Twinj: A journey that led to U ❤ Intro


Hiii my lovely tu ppl???…well I know u guys don’t know me but I know most of u by ur exceptional writings?????….u guys are jzz awsm yaar….I mean ur ideas are so fascinating so A big wala thanku for giving us readers such a beautiful treat …

Hmmm….now u must be thinking who I am
Well I ve been commenting on ffs and OS for past 3 months though not very regularly but often…
I’m Maggi (its my nick name)
So der is this story which has been cooking up in my mind from past 2 months so  finally I thought I vl present this to u guys…hope u ol lyk it…
Lyk u ol I’m also a die hard fan of tei and sidmin?

This is a twinj story and only a few slots;
Well I think I shud start now wid the story
(Very sorry for the buk buk guys ???
1st tym na so cudnt control ???)

So here I go……

The story is all about the male protagonist who in he’s journey of finding someone ends up knowing himself better…knowing those shades of him which he never knew existed in him….As he sets on a journey ,in its course He understands life much better and  learns to enjoy every phase of lyf

Lyf takes him on a ride wen on a fine day he’s morning starts differently( well to know abt DAT morning u need to wait for the epis??)
Eventually this morning leads to a beautiful journey which he wud remember for he’s lyf time….
The male protagonist is not a weird person but has a different nature for sure…A type of person who enjoys he’s lyf lyk every Homo sapien (human beings) does but categorically dislikes certain things in life like RAIN☔ ( but why??)

He’s a fun luving guy ,a successful person , a youth icon ( not a world wide one but famous enough to demand attention where ever he goes) …….
Its a journey where he starts luving he’s  lyf a Lil more than he did ysterday as the story progresses each day becums more interesting than the previous day……
A piece of paper which lies on his table on one fine morning which sets up the stage for hez unexpected yet a beautiful journey……..

Well this is the intro….

As I said it will be hardly for 7 epis I hope…I’m not very sure of DAT but vl put my best efforts to entertain u all…
Their is a request : this story demands patience , and the only weird thing is plz don’t ask me wen is female protagonists entry ..I know it might sound weird but I have  tried out sum thing new and the whole interesting part of this story is related with dat of female protagonist… U might not understand anything at this stage but trust me guys its a beautiful story so plz keep calm…
Do tell me guys how was it through ur comments…well the 1st epi is ready I vl post it soon….
Luking forward for our views            #fingers crossed
Loads of luv ???

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous interesting…..eagerly waiting for first part….

    1. Maggi

      Tqs a lot yaaar….ur my 1st commenter ?
      I vl post it soon…I’m very glad that u lykd the intro…???

  2. Hi maggi dear first of all a hearty wlcm to u anf ya I know u bcos when I started my ff 2 mths back u commntd and this I ve mentioned in thank u dpeech also ur story seems vry lively nic concept but pls forgive me I can read anything from 30 sept only as my exams are der and I ve to concentrate on them and pls dont get sad If u ll get less commnts as on tu most of members are bzee in der exams so that’s whh but promise I ll commnt and write my ff and 6 SHOTS on 30th fr sure

    1. Maggi

      Aww dear paavu…u remembered DAT I once commented on ur ff??
      I’m very happy that u lykd it….regarding xms no worry dear…finish ur xms with flying colors and if u ever get tym type at least comment in one word DAT vl mean a lot to me…ol d best for ur xms?

  3. Sameera

    Wow Maggi well welcome to tu author family ???? do cont soon

    1. Maggi

      Woow thanks for the welcum sammu di…
      Well I’m very happy DAT u commentd and yaa vl post the next one soon???

  4. Ria

    Maggi, it seems to be interesting. Do post soon.?

    1. Maggi

      Tqs a lot ria and ur ffs r gng awsm?…..vl post soooon????

  5. Nice intro…
    Post soon…

    1. Maggi

      Tqs sanu??
      Vl post sooon

  6. Jiya_Ani

    Magggiiiiiiiiii diiiii…muah yaar…I loved the plot…and I know apne kaha 7 but jab likhne baithte hain tab aise aise Idea ideas aate hain ki extra episodes ho hi jaate hain..
    Do cont asap

    1. Maggi

      Aww…shreyu!!!! Very glad DAT u lykd it??…I agree DAT once we start writing too many ideas pop up!!!!
      Vl post it very soooon????

  7. Ayu

    Hey maggi! I think i have seen ur comments before..anyways…i loved the start…i will try to be patient…i am very very impatient in real life but for u dear..anything! Amazing epi. Pls cont sooon?

    1. Maggi

      Tqs a lot for ur cute comment ayu….
      U srsly made me blush yaar???
      I vl post next one soon❤

  8. Shreya098

    Seems interesting maggi…
    Post soon

    1. Maggi

      Tqs for commenting shreya?
      Vl post it soon….

  9. Hi Maggie I dnt know whether u r younger or older to me so I wrote directly ur name n intro is amazing waiting fr next post

    1. Maggi

      ??? I loved the way u strtd ur comment yaar…I’m 18 years old dear…
      I’m very glad DAT u lykd d intro…..vl post next one very soooon❤

  10. Angita

    Aww Maggi dii!!!
    So excited yaar
    Loved the start
    Plsh don’t likkt yourself for episodes

    1. Tqs a lot Agnita ☺

    2. Maggi

      Im glad that u lykd it ?
      But Sry cudnt get the last part of ur comment dear

      1. Angita


  11. Amazing intro.. sounds very interesting and unique concept too.. looking forward to read the first part 🙂

    1. Maggi

      I’m glad u lykd the intro??….1st part already submitted dear…

  12. SidMin

    Please do continue 🙂

    1. Maggi

      Tqs for the support sidmin?
      Already posted the next part

  13. Amazing ff maggi….. I knw its gonna b awesome….. loved it

    1. Tqs snaya??….already posted the part…

  14. Baby

    hey maggi di amazing beautiful
    post nxt soon cant w8 excited i m sry i m late……
    luvd it..glad u strtd wid it………..

    1. Maggi

      Hey don’t be sorry baby…I’m glad DAT u commented☺
      Glad DAT u lykd the start…
      Vl post next one sooon

    2. Maggi

      Well the next part is already posted dear..

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