Twinj~ Jaaneman aah (Episode 1)

Hey kavya here with an twinj ff….>3 hope you all remember me? missed you guys?


A girl is sitting on the swing and thinking about her past. When she gets flashes about her past and she faints. When she opens her eyes she was lying in bed and a boy was standing beside her and the doctor checks her.

Boy: is she fine doctor?

Doctor: yes but still she is weak give her these medicines!

He hand over the prescription to the boy and the boy shows him outside way and doctor leaves….>3 the boy comes to the room where the girl is lying on the bed.

Boy: are you fine twinkle?

Twinkle: yes uv!

Uv: why don’t you stop thinking about your past?

Twinkle: I tried so many times but still it haunts me!

Uv: forget about that>3 I know you faced a lot because of your bl**** husband but now everything is ok…>3

Twinkle: yes brother that Karan got right punishment..>3

Uv: can I ask you something twinkle?

Twinkle: sure bro!

Uv: why don’t you remarry?

Twinkle: bro how can you even think that I will remarry after what happened with me in past no chance now I don’t believe in love and all..>3

Uv: why can’t you give a chance?

Twinkle: sorry but I am done with this topic I need some rest…>3

Uv: ok! I give up I am leaving you take rest…>3

On other side:

A boy is shown bike riding with full speed. He spots a beautiful girl when he stops his bike.

Boy: hey jaaneman you look so beautiful?…..>3

Girl: thank you? and you also look handsome?

Boy: that I am always jaaneman see you bye?

Girl: bye…>3

Another girl comes towards boy.

Girl “you will never change kunj right?” She said giving an unbelievable look.

Kunj”never mahi flirting is my hobby” he said proudly.

Mahi”we will see that when dad will scold you for coming late to office…>3″ she said smirking.

Kunj”why don’t you tell me before bye I have to leave” he gulps in fear and leaves to office in full speed.

How was episode? do tell me through your comments?

What will happen when two opposite people attract?

To know stay tuned to the ff?

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  1. Interesting post soon next episode ❤?

    1. Kavya24

      Thanks? Loads of love???

  2. OMG..,,this was fabulous loved it…and pllzzz post soon…
    luv u…

  3. Sohi

    It was awesome jaaneman

  4. Chiku

    Interesting plot ?Lovely.
    Post soon

    1. Kavya24

      Next part posted?

      1. Chiku

        I cannot find it

      2. Kavya24

        I posted at something 6:30 pm like that? It may take time?

  5. SidMin23

    It was nice and kink hobby to flirt with girl ?????? and his fear toward dad was also ?? now wonder how twinkle past would be and their is kunj om ways to give her happiness when twinj will meet. Do show some link flirt with twinkle when twinj meeting happen.

    1. Kavya24

      Thnq? Sure?

  6. RUTU.....

    Awesome amazing &lovely episode dear do continue soon

  7. SidMin

    Hey Interesting Plot and nice concept 🙂
    Waiting for the next episode Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

    1. Kavya24

      Next part posted? Love you too:)

  8. Presha

    Hey kavya interesting plot I just loved it
    Post soon

  9. Simiyy

    Hey Kavya
    It was a good start
    post the next one soon
    Loads of Love

  10. Baby

    Hey kavya obvio I forgot u bt ab I remember n dat gangster n journalist wala intro too wuld luv to read dat fs….plss post it plsss……. 🙂
    N luvd it it wss too cute kunjs fear frm his dad n twinkle karan past….
    Lods of love post soon… 🙂 🙂

    1. Kavya24

      Thnq? Will post her gangster his journalist tomorrow? I posted the next part of Jaaneman aah?

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    interesting awesome eagerly waiting for next part.

  12. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey kavya
    It’s so interesting… Do continue and post soon…

  13. Interesting plot kavya continue soon

  14. Aanya_pandey

    “jaaneman aah” what a name… But seriously.. loved it..

  15. Ramya

    Hey kavya
    Awesome amazing
    Sry fr late
    Loads of love keep smiling

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