Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 12)” Happy bday sayu di once again”

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And ammu had asked me for a short summary…
Kunj is a leading figure in the field of journalism…he has set up he’s own magazine company named TEENS
He manages it with he’s bestie armaan
Who is an emerging singer…
But categorically hates rain due to he’s dark past
Sanchay is kunjs  younger bro whos only deed is nautiness..
Om lovingly called omi is armaans cousin studying in 5th std who lives near kunjs home lane and armaan picks Him up and drops him to skol which is near their office..everyday
Most of tym omi plays in kunjs office,in morns and eves
The three big boys luv each other a lot and share an unbreakable bond…
From one fine morning kunj starts receiving a piece of paper which seemed lyk torn carelessly from a diary
He starts wondering when every morning  he finds a fresh paper on he’s office table..
But he is highly impressed by the persons thoughts and the beautiful handwriting..
In one of the paper he gets to know that it is a girl writing it..
We get to know that kunjs parents were washed of by heavy rain  ryt in front of hes eyes when he was 20…from DAT day he startd hating rain…eventually for the first tym after that incident he breaks down on one rainy evening and vents out he’s emotions b4 armaan..
Kunj through he’s presence of mind gets
To know that those diary pages written in purple ink which resembled dark black blue combination.. And gets to know that every ‘O’ she writes has a point at its center..he wonders y vl anyone maintain their diary in purple…to which he concludes that the color the person uses to write such things depicts their personality and purple stands for mystery ,creativity,imagination, royality
He also tells that he knows that calligraphy where they write O in such a way but is not remembering where he has seen DAT…
Now omi is gng to sum trip and had cum to office along with armaan ,where kunj was wondering y he didn’t recieve fresh paper DAT day..
Om looks at ol the old papers written my mystery girl kept on the paper and stares at them trying to comprehend..
Now the present epi….

As promised here iz the next part…..
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Part 12 —

S: they seem lyk carelessly torn pages of sumones dairy nai?
O: (innocently) Yaa and I have torn them from the  diary
Kunj+sanchay+ armaan: What????

Ol the three stood glue to their ground…
It took sum tym for the three of them to digest and believe what they HD heard from a seconds ago…
By then oms mom had entered the cabin and took him to the corner in order to not to disturb kunj was convincing om on sum thing..
But om was not agreeing to her ..
B4  the three cud understand what was happening..
Om came back running to the table

Kunj spoke with the speed of light..
K: what’s her name?,where dose she live?how u know her? and how u got her diary? and y did u…..
B4 kunj cud complete om’s mom comes their panting
Aunty: om ‘lips sealed’!!!
(Puts plaster to he’s mouth)
Enough of ur tantrums….come ,ur teachers are waiting for u …the bus is ready to move….

While hez mom quickly  drags him out of the cabin ,Om picks a pen in hurry nd then quickly drops it and hurridly picks another pen and scribbles something on the paper in a nano second..
Ol kunj cud see was Om’s mom dragging him out of the cabin and eventually out of the office…
Sanchay and armaan stood their lyk a statue…
Though each of the three boys wanted to stop om and get their doubt’s clarified but their feet refused to move…
S: Om was dng Ol this?
A: tough to believe..
S: but y?
K: don’t know

The three slowly walked to the edge of the table where they had seen om scribbling something b4 being dragged away by he’s mother..
Kunj saw the scribbling and cudn’t comprehend anything…
AM took it from kunjs hand and gave a weird look to kunj to which kunj reciprocated with the same feeling..
AM: what can a ‘star’ mean..
(Om HD drew a star on the paper)

K: but to draw this star why did he change the pen
S: may be the ink had got over in it?
He received death glare from kunj and aaru
Kunj saw the star scribbled hurriedly over the paper

Kunjs POV:
Why did om change the pen?
I took the other pen he had dropped on the table..
Then it struck me!
Om HD dropped the blue ball pen and took the glitter pen to draw the tiny star ☆
But y?
I mean I was asking him her name,address and how  had her got her diary and ol that..
So this means he scribbled the ans to one of  my ques!
But to which ques?
And y a glitter pen?
Star can only indicate her name…
And a star glittering!!!
What cud be her name???

Armaan tapped kunjs shoulder which bought him out of he’s thoughts
A: it cud be her name ryt?
Armaan had guessed what kunj was thinking…
K: yaa…
By then armaan explained it to sanchay,and kunj  was yet again lost in thinking
A: a star drawn in  glitter pen!
K: A glittering star!
S: oh this is lyk twinkle twinkle Lil star!!(he said smiling)
Kunjs eyes sudden had a glitter in them..
K: This is ryt! It had to be a twinkling star which the obvious conclusion is ….
Her name is twinkle , he said feeling relieved..
Now at least he knew her name…
I wud soon get to know the rest he thought with gleaming hope dancing in he’s eyes…

S: oh my bhabis name is twinkle!
Twinkle bhabi !! It sounds so cute naa

Sanchay cudnt control he’s excitement ,at last he hd got to know her name…
‘Now its gonna be fun ,I can tease bhaiya now’ he thought
But suddenly something struck him
S: but how vl we get to know where she lives
K: hey aaru jzz col the teacher who have accompanied om on the trip ..then we can ask ol abt her to Om
A: that’s a gud idea…
I vl collect  the teachers numbers from the skool in the evening..
K: gr8

At office:
A: hey I got the req cell numbers he said happily…
Finally the mystery vl unravel he thought
K: gr8…
Try those numbers..

For the next half an hour he tried ol those number repeatedly but to their bad luck none got connected…
After some tym armaan came back to the cabin with another bad news…
From he’s aunt(oms mom) he had got to know that trip was in sum far away place which wudnt support any mobile network!
And they had sent om jzz bcz one of the teacher going along with them was aunts frnd

Kunj was visibly disappointed…
When they had thought that dey had got the lead to unravel the purple mistress,
Now they realized jzz getting or may be guessing her name was not enough…
They were back to square one!

At nyt:
Kunjs home:
Kunj was silently looking @ the clear sky leaning towards the railing in the balcony.
The moon was shining brightly but what caught he’s eyes were the million and billions of stars resting on a open sky..
‘Twinkle’ he murmed to himself staring at the bright tiny pieces which had lit up the dark sky in harmony with moon…
That is wen kunj realized that he wud no longer get those beautiful papers since om has on the trip…
He felt dejected….he wanted her papers to guide him ,motivate him…
Though this way of getting guided,advised by a piece of paper by a unknown girl was strange but it had helped him certain way to again back his lost confidence..
Reading those beautiful and meaningful lines made him regain he’s hopes In lyf..
Lyf can NVR be a lost battle he had thout
But now he cud no longer have any fresh piece of paper waiting for him the next day…
He had eventually got habituated to them…

Kunjs POV:
‘ u have beautiful thouts twinkle and u pen them down  even more beautifully’
But how to find u yaar…
And where to find u?
But their is sum thing which is still striking me, when ever I read ur paper I fell lyk I know those words…lyk im familiar with them…
May be that calligraphy vl give me yet another lead..
But where have I seen that???
I’m thinking hard but by mind isn’t able to suport the speed at which my brain is checking each possiblity of the numerous permutation and combinations which have occupied my tiny Lil brain…
NVR mind…
Sumting says me I vl find u soon…
Hope it cums true

Once he’s thouts came to an end he gazed at one of star shining brightly…
It may be ‘Sirus’ (the brightest star) he thought

On the other side a girl resting on one of  the chair cross legged supported by the cushion in her balcony Is watching the moving clouds carefully…
The moon light has enhanced her glory
She was resting her chin on her right palm
And  looking at the the stars trying to impress the moon she tout
.’when vl my prince charming impress me that way,vl he ever?
When he’s entry destined in my lyf?’
She was falling in luv with the nyt sky..
She sat their staring at a bright star, it’s probably ‘Sirus’ she thought

Precap: calligraphy mystery revealed

So my sweeties,how was it?
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