Twinj~ Jaaneman aah (Episode 2)

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Twinj~Jaaneman aah Episode 2?

Uv comes with some snacks and green tea he knocks the door of twinkle room.

Twinkle(shouts): brother come in!…..>3

Uv enters the room and closes the room slowly and sits beside her. He hands over the snacks and green tea and kept the tray beside her. She thanks him and haves snacks and green tea. While he caresses her hair smoothly. It is a refreshing moment for the duo.

Uv: twinkle when is your next concert?

Twinkle: it is tomorrow evening!….>3

Uv: will you be able to sing at the concert?

Twinkle: yes but why you ask like that?

Uv: I mean doctor said that you are still weak!….>3

Twinkle: no problem!

Uv: fine if you don’t have any problem then I also don’t have any issue!…..>3 but today take proper rest!

Twinkle: ok bro she said this in a dramatically folding her both hands in front of him and bending a little. He hits on her back slightly and smiles and said pagal and hugs her tightly. She too reciprocates the hug.

The duo spend some quality time with each other.


/*On other side*/

Kunj reaches to the office in his bike. He takes the bike keys and parks the bike. As soon as he enters the office all girls drool over him. He starts flirting with them and he stops flirting when he saw his dad standing in front of him and staring at him angrily. He gulps in fear and everyone else saw his dad and get back to their works.

Dad: how are you son? Done with your flirting!

Kunj: dad I am so sorry….I forgot…>3

Dad: one day you will forget me too?

Kunj: no dad why will I forget you?

Dad: no son I just asked you because you were so busy in flirting that you didn’t notice me from past five minutes!

Kunj: I am sorry dad this mistake will not repeat again!

Dad: better now go to your cabin and start working!

Kunj: fine!

He leaves to his cabin sighing.


The next day:~

It is the day of twinkle singing concert. She is all ready for the concert. She practiced with her band and it went perfectly well.

#####Sarna mansion#####

Kunj is setting his hair he was wearing white shirt and blue torn jeans looking damn hot and cute. His sister mahi enters the room.

Mahi: ahh! Where are you going in this hero getup?

Kunj: mahi you know right today is my favourite singer concert I am way too excited for it!

Mahi: oh shit! How can I forget all the day you keep talking about her.

Kunj: yes after all she is my Jaaneman!

Mahi: kunj will you ever stop doing that?

Kunj(innocently): doing what Mahi?

Mahi: don’t try to act innocent in front of me you know that I am talking about flirting.

Kunj: ohhh! Mahi you always catch me anyway, I will stop doing that when I will find my girl who deserves to be mine!

Mahi: right and that day will never come.

Kunj: be positive Mahi after telling it he leaves for the concert.

Mahi(shouts): ya ya be positive.


He reaches to the place where concert is going to held. He parks his bike and goes inside the concert hall. Everyone are cheering for twinkle. After sometime the lights go off and the curtains are drawn. Twinkle with her band enters the stage and twinkle starts singing hasi ban gayi female version. All claps for them after their performance got over they gave a bow and leave from the stage. All people surrounds them for autographs the guards stops them but kunj runs after twinkle. He shouts her name she turns towards him.

Twinkle: why are you following me and how did guards allowed you?

Kunj: they didn’t allow me I escaped away from the guards and I am your biggest fan Jaaneman. He winks at her.

Twinkle: hey you idiot don’t flirt with me I am already married and divorced too.

Kunj: I don’t care Jaaneman you are divorce that is enough for me and it means that I can get a chance right?

Twinkle: shut up you idiot duffer I would prefer to do suicide instead of giving you a chance.

Kunj: ahh! Jaaneman if you would die then what will happen to me? How will I live without you?

Twinkle: shut up and get lost from here and get one thing your in mind I hate you.

######Episode ends######

How was it? loads of love?:)

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  1. Sohi

    Too good

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous marvelous funny epi

  3. Simiyy

    Hey Kavya
    It was really good
    Loved the way Twinj met
    Post soon
    Loads of love

  4. Baby

    ohhh god kavya dear their first meet hehe☺
    jaaneman n flirt ohhh god srsly wat a flirt kunj is☺ hehe
    luvd it to core srsly too good♥
    adorable n lovely ☺
    lods of love ♥♥
    post nxt soon☺
    n waiting for journalist n gangster as well☺☺

  5. SidMin23

    It was nice and kunj and his dialogue toward twinkle was nice and hope soon to see twinj scene. I am sure kunj will never stop to flirt with girl it was his habit and how will he stop to do. Love twinj small Tashan twinkle tell kunj that she is married and divorced too and how happy ? kunj seem to be.

  6. Presha

    Hey kavya awesome just loved it to core

  7. SiyappaQUEEN

    Amazing episode. Sorry for not commenting on previous ones. Love it to the core…. Do post soon.?

  8. Superb episode kavya hoping to see more twinj scenes post soon

  9. SidMin

    Loved it
    Kunj is way to flirty ? but cute too
    Loved Twinkle’s attitude ..
    Bechara Kunj his father caught him flirting ?
    Love you post soon ?

  10. Aanya_pandey

    Update was fab!!! Loved it..

  11. kavya yrr it was fantastic and kunj so flirty i loved him….
    post soon…
    love u…

  12. Chiku

    Lovely????loved it. Sooo cute.
    Post next soon

  13. Ramya

    Awesome dear
    Twile bond n specially twinj meet was just superb
    Love u keep smiling

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