Twinj~ Jaaneman aah (Episode 6)

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Episode 6



After I came home fighting with Kunj I straight went to my room. As soon as I entered I saw a note lying on the drawer with a big gift which is wrapped. I literally jumped many times my happiness had no bounds I immediately unwrapped the gift oh my god it is my painting I hugged the painting tightly. Thank wouldn’t be enough for the person I took the note and started reading it my expressions changed. I tried to throw the gift but stopped after reading it.

Dear Jaaneman

This gift is for you my love hope you love it keep it always with you I know your expressions must be changed from happy to angry but please don’t think to throw it or smash it keep it always with you.

With love,

Aww! So sweet no thank you so much kunj but wait why I am doing this I don’t love him but wait I can keep it with me as humanity as he gifted with me so much of love and moreover how can I throw my painting? No way I love this painting so much. Thank you so much kunj but wait a second I would call him and thank him for the world’s most precious gift.

Me: hello kunj

He: hello Jaaneman what a surprise you called me? I can’t believe this it is a dream.

Me: no stupid I actually called you it is not any dream. Thank you for the world’s precious gift I can’t thank you enough.

He: my pleasure Jaaneman and don’t treat me as a stranger treat me as your own. You are mine and I am yours Jaaneman.

Me: shut up can’t you stop your flirting even for a second.

He: it’s not flirting it is my love for you.

Me: what the heck it is waste of time to talk with you goodbye.

He: ok! Don’t be angry on me oh god after our wedding what will be my condition? Poor me!

Me: shut up and I am hanging the call.

She hangs up the call without wasting a second. She holds her hand and thinks oh god where I am stuck this stupid when I will be free of him. Anyway he at least give me the most precious gift. Whoever will be his life partner will be the most luckiest person in the world my band members called me and told me the next schedule for concert? I started practicing for the concert.


Sarna mansion.


Oh god Jaaneman when you will understand my love for you? I can’t wait to have you in my embrace. Anyway, anything for my Jaaneman and today her happiness would be out of bounds after seeing the painting. She is crazy for the gift and I am crazy for her. Love you Jaaneman ok! I started checking her photos which I took without her notice. I send message to her.

Me: how are you Jaaneman?

She replied: hello stupid I think few minutes ago only we talked right.

Me: so what that time I talked with you and now I am chatting with you both are different no.

She: oh god from where you came?

Me: I came from my mom hahaha lol you don’t know this much also.

She: just shut up kunj anyway, straight away come to point I have so much work.

Me: ok cool down Jaaneman anyway, I don’t have anything to say I casually send you message.

She: bye.

Me: bye Jaaneman.

I stopped messaging her and then chatted with my friends.


Oh this guy is himself crazy and making me also crazy. Hahaha I came from my mother stomach as if I don’t know anything alone what he thinks of himself? The great Kunj Sarna. Huh! Anyway, I forget only to go to police station don’t know why I said the driver to go back to my house. Anyway, tomorrow I will surely confront Karan. Soon I dozed off to sleep by pulling the comforter and switching off bed lamp.


How was it? Hope it is not too cheesy. Love you all?

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    1. Kavya24

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  3. Superb I loved it kavya

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    hey kavu awesome baby just loved it

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    It was nice and kunj is kunj he won change and hope kunj for her is not flirting one and it true love do post soon.

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    Loved it 🙂
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