Twinj: A journey that led to U ❤ (part 2)

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Twinj: A journey that led to U ❤   (part 2)

Recap: Character sketch of KS

Well the epi starts with hulchal at office as everyone greets each other and gets comfortable in their respective cubicles

Every employee of TEEN knows that he/she is lucky to b part of this magazine… unlike other companies they
weren’t restricted when it cums to expressing ideas…they were supported in every step ,above all their talent was valued, age was never considered to be a limit…

Ppl @ TEEN were recognized not by their posts but by their knowledge and creativity…
They always felt homely in their workplace  and enjoyed certain liberties… Moreover they had gr8 respect for their mentor who always considered them as colleagues and not employees….For he was a man with gr8 insight , out of the box thinking and appreciated hard work…well these characters are not common for some one @ the tender age of 25..
At the age ppl usually complete their degree and wud be struggling to get settled with handsome salary ,KS was way ahead of them…He had built an empire of he’s own….

Often he was the center of discussion among hez  female employees for he’s gr8 physique and charming looks?

Now tell me who doesn’t lyk to work with someone who has got brilliant ideas and appealing looks?  Whose smile has the capacity to wipe of ol ur tensions!!!??

A handsome boy of around 21years walks into the beautiful maintained cabin and relaxes himself on the cozy chair belonging to the editor in cheif….he’s jzz been informed that the company is launching a new column named ‘A few words’ ….He looks @ the pile of files related to it neatly placed on the table and pretends to go through it nd makes a cute sad face….
Then  looks @ the ceiling and says dramatically –
Hey bhagvan samjha Karo ki mein bhi ek jawaan hoon
Samjha Karo ki mein bhi ek jawaan hoon
Fursat toh de mujhe inn kaamo se ke mein duniya KO chilla chilla kehe saku ki mein bhi ek jawaan hoon……

Kunj who hd finishd he’s  meeting a while ago was standing near the door and was watching the other persons drama, silently nods his head and thinks Not again…. moves in  nd confronts the other person

KS : Tumhe office ka raasta kaisa yaad aagaya aur aisa kyu dialogue maar rahe ho jaise tum iss company ka maalik ho aur duniya ka saara bhooj tum aapna khande par uttaliya ??

The other  person gets up from the chair and says : Oo hoo bhai aapne woh add nahi dekhe hai kya jisme kehte hai na ‘joo tera hai woh mera hai ‘ ??delivering yet another dramatic dialogue

KS : Sanchay agar  tuhmara yeh dialogue  baazi katam hogaya toh  tum chup chap ghar  chaley jaana  …….

(Well now its revealed that the other person is Sanchay ,kunjs younger brother who carries loads of naughtiness with him??) 

Sanchay dosen’t pay any heeds to hes brother’s remarks and pretends to admire the beautiful wall posts…

” Now don’t tell me that u hve joined the office” A voice is heard from behind ,who is  definitely shocked to find sanchay in the office and that too in kunjs cabin…… As kunj turns to look @ the owner of the voice, Sanchay in no tym rushes to the person and hugs him saying ‘ hey Aaru ‘

Kunj walks to him and gives a hug and says : “Aakir Armaan Saab KO time milgaya ki woh khud ki company KO visit kiya”  says sarcastically….

Armaan:( smiling) mera bestie ka yaad aaraha tha toh bas dhoud ke aagaya..☺

Listening to which ol the three bust out laughing….
Armaan and kunj are partners and childhood besties?
Kunj manages the editorial part where as Armaan takes care of the publishing dept..

Hmm guys now cums yet another weird part: Imagine Sanchay as Leenash Matto (currently playing the role of Rudra Singh Oberoi in Ishqbaaz)
And Armaan as Armaan Malik,the gr8 singer(I know this might sound weird but tried putting Sumone into this character but cudnt find a better replacement… If any of u is uncomfortable with this plz let me know I vl make the changes)
I imagined both armaan and sidhant 2getr found it to be gud so went on with this idea…but plz let me know ur views on this..
AM- Armaan Malik (reference)

Now kunj and AM looks @ sanchay with’ y the hell Ru here’ wala luk…
Sanchay understands their confusion
: aap log mujhe aise kyu goor rage ho….
  Kya mein office bhi nahi aa sakta ( making a sad face)

KS : well I don’t ve any problem with u coming to office but wen ever u come to office u create a drama which I srsly don’t want…
S : What ??? Bhai ur making me luk lyk a disaster yaar (innocently)

KS : lyk srsly sanchay !!!

AM: kunj rehene de na abhi bhi baccha hai woh

S: Maanta hoon ki main tohdi bohot shararat karta hoon per  aapne toh mujhe villan ka title deed diya…( pretends to be sobbing)

KS : kya? Thodi bohot sharaate?
        Jab bhi tum office aate ho  toh kisi na kisi ka naukri chala jaata hai aur wohi bhi Teri vajha se….yaa khud impt office files mein ghar ki water or electricity ke bill apne aap replace hojaate hain or magazine designs mein Teri cartoon drawings mix hoojate hai…
Aur mera cabin ka haalat toh puchna hi matt…..

AM: Kunj leave it yaar….how cud u miss that incident in which he had kept frogs in each employees bag….and DAT ni8 when he had turned the office into pub when u denied for his so called ‘get together party’ @ the house…..
And hez biggest achievement when   Om had he’s ‘ look different day’ in he’s skool, and our hero ( sanchay) got so involved in helping Om get dressed up DAT he himself dressed up into a hooligan and presented himself @ the conference in front of the foreign delegates……
( Om is Armaans younger brother….studying in 5th grade)

Listening to which kunj gets a million dollar wala smile remembering how sanchays costume had hanging branches  and leaves on top of he’s head which he claimed as he’s crown and proudly said in the conference room that ‘it is the new trend and how he was conscious abt the changing trends’!!!!

Seeing he’s brother smiling Sanchay smiles and raises he’s collar luking at armaan…To which AM smiled ☺

S : (dramatically) aaru… mujhe praise maat Karo yaar u know na I don’t lyk boosting abt myself ..

AM: khabi na khabi toh mujhe armaan bulake toh dekho …accha naam hai mera

S: now this isn’t fair, u didn’t have any problem wen bhais gf wud col u aaru?

KS : kya abb meri gf kab thi????(completely blogged??)

S : woh suhaani thi na ….ghar ki bagal wali

K : I was her crush nd she wasn’t my gf

S : woo adjust karona…sorry for the wrong records but when evr ruchi, sia, simran , pihu, anu , Tina dose who were maadly in luv with bhai wud col u aaru only na…??

K : ek second …tumhe kaise pata ki woh above mentioned saari ladkiya mujh pe Marti thi…mein toh iss ke bhaare mein  tumse khabhi bhi baat nahi kiya haina?

AM : kunj wo saari ladkiyion ki behen yeh hamara handsome boy ka gf the!!
(Pointing toward sanchay)

K : (shocked) accha bachhu tabi mein sochta tha ki unhe mere number kaise miljata tha…..

S: gives a forced smile to kunj and passed a death glare to Armaan…
Armaan was enjoying thoroughly watching sanchay being caught….He and sanchay shared a special bond…a very different one…thou armaan was kunjs bestie…he knew sanchay very well and NVR missed the opportunity to pull he’s legs….
To declare in short Sanchay had two brothers ….

Whenever kunj got angry with wudnt last long…he was he’s lyf…he’s everything… The only family he had….
He knows DAT sanchays acts r crazy and gets crazier with each passing day but @ the end of the day may what cum hez affection towards sanchay was NVR affected………He luvd sanchay for the person he was accepted him the same…..

And Armaan was someone he felt lucky to have…..armaan had proved to be DAT medicine which helped him survive in hez days of struggle……moreover sanchay was armaans fav…….
The two had many secrets which they wouldnt tell kunj….kunj was aware of this fact and  was glad to see hez bro getting well bonded with he’s besti???

The trio themselves was a family   ???

Well how was it? Bakwas? Ya silly?
Do tell me through your comments…
This segment was needed to show that kunjs world revolved around he’s work ,AM and sanchay ……
Did u guys lyk the bond the trio shared….and wat abt AM’s role???Did u lyk it?

Precap: A piece of paper ( beginning of an interesting journey)

Tqs a loads for the comments ????
Keep commenting +ve or -ve
Ur suggestions r always welcomed☺
Luking forward for ur views….

Maggi signing off
With loads of luv❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  1. Yaar seriously, d epi was awesome. ..
    Luved it.. ?

    1. Maggi

      ? thanku

  2. Chiku

    Awesome ? ❤️❤️❤️❤️?
    Loved it
    Itna acha likha
    Maza aagay
    Waiting for next one
    Plz upload soon

    1. Maggi

      Tysm chiku?
      I’m glad that I was able to entertain u
      Vl post next one sooon

  3. Meeta

    I was laughing like maniacs n I was really ROFL.
    Bhai saw me with *what the hell* wala look.
    You wrote so well.
    Keep writing more.

    1. Maggi

      Kunj and AM both gives a ‘ y d hell Ru here wala’ luk to sanchay ….
      Glad that u liked it Meets?
      Tysm for the support

  4. Twinjfan.tamanna

    wwwwoooowwww….armaan aur kunj ek saath… i had a big smile while reading it…the epi was really really cute n the best part was when rudra had kept a frog in every employe’s bag…I seriously burst out while reading it…I really loved the..byee…

    love you.

    1. Maggi

      Thank u tamanna….❤
      Im glad DAT I was able to provide some entertainment to u….?
      I’m happy DAT u lykd KS and AM
      Tqs for the lovely comment☺

  5. Awesome

    1. Maggi

      Ty Payal?

  6. Anam_sidhant

    Hey maggi! It was so amazing❤ loved it to the core? please post next one asap?

      1. Anam_sidhant

        Tu yaha kya kr rahi?? sdf?

    1. Maggi

      I’m very happy DAT u lykd it???
      Vl post next one soooon❤

  7. Sameera

    Wow Maggi amzing amazing yaar
    Loved sanchay n am bonding …

    1. Maggi

      Tqs sammu?
      I’m happy that u lykd their bonding❤

  8. Awesome episode… Loved it Maggi… Nd their bond was amazing…

    1. Maggi

      Thanks yaar…I’m glad that u lykd their bonding…?

  9. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 I loved the bonding the trio share and ….Waiting for the next episode Please post soon 🙂

    1. Maggi

      I’m so happy DAT u lyk their bonding?❤
      Vl post sooon

  10. Good one

    1. Maggi

      Ty ramya?

  11. Sayeeda

    Amazing episode yrrrr ….awesome…. main toh already tumhari fan hogayi hoo …u write so well….
    loved the episode to the core…..

    love you??

    1. Maggi

      Tysm di?
      Ur support means a lot to me….
      I’m ur fan di…..u write exceptionally well…
      Tqs a loads for our sweet comment
      Luv u too???

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi

    1. Maggi

      Tysm yaaar?
      I’m glad that u lykd it❤

  13. In kunj’s dialogue “aaj to matlab kamaal ho gaya, too good”.. wow amazing epi.. really loved it.. loving AM’s role and loved the trio’s bonding ??.. do cont soon ?

    1. Maggi

      Im very happy DAT u luvd the epi….
      Tqs a loads for d support …..vl post the next one asap….❤

  14. Kruti

    Mai tera haye re jabra hoye re jabra fan ho gayi…..tera ff padhke mere dil mein …..pata nahi ek amazing wala feel aagya

    Awesome epi…..i seriously m going mad to read d nxt part

    1. Maggi

      Aww…kruti!!! u srsly made me blush 2day yaaar….?? ur comment means a lot to me….tqs a lot for such a sweet comment…
      I Hope the next part vl continue to reach ur expectations ….❤

  15. Baby

    maggi di amaizng fabulus i know i m agn late
    or ye bhi pta hai u hv postd nxt jst gonna read it
    i mnean luving it 2 d core its going wow
    n cant w8 fr twinkles entry luvd it……..

    1. Maggi

      Tqs a lot for ur sweet words???
      I’m glad that ur lyking it….
      And abt Twinkies entry DAT is sort of mystery….☺☺
      Keep supporting dear ?

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