Twinj~ Jaaneman aah (Episode 3)

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Twinj~Jaaneman aah #Episode 3#

Twinkle leaves from the place not before giving death glares to kunj and kunj winks at her. She calls her driver and the driver in his car reaches the spot. She sat in the car and leaves to home.

Twinkle perspective?:)

Huh that kunj is really mad I think he does not anything except flirting 24/7 he does that only. I am right all boys are same that is why I don’t want to face that mad kunj again. Anyway, why the hell I am thinking about him I have so many works rather than thinking about him?:) it is waste of time I should think about my next concert schedule. I chatted with my friends for pass time. Then someone called me I saw that the caller id name is unknown. I thought to hang up the call but after battling with my brain I decided to pick up the call.

Me: hello who is speaking?

OS: arrey Jaaneman before five minutes only we met you forget me so easily aww! Poor me?:) but no problem anything for you Jaaneman ?

Me: you idiot duffer what the hell how you get my number?

Kunj: madam we are living in 21st century in this world anything is possible I get your number from you are dearest friend chinki I am so lucky Jaaneman ?:)

Me: that chinki ki baachi I will kill her with my own hands and I am the most unlucky person in the world?

Kunj: Jaaneman I won’t let you kill chinki until I gift her with diary milk celebration she will like it na and don’t say yourself unlucky but you are the most luckiest person to get me ?:)

Twinkle: shut up idiot pray to god that you will never cross my path again otherwise you will be dead?

Kunj: no Jaaneman don’t do that sin otherwise I will be heaven and you will be hell then how we will meet? ?:)

Me: I want to say two things only goodbye?

Kunj: goodbye Jaaneman see you soon ?:)

Twinkle hangs up the call being frustrated.

Kunj PoV:

Jaaneman even if you so scold me then also you are the most beautiful person in world aww! I know that day will surely come when you will be in my embrace Jaaneman ?:) Anyway, I am getting late I should go to my house. I sat in my favourite sports bike and leaves to house. Love you jaaneman ?:)

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  1. SidMin

    Interesting loved it ….
    Kunj is so sweet and cute ?
    Loved it post soon ❤❤
    Love you ?

  2. Baby

    Hhehehee….kunj is sch a nautanki…. 🙂
    Srsly luvd it sooooo mch♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡
    It was too cute n adorable episode..☆★☆lods of love
    Post soon… 🙂

  3. Chiku

    Awww!!! Thats sooo sweet???lovely. Loved it. Post soon

  4. SiyappaQUEEN

    Amazing episode dear…??

  5. Hey kavya this was amazing kunj’s dialogue was fantastic loved it.
    post soon…
    luv u,,,

  6. Maggi

    This is sweet…..??
    Kunj is highly positive abt his love…
    Gr8 one….cnt soon☺

  7. SidMin23

    Love this track and this flirty kunj is damn cute and the ways he irritates twinkle during their conversations was cute. And thanks to chinki for giving him number and now kunj won’t leave twinkle easily. Let him flirt more with twinkle.

  8. Presha

    hey kavu awesome epi dear just loved it

  9. Simiyy

    It was i really enjoyed it
    post soon
    loads of love

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

  11. RUTU.....

    Awesome amazing fabulous episode dear just loved it do continue soon I am waiting……. Plz
    Love you ???

  12. Ramya

    Awesome IT was soo cutteee
    Twinkle angry
    N Kunjs flirting wish her
    Love u keep smiling

  13. Aanya_pandey

    Awesome update
    N sorry m this late commenting

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