Twinj: A journey that led to U ❤ (part 3)


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Recap: introduction of Sanchay and Armaan

Twinj: A journey that led to U ❤       (part 3)

So let’s start with the part 3 —

It was a beautiful evening….The sun was slowly  drowning into the deep  sea making way for a  chilly ni8…….the dark clouds had  already occupied the large portion of the sky…….seemed lyk the hevean was ready to pour a loads of happiness kick starting the monsoon…….

Monsoon in India is no less than a festival; which along with scary thunderstorm and sizzling lightening brings first glimpse of happiness for the farmers…….It sets up an thrilling environment for the  kiddos …….
And for the lovers; romance fills the air….

When everyone was busy welcoming the heavenly drops to the holy earth, enjoying the soothing fragrance of the wet soil their remained a soul to whom rain meant only pain….the same pain he had undergone the previous vl prove to be the same pain he wud undergo @ the next sunshine…

Kunj moved towards the glass window ,he cud see the sky go black and dark and in no tym it started drizzling…unknowingly he started tracing the 1st droplet that fell on the clear glass window……hez thoughts got switched to the incident  in which he had lost everything…….A void which would NVR be filled….
He’s thoughts started ruffling and began  playing the same old blame game….

Kunjs POV :

Its usually said that luv is the best feeling in the world….And motherly luv is one such aspect which is priceless….
(He gazes out of the window at lights situated far of land leading way to the pitch darkness)
Had I asked for something lavish that  today I’m deprived of something I humble for @ every passing second???……All I had asked was a happy tym with my family…..
Or is that im not worth it???

Its been a LNG tym since that incident took place but still as I wake up everyday to the morning sun I curse god for turning  deaf when I needed him the most ….. I know that entirely he was not @ fault,as he gotta listen to millions of prayers with each passing second……….
but that day one of the earnest prayer was mine…………………………                                    A failed prayer!!!

Hez thoughts were disturbed as someone placed their hands on he’s shoulder…
Kunj blinked he’s eyes once more to clear hez vision, took a deep breath and turned around…..He found Armaan staring @ him…..

Kunj passed a faint smile to which Armaan reciprocated still fixed he’s gaze @ he’s besti….

KS: Sanchay has gone home??
AM: nahi , Abhi tak toh nahi….shayaad nayi gf banane ki thayaari mein uljha hua hai!!!
To which both of them smiled….
AM joined him …Now both  were looking outside the window particularly gazing @ nothing…..

Armaan knew DAT kunj was distressed and wudnt lyk to discuss abt it….but armaan wasn’t that kind of frnd who wud allow he’s friend to stay in dark….
They both stood glued to their positions…
Kunj knew Armaan wudnt go from their unless he spoke….

K : ( begins slowly) Aaru… tum kehete hoo na ki shiddat se mangaa hua aisa koi mannat nahi  hai jisse khuda na pura kar sake …..

AM : hmm

K: per tum galat hoo…… Asli zindagi mein aisa kuch nahi hoota
(Says  with pain in his voice…shoulders drooped and sounds defeated)

Kunj rarely called his frnd as Aaru….but wenevr he’s subconscious mind took control over him, aaru wud be the  1st name he wud spit out……..

AM: kuch chesee kisi ke haat mein nahi hote…. khuda ka bhi nahi…..
Baas we need to learn to be happy with the things we have got ….
Don’t be disheartened that the reason for ur happiness is snatched away from u…Be happy that u had that reason at least @ sum point of tym…
Baas we need to learn to live with those memories……
AM knew that kunj tried to stand strong for sanchays sake …now as sanchay was the only reason kunj lived ……

Kunj composes himself admires AMs ways of handling problems( to himself)

Though AM was 2 years younger to kunj ( meaning he’s also 2 years elder to sanchay) but had gr8 presence of mind…He was the  elder bro to kunj which he NVR had….

As armaan went to bed dat ni8 the only wish he made was to ask the almighty to bring happiness back in kunjs lyf in any possible form….
Lil did AM knew DAT he’s wishes wud be  granted soon …. 

As the rain stopped after pouring continuously for 3 hours , the surroundings went back to silent mode….Its usually said ” calm b4 the Strom?” indicating disaster but god had some other plans for KS……this tym a storm wud be followed by calmness leaving behind the disaster to pave way for a new start?

Well a new breezy morning bought a new set of works for KS and AM where as  for sanchay it bought new opportunities to play pranks….

@ office;
KS was very busy due to the launching of new column  which wud demand more responsibilities and even more fine effort
He had tried finding a file from past half an hour but ended up in nothing other than a messed up table…..To make the matter worse Tanmay had placed some files on he’s table wen kunj was out for a coffee…. Kunj was pissed of by now and canceled the meeting as he cudnt get the impt file needed for their discussion @ conference hall…….

*Tanmay works as associative executive @ TEEN

In the next second the papers which were messed up on hez table were flying around in the cabin…

KS : Sanchay close the godamn window …who the heck said u to open it???
By now AM had entered the cabin who was kinda shocked @ the scenario as kunj usually maintained he’s cabin  neatly…
AM helped KS in collecting the papers as he noticed DAT Sanchay jzz stood their shifting he’s gaze from one paper to another  and  made no attempt to help….

KS : Sanchay today isn’t Sunday that u vl come here to  screw our tym so jzz get back to CLG…nd no more pranks on the new deen …!!(sternly)?

S: tek hai……jaaraha hoon…(disappointed)

K: Sun….doopehar ka kaha maat bulna…
Kuch accha ,healthy kahalena….

AM smiles @ kunjs concern…
Sanchay cums back gives a side hug to kunj…and walks towards the door..

K: ek aur baat….if u cum early from CLG don’t even think of cuming to office…I don’t want to c u b4 dinner …….????

Now AM burst out laughing while Sanchay stormed out of the office with full attitude in order to avoid any eye contact with  Armaan???

AM excused himself as he got a col…
KS noticed a piece of paper lying @ one of the table corner….he picked it up…The paper wasn’t the sort which is used for office requirements.
It had beautiful handwriting which read –

Kahi koh nah jaavu inn samunder mein
Inn leharo ki paagalpann mein
Baeti rahoon kinare pe yeh soch kar
Kab dooge dastak mere dil ki darwaze par

Kunj was so absorbed in the beautiful hamdwritting that it took him a sec to get back to hes senses….

How was it??? Boring????
Which incident was kunj referring to???
And why he considered rain as a symbol of pain….
Has he lost faith in god ? If yes then why?
How’s handwriting was it? How did it land on kunjs table???  And what vl kunj do with it????

U vl get answers to Ol  dese ques one by one as the story progresses ….
Until then keep guessing
Plz do share ur thoughts abt it…..
Plz drop ur views below along with the guesses….

Looking forward for ur comments……
Ur suggestions are always welcomed…☺

Precap: more about the piece of paper

Well its 2:20 am now
Gotta SLP ,??

Maggi Signing off
With loads of luv???

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  1. Shreya098

    Fabulous maggi…
    U write beautifully…

    And those lines on the paper.. I looved them..❤❤

    1. Maggi

      Tqs a lot dear for ur appreciation??
      I’m glad that u lykd it…?

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous…suspense full epi….eagerly waiting for next part..

    1. Maggi

      Tqs yaar…I’m happy that ur lyking it???

  3. Anam_sidhant

    It was fantastic❤❤❤

  4. Hey maggi
    awesome epic eagerly waiting to know what happen with kunj in past.

    1. Maggi

      I’m glad that I was able to create the suspense …..tqs for the commenting?

  5. Baby

    ohhhhhhhh god maggi di finally 2day i m nt late
    hehe luvd it 2 d eternity yup dose questions r arising konsa paper handriting or pain rain
    family past mayb bhot kuch cant w8 di post asap luvd it………..luv u di amazing fabulous…….

    1. Maggi

      Tysm baby for the sweet comment?
      I was luking forward for ur comment…
      And ur guesses r ryt dear….

  6. Kruti

    I am spell bound…….seriously I have no words to describe anything abt d epi…..anything I am gonna tell is gonna b tooooooo less

    A perfect piece of writing……each nd every bit was just way beyond description
    Loved it
    Just cant wait for twinkle’s entry
    Post d nxt one asap

    1. Maggi

      Awe? kruti!!! Ur comment always make me blush???
      I’m very glad that I reached ur expections
      Tqs for the lovely comment dear ???

  7. Angita


    1. Maggi

      Tqs angita?

  8. SidMin

    Loved the epiosde and intresting” the papaer ” has a lot to tell us and i think it is written by Twinkle
    Love you ?
    Post soon

    1. Maggi

      Tqs for the sweet comment yaar….yep ur ryt the paper has got lot more to tell☺
      And abt the guess …u ol r tracking it ryt☺☺

  9. Awesome

    1. Maggi

      Ty Sana☺☺

  10. Sameera

    Woah yaar awesome amazing loved the peace of writing awesome yaar
    Do cont soon

    1. Maggi

      Tq u sammu di ??
      I’m glad DAT u lykd the piece of writing?
      Vl post soon ?

  11. Chiku

    Waiting for next one

    1. Maggi

      Chikuuuu!!!! Tqs for ur love dear….vl post soon☺☺☺

  12. Wow such a beautiful piece of writing.. I admire your writing skills.. I simply love it.. today’s epi was superb.. and KS’s line “I don’t want to see u before dinner” was ??.. and those lines in the piece of paper was beautiful?? I thnk twinkle wrote it n maybe something happened in the past with kunj’s family that’s why he considers rain as pain.. well it’s just a guess.. do cont soon ?

    1. Maggi

      Awww SidVee tqs for such a beautiful and long comment….☺
      I’m glad u lykd that funny dialogue? and dose words on paper too?
      Tqs for ur appreciation dear….it means a lot?. Well regarding the past ur tracking it ryt…….

  13. Hey maggi
    Awesome dear
    Bt upto late night u will wake up
    It’s nt good fr ur health na
    So do take caare

    1. Maggi

      Yaa dear ur ryt but I usually finish my CLG assignment s By 10:30 then I slowly start writing…so how much ever I try the clock strikes 2 by the tym I finish….
      But thanks a lot for ur concern dear???
      And I vl try slping early☺
      I’m glad ur lyking the track….

  14. Jiya_Ani

    Maggi di…beautiful!.. Such a great peace.. Soo good..I am sorry I missed the previous part due to exams but I read that too was amazing…
    I loved it ❤❤

    1. Maggi

      No need to be sorry yaar..☺
      I’m glad that ur lyking the track…
      Tqs for the support ?

  15. Sayeeda

    ?????????????????????????????……u deserve more applauses than this yrrr ….Really every time u make me speechless…. ur ff is really boundless in terms of appreciation…

    Each nd every word in that piece of paper was so well written….. I’m so anxious for Twinkle’s entry… looking forward for upcoming episodes….

    loved the whole episode to the core…..

    love you????

    1. Maggi

      Tqs a loads di…….????
      And u always making me speechless with ur sweet comments……???
      Ur appreciation means a lot to me….I’m glad that I cud reach up to the expectations..?
      And abt twinkis entry u vl have to wait a Lil longer…… ?
      Ur comment iz srsly making me blush?
      I vl post the next one soooon….
      Loads of love and affection?????

  16. Ayu

    Shoo shorry for commenting late!!
    But yaar u know that ur a fab writer?? Ur a living english dictionary!! If only u could accompany me in the exams!!!
    N i loved the AM wala part???
    It was all in all amazing!!!
    N pls dont tell me to indulge in that guessing-guessing game cuz everytime mera popat ban jaata hai…leaving the work to the pro?
    Love u noodles!

    1. Maggi

      ☺☺☺ ayu……
      I was lukin forward for ur comment and here ur…..I am glad DAT u lykd it….regarding accompanying u to xm I vl finish my internals vl come to ur block as invigilator???? what say???
      And abt guessing don’t worry dear once or the other tym u vl surely guess it ryt☺☺
      And don’t be sry yaar….I’m glad u commented ???

      1. Ayu

        Yaar ho sake to aa jaana..vause bhi vaqt kharab chal raha hai!???

  17. Hey maggi!!!
    I loooved ur ff..
    I was all smiling throughout the read of ur ff…
    Its too fab!!
    Hope to read more of ur ff…?

    1. Maggi

      Tqs dear☺
      Ur appreciation means a lot? ?

  18. Romaisha

    Heyy dear! Your ff is going seriously wonderful! ???
    But if u get time can u please post eng translations with it? Well that’s if u get time .. I don’t wanna be a pain to u ?l
    Love you! Post soon ❤

    1. Maggi

      Hey romu….I vl surely post the English translations…..and y vl u be pain for me… Im very glad u commented….❤❤❤
      The next part is posted if u get tym do read it….
      Tqs a loads for u support…???
      And I vl add the translations from part 5

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