Twinj~ Jaaneman aah (Episode 5)

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********** Episode 5***********


Twinkle reaches to her university in her car and the university gates get opened. She parks her car in the parking lot and opens the door of her car and steps down from the car. All boys kept staring at her she is walking with some notebooks and books she didn’t noticed anything and she dashes with a boy.

Twinkle~ you idiot can’t you see and walk?

Boy~ sorry I didn’t notice but miss it is your mistake too.

Twinkle:~ hey how dare you talk to me like that you don’t know who I am….I am twinkle sister of uv worlds topmost businessman

Boy~ so what I don’t care and I am Karan sharma bye! Hope I never face an attitude girl like you!

Twinkle~ Same here!

They both went in different paths.


Stupid idiot duffer! How dare he talk to me like that he can also see na while walking but no instead putting the blame on me don’t know from where these kind of useless people come? Anyway, why the hell I am thinking about that idiot. I should concentrate on my studies. Straight away I left to my classroom I saw only one bench is empty oh god no way I have to sit with that stupid Karan. Without having any choice and being helpless I sat next to him. The lectures were going on while all the time he was busy in irritating me and distracting me. Class teacher caught us both talking and sent out of the class. Idiot because of him only whole period I stand out of the classroom he ruined my reputation in front of whole university now I will show him who is twinkle. He will pay for messing with me. The periods went on and on. Finally it is lunch break he went out to wash his hands then an idea pops up in my mind I immediately take out glue from my pouch and when he came back he sit on his chair and what next thud he fell down while all class started laughing and making fun of him he stares at me with angry bird face I stick out my tongue at him and burst out laughing.Teacher started her lecture when I put cotton on my ears and when she finished giving lecture to me I take out the cotton from my ears and whole class including the teacher stares at me with open mouth. I controlled myself from laughing after seeing everyone’s reaction. Then the teacher gave me detention.Till all the university students left I kept doing my detention works. Finally the detention teacher allowed me to go to my home. When I am going hurriedly towards my car that stupid dashes with me and I landed on his chest. He take out hair strands which were covering my eyes and was about to kiss me. When I get back into my senses I pushed him with full of force and gave him a tight slap. He stares me at with red blood shot eyes tears roll down my cheeks I immediately sat in my car and left to my house.

/*In car*/

How dare he tried to kiss me? Who the hell gave him permission to come near me who is to me actually just a mere stranger I don’t know anything about him expect his name and then how can he tried to come closer to me. Bl**** cheap person he is I think he was trying to take revenge from me for that morning prank how can he fall so low? I will surely give him a big punishment that he will regret for whole life if he tries to come closer to me again. Anyway, I shouldn’t waste my precious time thinking about him. I take out my phone from my pocket and start chatting with my friends.


Kunj reaches to twinkle place by taking the address from chinki. I holders the twinkle painting which was wrapped. I went inside the mansion from back side and enters into twinkle room through the window I kept the gift on her drawer and left before she enters to the room. I went outside tip top with a pin drop of silence and somehow get outside the mansion and immediately left in my sports bike. Uff I sighed and let out a peaceful breath. Hurray I did it see mission accomplished. The one and only great kunj Sarna is never scared of adventures I can achieve what I want. I went in full speed to my home thud I fell down from my bike I turned up to see who the hell it was before I open my mouth to scold that person but immediately closed my mouth. I was totally awestruck to see my Jaaneman getting down from her car. I smiled like an idiot and grinned widely. When she waved her hand at me I get back into my senses and stand up and after so much of difficulty I make the bike stand properly.

#Episode ends#

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