NO……

The plate full of Maggi was in front of me and though I luv Maggi to the core I felt it hard in my throat…
I kept my phone on the table and wiped my tears b4 anyone cud see it…

AM: what next?
K: donno
AM: hmm
K: I think we had enough coffee …let’s go??
AM: hmm…

They went back to the cabin collected their stuff and drove back home..
AL of them kept quite during the drive
..they didn’t know what to talk abt…

@ home
Late evening:

S: aaru have u seen my cell?
AM: no ,y u misplaced it?
S: may be ..I’m not finding it…
AM: wens the last tym u saw it…
Did u by any chance drop it back in the cafe?
I had seen u checking posts on insta..
S: oh yaa ryt….I had kept it on the table.,..
AM: go and get it..
S: yep…

As sanchay entered the campus and parked he’s car..the surrounding was silent.. it was past office hours….the office was almost empty…
But the cafe was as usual open to serve those who were still their at office ..
he went staright to the cafe ..he didnt find he’s cell on the table where he had left it few hours ago..
He went to the cafe manager..

S: hey I had actually left my cell on the table No 9
Have u by any chance seen it….
CM: oh yaa sir…one of ur employee took the responsibility to return it back to u..
U didn’t get it yt?
S: Well I had gone home aftr dat may be he\she didnt find me…
By the what’s he’s or her name
CM: well sir it was she…but I m not remembering her name …its sumting from S nai L nai shayaad G se tha….nai nai
I’m sorry sir im not remembering her name but I can recognize her…
S: its ok…
May be she vl return it back to me tomorrow..
CM: teek hai sir..
S: thanks
And with dat sanchay left from der…

K: let’s go out we all need a break from this search operations..
S: bhai let’s go to pub…what say?
Its been LNG tym ,we three hvant rocked the stage..
AM: yaa… We need some distraction..
Let’s enjoy the nyt lyf..
K: ohk I’m in!

All three smiled and went to their favorite club..
Kunj was dressed up in black and white, sanchay in maroon and armaan in blue
They were looking sizzling hot..
As soon as they entered girls around in the party gave them an appreciative look…
They jzz smiled in reply..

Sanchay saw a beautiful girl dressed in white …she lookd adorable…
She was slightly elder to him…
‘May be my twinkle bhabi wud look the same’ he thout

Kunj and armaan had settled with breezers
Sanchay started with tequila shorts…
He gulped thm one by one

Yaar I thout kunj wud be the one who wud gulp down the shots but this sanchay is getting crazier with each tequila shot..
May be I and kunj shd drink in limits to carry sanchu back home…

Sanchays condition:
After few shots…alcohol had taken over him partially…
As he moved towards the bar counter to get sum more shots…
The same beautiful girl dressed in white appeared in front of him…by now he’s vision was a bit blur…but he identified her as the same girl he had seen earlier…
She quickly opened her hand bag and gave him sumting…
He noticed a daggling twinkling bracelet around her wrist…which had many stars
The loud music made it impossible for him to hear her…
With dat she went off..
He looked at the thing which she had given him…it was he’s mobile..

Next morning…

Sanchay held he’s head in he’s hands….aaru stood their holding lemonanda
S: did I pass out yesterday?
K: no but u had a Lil more shots then u cud manage..
S: ohh
He drank the lemonanda…

Three of them left to office…
As kunj and AM moved in….sanchay stood their trying to comprehend sum thing…
He saw a girl their..

Sanchays POV :
Is she same girl who returned my mobile last nyt in the club?
I noticed her left hand…
She still had dat bracelet around her wrist…
She is by any chance twinkle..??
He glanced at her name plate…
She is one of them whom bro had shortlisted…but her handwriting didn’t match …
I heard aaru coling me …I went from their.
With a new confusion pestering me..
Is she my bhabi????

@ office…
Break tym:
As kunj was scrolling he’s fb page feeling boored he saw a girl at one of the cabin writing sum thing but her ryt hand wasn’t moving…..she sat a bit cross to him so he cudnt see her face clearly from hes cabin…….

Kunjs POV:
It seems lyk she is penning down sumting ….. but she isn’t making use of her ryt hand …weird..

As I shifted my gaze back to my phone…
On of the fb post caught my attention…
I read it and looked back into the cabin where the girl was der a few mins ago..
Oh crap!!!
Why didn’t this possibility strike me b4
The girls right hand wasn’t moving and still I felt lyk she is writing sum thing…
She is left handed!!!!
I quickly ran to her cabin….
She wasn’t der .I jzz peeped in ….sum colorful paper was still lying on her table which was left incomplete..
It was sum bday greeting to a girl named neeru…
Gracious god!!!!
Its the same handwriting…..
I looked at the name plate…
And her designation….

On the other side..

Aaru meet oms mom and om..
Am: hi aunty….hey om…
When did om cum from the trip..
A: hi beta…he came today morning..
From morning he is pestering me to take him to u…donno y…so I came here…
AM: dats alright aunty….we were missing him too…u leave him here I vl bring him back in the evening…
A: ok aaru beta…I vl leave now..
AM: teek hai aunty..
Once aunty left…

Om: bhaiya…u got to know abt di..
It took sum tym for AM to understd what om was speaking abt…
Then it hit him…it was abt twinkle..
Due to these sudden events AM had forgotten dat om knew ol abt who twinkle was..
Suddenly he became hopeful.

AM: hey omi…her name is twinkle ryt? It was her diary ryt?
O: ya bhaiya

Suddenly omi spots Someone
Omi: hey how cum twinkle di is here.
AM was shocked…
AM: where is she ( looking around)
O: their
Armaan looks towards where omi had pointed he’s finger….
AM: omg!!! she is the same girl who had dashed me dat day…..
She is a new employee too…
If I’m not wrong…she is the creative director of our company..
Dats what purple signifies….
I need to tell kunj ol abt it….

He meets kunj near sumones cabin…
Both pass smiles to each other not knowing the other one already knows abt twinkle…..b4 they cud tell each other…
Sanchay pops in..
S: is twinkle di Latika? ..the creative director of TEENS!!!
AM + kunj: YEP….
‘But how did u know??’ Three of them screams in unison, felling excited and shocked at the same tym…

Three of them look at each other not knowing how did the other two solve her mystery…


So guys…….
Twinkle is Latika……..
Only lashia guessed it ryt…
I had to mislead u guys so I introduced sweet pia in the 1st part itself ??
and as exceptd majority of guessed it as pia
And any further confusions vl get cleared in nxt part…

Too many povs boored u ryt??
Sry for dat…
But tell me hw was it…?
Did I reach ur expectations…
And silent readers plz do comment…
If anyone has ever read my ff plz comment…I need to know ur views on this relevation….
And ya I vl now start replying to ur comments ,sry for the delay…


Maggi signing off
Loads of luv ???

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