Twinj: A journey that led to U ❤ (part 13) Double Surprise!

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Recap: kunj getting to know the purple mistress name to be Twinkle

Here goes the next one
Double Surprise;
Its a long epi

Part 13 —

After three days;
The sun slowly woke up from its deep SLP to wake up the whole world….Fair amt of sunrays pierced through the window of the neatly maintained room to wake the three big boys…

Kunj shifted in he’s bed uncomfortably when the morning rays disturbed he’s SLP…
But this morning wudnt start with a piece of paper thought he’s tiny  brain as soon as it started working with gr8 efficiency…
So the morning however wud go normal thout kunj and laid back to regain he’s SLEEP where he had almost caught the purple mistress in he’s dream…
‘Kunj u turned to be any adventure king in findin the mystery queen ‘ appreciated he’s subconscious mind for he’s victory in the dream…
Kunj put ol these thouts aside and resumed he’s SLP…

@ 10:30
AM and Sanchay stood their trying to figure out if the person sleeping on their bed with blanket coverd from tip to toe is kunj or no..
As far as both of them cud remember kunj NVR slpt this late…
Getting up at 9 was the highest record kunj held that too on Sundays where as today he was still slping…

Sanchay widely smilied at AM as an idea struck him…
AM knew him well to know what was gng on in sanchays mind…
“Tym to pay back” said together

And what followed next was a bucket full of cold water being splashed on the sleeping figure..
Kunj got up with a sudden jerk..
As he wipes of the water from he’s face and tries to open he’s eyes..SPLASSSHH!!
guess what??
Again a full bucket of water was dumped on him…
This tym kunj fell back on bed due to force of water..
Kunj was completely drenched in water…
He cud hear AM and Sanchay laughing at his state..

K: R u my enemies or what?
Does any one wakes up this way ,he grunted
S: bhaiya ,at least now u got to know na how it feels wen others disturb ur beautiful dreams?
K: Whatever ,he murmured under he’s breath and got up to freshen up….

None of two went to office and as usual sanchay bunked he’s classes

@ evening

Armaan and sanchay had settled comfortably on the couches with the popcorn buckets placed b4 the home theater to watch Germany taking on Brazil in the semi finals  of FIFA 2014
While Sanchay supported the yellow boys (brazil) Armaan was cheering for Germany..
As the match proceeded  Germany took the lead to 0-4 with Brazil lagging far behind in the competition…
Armaan was jumping and hitting he’s fist in the air as Germany scored yet another goal to make it 0-5
Where as sanchay was taken aback my the sudden failure of yellow boys..
He stared at the scores …it showed 0- 6
He cudnt swallow it anymore ,to vent out he’s frustration he got up started throwing the darts at the the target and making frantic efforts to watch the scores from the corner of he’s eyes ,making silent prayers to god to make Brazil win although he himself knew that it was already a lost battle with the clock ticking, hardly 15 min were left for the match to end…

He saw kunj pacing at the other end of hall ..
S: oh god!! Aab Bhaiya KO kya hogaya ?
K: think kunj ….think….its the only way left to find her…
Sancay  not getting any  reply to his question
Starts throwing the darts on the target board…
By luck a blue dart hits the center of of the circle colored in red….
Kunj looks at it…
K: where have I seen this now??
S: bhai y do u complicate things??
Its jzz a dart hitting its target…
U should be proud of how good my aim is…ryt on to the target,nai??
(Raising he’s collar)
K: zyaada bhaav maat Dee( irritated)
But this is also familiar yaar…
(Looking at the target)
S: bhai…..u may  have seen it in archery…..and obivously not in FIFA ryt?
(He laughs at his own joke)
By now sanchay had lost intrst in the ongoing match..
Kunjs gazes suddenly shifts to the football match on television
Something strikes kunj
K: COLORS ,,,,(screams)
Sanchay ur genius!!!
S: srsly????
K:haa mera sheer..
And he quickly runs from der..
Returns back with the laptop smiling brightly……..

AM who was enjoying Germany having upper hand in the game suddenly got up due to  kunj screeming in excitement…

Now what has gotten into him…he almost scared me….he is having ‘Eureka I found it’ wala feeling..
I cud see sanchay also bewildered at kunjs sudden excitement
I saw kunj disappearing into he’s room and he joined us  soon…
He sat on the couch and showed me sum thing on the web page…
I started at  it for a long tym…..
Kunj tapped my shoulder to check  if I was OK!!
I looked at him…he had a killer smile, the one which signifies victory…
How cud we miss it!!!
Not even for once I had thought of it..

It was COLORS,
COLORS   is a famous magazine which was founded in 1991… It covered  everything that happened around the had made an initiative to start with ‘football Issue #90’
For the 226 million footballers who play on streets, at school, at work, in jail and everywhere other than under the spotlight, COLORS presents the world’s most popular game as FIFA has never dared show it
In football’s long tradition of sticker albums, every issue of COLORS 90 – Football comes with a pack of player stickers
In the back, a mini-book of yellow cards recounts the world’s most unusual on-field offenses, to stick in your pocket on the way to the pitch..

And in most of the editions of this magazine the O of COLORS (title) had a point at the center…
May be kunj remembered it because in this football edition in addition to the dot at center of the O, the O was made to look lyk a target for the darts…

Link to c the cover page of the magzine:
Plz do c it..u can get a clear image of what I’m saying..
Hope it works,

But how come the purple mistriss know abt it …i mean its very odd!!
End of AMs POV

Kunj was   silent all the tym as he’s mind was pondered by yet again a fresh billions of queries…
And the most impt of them was…
‘How cud she possibly know it wen he himself took so LNG to remember it??’

He blankly started at the TV screen…it showed ‘1-7 match ended’
Germany had bet Brazil by 1-7
But sanchay no longer wondered abt the match…
All he’s was thinking was… ‘Mission to find my bhabi is turning out crazier with each passing second’
‘She is damn intelligent’ concluded kunj
I mean she has loads of knowledge regarding magazine he said…

AM: these things are only leading to know her interesting personality..but how do we find her??

K: let’s go to omis home…if he’s tearing  one or two pages each day then may be he has the diary  or sum more torn pages are with him…
Let’s go and find out…

But b4 they cud go it starts raining heavily..
AM informs kunj DAT its better if they live for oms home the next morning since its already nyt..
Kunj agrees and they decide to go next morning…

@ nyt
Kunj cud see rain drops chase each other on he’s glass window…he starts tracing them by he’s finger..
Rain is magical he thinks
An sudden urge to get wet in rain takes over him…
He stands their at the far corner of he’s balcony and enjoys the natures touch..
After LNG tym he had let go of he’s past..
But he’s mind was preoccupied by her thouts…her beautiful wordings…

Takdeer ka aise bhi kya khel hai ki me tujhe dundu
Aur tu naa mili..
Aur baarish ka aise bhi aahat kya hai ki ,uski har bund mujshe keheti hai ki tu paas hai…

Thinks kunj as each rain drop running down hes body soothens him..

Next morning;
The three of them went to omis house..
Oms mom welcomed them

After the eating session
S: Aunty cud I jzz c omis sketches? He has a real talent for it..
( an excuse to search he’s room)
Aunty: yaa y not? I glad that he has a got gr8 company in the form of u three..
K: Well aunty in DAT case we are lucky to be with him…with him being around it eases our pressure..
Oms mom smilies at them and shows them the way to omis room..

The trio search every corner of the room but cudnt find any diary..
K: how’s it possible? If he tears the pages from it then he should have the diary with him.
S: he has taken it to the trip?
K: y vl he? Or may be yes…
In search of this gr8 lady I have seen ol unexpected things happening ,so we shouldn’t be shocked at any result….
AM: I don’t think we can find anything here which cud be  of sum use for us…
K: hmm

As the trio decides to move out of the room
‘Where is he’s skool bag?’ ,blurts Armaan
S: y u need it?
‘Bcz usually kids keep ol the related and unrelated stuff in their bags ‘ replies Armaan while looking for it

three began to look for it wen sanchay locates the small, colouful bag with Spiderman posing at the front..
‘Der it is’ says he
Kunj moves forward ,takes the bag from the shelf and begins to search for the paper..
They find lot of torn pages from he’s book ,sum crushed and others made into a boat ,aeroplane and every other possible shape…
Kunjs gaze falls on a familiar page,in an instant he knew what it was…
‘The similar paper from diary’ thought Armaan

Kunj opens and reads the beautiful lines which he was missing so badly from past three days…
At the end of it, he gets the shock of hes lyf!!!

He looks at as if he is going to faint..
He reads it again to confirm what he had seen was correct …
He sits on the bed being numb
AM: what’s written in DAT?
Y u went so pale?
S:Twinkle Bhabhi nee kya likha hai?
Kyun sataa rahe ho? Jaldi bolo naa bhaiya…
K: Are we guys blind??
AM: kya? No……but why Ru asking such stupid question..
K: bcz this paper says she works @ TEENS
AM+ Sanchay: KYA???


So how was the double surprise????
Now this was the reason y I wasn’t giving any info abt twinkle…
Had any one guessed it??
Plz let me know through our comments..
Hope the LNG epi didn’t put u guys to SLP?
The football match info is  non- fictional and the color magazine exist for real…
While searching the significance of colors i had seen it so included it in the form of mystery!
If any football lovers supporting brazil ,I’m sorry if this has hurted u..
I jzz took a random match into consideration..
And do share ur views below …
I’m waiting to read ur response…☺
Suggestions are  alwayz welcomed?

Precap: Search for twinkle at office

See you soon..
Till then buh- byee
Luv u guys loads ???

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  1. Ramya

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    1. Maggi

      Aww!!! Chiku!!!!!
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  4. Maggi

    TEENS is kunjs and Armaans magazine company ,in case if u guys have forgotten

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  6. Kruti

    Omgggg…..what an epi it was maggi
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    Eagerly waiting for d nxt one…..Continue soon
    Loads of Love?

    1. Maggi

      Tysm dear??
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    1. Sorry it’s thank god*.. this autocorrect ??

    2. Maggi

      Sidvee I’m very happy to find such good response from u☺☺
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    Maggi. Wow.
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    I mean that was amazing.
    Your ideas are just…..beautiful.
    Idk how I guessed she would be from TEENS as Kunj was getting papers on his desk.
    Well. M really waiting for the next one.
    Loads of love.??

    1. Maggi

      Thanks a lots meeta?
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      Tqs for the appreciation dear,it encourages me to write better…
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  13. Sameera

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    1. Maggi

      Awww saira?
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